Revisiting Alice Welford

So for those of you who actually read this, two years ago I did some work on the Alice Welford Photograph Album.  You can read more about that research at the following links: Here, Here, and Here.

At work we have gotten a new archival catalog system that is open to a lot more in-depth processing, and I decided to try to migrate the old digital collection for Welford we have on ContentDM. Well thatdid not go as well as I’d hoped so I am getting the  opportunity to reprocess the whole album again.

Today I discovered these two images:


Picnic near “The Queen of Spain’s Chair”. 2010-064-1-8-1



Picnic […] [Herdana], Lowe, Constable, Carpenter (missing), Welford. 2010-064-1-8-5

Welford was in Gibraltar for 1915-early 1916.  The date for these photos is Jan. 1916.  With a little bit of research I discovered that “The Queen of Spain’s Chair” is an old British term for the high ground north of Gibraltar  and the town of La Linea de la Concepción historically called “The Queen of Spain’s Chair.”

In the first image, there are two people, one with her back to the camera.  Except, if you look at the second picture (and since I did this the first time, I’ve gotten better at reading Alice’s handwriting) the actual caption should read: “Picnic – Linea. Herdman, Lowe, Constable, Carpenter (missing), Welford.”  That means that based on her attire, the woman in front looking away from the camera is E. M. Constable. (Who I still can’t prove to be Edith May Constable).

We could speculate that the missing Carpenter might be the person in the white jacked and trousers in the first image, but there is currently no evidence to support that.  I will say though  that it is likely that the Carpenter missing from the second image is possibly Carpenter.

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