The tale of two Dorothy’s

Sigh. Not all historical questions can be easily answered. A couple of years ago, Special Collections acquired the Dorothy Carman memory and autograph books, 1928, 1938-1942 2015-037. It’s a memory/scrap book of a young woman through her high school years, and three autograph books containing signatures and notes, mostly from notable musicians, such as Louis Armstrong, and the Kansas City Rockets. These items were retrieved from a storage unit that had lapsed.

The Scrapbook is definitely Dorothy Carman. The Autograph books are signed as Property of Dorothy Ogles and Dorothy Ogles Lockhart. The obvious assumption is that we are dealing with one person.

As I general try to do when I process collections, I look for some biographical material to give context to a particular collection. In Dorothy’s case, I find a mystery.

IMG_3252Dorothy Gladys Carman was born 7 Nov. 1910 and graduated from Central High School in 1928. Father Jesse Oscar Carman, (7 Feb 1881-27 Jan 1933), mother Nora (1881-). According to 1920 & 1930 Census, they are from Missouri. Sisters Zelma (1908-), Lillian (Jul 28 1909-November 1972), Fern Lavona (27 June 1915-15 Feb 1976, married Ceile O. Swafford).

Until 1930 she and her sister Zelma worked from the phone company. In 1930 she married Forrest E. Steele, and continued to work for the phone company even after giving birth to Ronald W., their son, in 1933 By 1938 they had moved to a lovely little house at 1308 S. Gary Pl., a short walk to the phone company building at 12th and Harvard. She stayed there even after Forrest’s death in 1976. Ronald died in 1996. Dorothy finally died in 2002 and is buried at Rose Hill.

The autograph books have a different set of names as previously mentioned.

Dorothy Mae Ogles was born 20 October 1917. She and her sister Geneva appear in the 1930 census living with an aunt and uncle Ed and Josie Reid on a farm. She appears

The first autograph book has the address 2132 E. 32nd St. and has dates from late 1938 and 1939. The 1939 city directory has her at that address as a maid working for Glade R. Kirkpatrick, president of the Guarantee Abstract Co.

In the 1941 and 1942 city directories has her working as a maid for Edward F. Shea, a geologist living at 2440 Owasso Place.

IMG_3254In October 1942, she married Matthew Marshall Lockhart, who doesn’t otherwise seem to exist. And the 2nd autograph book begins giving her address as 121 1/2 N. Greenwood.

In 1943 Dorothy Lockhart was the manager of the Chestean Rooms, 121 1/2 N Greenwood. Previously, in 1942, Mrs. Rosetta C Hollingsworth had this job.

The dates in the 3rd autograph book range from 1945- 1960. In 1946 Dorothy Lockhart was a clerk for Herbert Louvertise Byars at 347 1/2 N. Greenwood, where in 1951 Dorothy Lockhart resided.

She died in 2005 and is buried at Crown Hill cemetery.

So the major question is how did these wind up in the same storage unit?  And they will need to be processed separately.

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