A (likely incomplete) Dalton Trumbo Filmography

It may never be possible to list all of the scripts Dalton Trumbo worked on, thanks to the necessities during the Black list.

Road Gang (screenplay) 1936
Love Begins at Twenty (screenplay) 1936
Tugboat Princess (story) 1936
Devil’s Playground, 1937
Everybody Sing (contributor to dialogue – uncredited) 1937
That Man’s Here Again (contributor to treatment – uncredited) 1937
Fugitives for a Night, 1938
Paradise for Three (screenplay construction contributor – uncredited) 1938
A Man to Remember, 1938
The Flying Irishman (screen play) 1938
Sorority House (screen play) 1939
The Kid from Kokomo (story “Broadway Cavalier”) 1939
Five Came Back, 1939 (with Nathanael West and J. Cody)
Career (writer) 1939
Heaven with a Barbed Wire Fence (based on an original story by) / (screen play) 1939
The Lone Wolf Strikes (story) 1939
Half a Sinner (from a original story “The Lady Takes a Chance” by) 1940
Curtain Call (screenplay) 1940
A Bill of Divorcement, 1940
We Who Are Young (original screenplay) 1940
Kitty Foyle, 1940
Accent on Love (story) 1940
The Lone Wolf Strikes, 1940
You Belong to Me, 1941 (story by)
I Married a Witch (contributing writer – uncredited) 1942
Somewhere I’ll Find You (uncredited) 1942
The Remarkable Andrew, 1942
Tender Comrade (written by) 1943
A Guy Named Joe, 1944
Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, 1944
Jealousy (story) 1944
Our Vines Have Tender Grapes, 1945
The Gangster (unconfirmed – unconfirmed, uncredited) 1945
It’s a Wonderful Life 1946
The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend (Story “The Lady from Laredo; credited as Earl Felton) 1949
Emergency Wedding (story) 1950
Rocketship X-M (uncredited) 1950
Gun Crazy, 1950 (co-writer, front: Millard Kaufman)
The Hollywood Ted (Documentary) 1951
He Ran All the Way, 1951 (co-writer, front: Guy Endore)
The Prowler, 1951 (uncredited with Hugo Butler)
Carnival Story (screenplay – uncredited) 1953
Roman Holiday, 1953 (front: Ian McLellan Hunter)
They Were So Young 1954, (under pseudonym Felix Lutzkendorf)
The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell (uncredited) 1954
The Boss, 1956 (front: Ben L. Perry)
The Brave One, 1956 (under pseudonym Robert Rich)
ITV Television Playhouse (TV Series) (1 episode) – The Biggest Thief in Town (1957) 1956
The Deerslayer (uncredited) 1957
The Brothers Rico (uncredited) 1957
The Green-Eyed Blonde, 1957 (front: Sally Stubblefield)
From the Earth to the Moon, 1958 (co-writer, front: James Leicester)
Cowboy, 1958 (front: Edmund H. North)
Career (writer) 1958
Terror in a Texas Town (written by – front Ben Perry) 1958
Last Train from Gun Hill (written by – front Ben Perry) 1959
The Young Philadelphians (uncredited) 1959
Conspiracy of Hearts (uncredited) 1960
Spartacus, 1960, dir. by Stanley Kubrick (based on Howard Fast’s 1951 novel of the same name)
Exodus, 1960, dir. by Otto Preminger (based on Leon Uris’ 1958 novel of the same name)
The Last Sunset, 1961
Town Without Pity, 1961
Lonely are the Brave, 1962
The Sandpiper, 1965
The Cavern (as Jack David) 1965
Silahlar patlayinca (screenplay “The Last Sunset” – uncredited) 1966
Hawaii, 1966 (based on the novel by James Michener, 1959)
The Fixer, 1968
Heaven with a Gun 1969
Johnny Got His Gun (novel) / (screenplay) 1968
Johnny Got His Gun, 1971 (also directed)
The Horsemen, 1971
F.T.A., 1972
The Way We Were (uncredited) 1972
Executive Action, 1973
Papillon, 1973 (based on the novel by Henri Charrière, 1969)
Hollywood on Trial 1976
Ishi: The Last of His Tribe (TV Movie) 1973
Roman Holiday (TV Movie) (story – front Ian McLellan Hunter) 1978
Always (screenplay “A Guy Named Joe”) 1987
Johnny Got His Gun (writer) 1989
Papillon (based upon the 1973 screenplay “Papillon”by) 2008
Montezuma (original screenplay) (announced) 2017/I

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