Contents of the Foxfire Books

Wigginton, Eliot, ed. The Foxfire Book. New York: Anchor Press, 1972.

  • “this is the way I was raised up”
  • “Aunt Arie”
  • “Wood”
  • “Tools and Skills”
  • “Building a Log Cabin”
  • “Chimney Building”
  • “White Oak Splits”
  • “Making a Hamper out of White Oak Splits”
  • “Making a Basket out of White Oak Splits”
  • “An Old Chair Maker shows How”
  • “Rope, Straw, and Feathers are to Sleep on”
  • “A Quilt is Something Human”
  • “Soapmaking”
  • “Cooking on a Fireplace, Dutch Ovenand a Wood Stove”
  • “Daniel Manous”
  • “Mountain Recipes”
  • “Preserving Vegetables”
  • “Preserving Fruit”
  • “Churning your Own Butter”
  • “Slaughtering Hogs”
  • “Curing and Smoking Hogs”
  • “Recipes for Hog”
  • “Weather Signs”
  • “Planting by the Signs”
  • “The Buzzard and the Dog”
  • “Home Remedies”
  • “Hunting”
  • “Dressing and Cooking Wild Animal Foods”
  • “Hunting Tales”
  • “Snake Lore”
  • “Moonshining as a Fine Art”
  • “Faith Healing”
  • “Hillard Green”
  • “Index of People”

Wigginton, Eliot, ed. Foxfire 2. New York: Anchor Press, 1973.

  • “Maude Shope”
  • “Sourwood Honey”
  • “Beekeeping”
  • “Spring Wild Plant Foods”
  • “Happy Dowdle”
  • “Making an Ox Yoke”
  • “Wagon Wheels and Wagons”
  • “Making a Tub Wheel”
  • “Making a Foot-Powered Lathe”
  • “From Raising Sheep to Weaving Cloth”
  • “How to Wash Clothes in an Iron Pot”
  • “Anna Howard”
  • “Midwives and Granny Women”
  • “Old-Time Burials”
  • “Boogers, Witches and Haints”
  • “Corn Shuckins, House Raisin’s, Quiltin’s, Pea Thrashin’s, Singin’s, Log Rollin’s, Candy Pullin’s, Candy Breakin’s, etc.”
  • “Kenny Runion”
  • Appendix: included information on Chimneys; Joining White Oak Splits; Baskets and Hampers: a Friday Afternoon; A Corded Bed; Quilting; Soapmaking; Recipes; Curing Pork
  • Index of People

Wigginton, Eliot, ed. Foxfire 3. New York: Anchor Press, 1975.

  • “Simmee Free”
  • “Hide Tanning”
  • “Cattle Raising”
  • “Animal Care”
  • “Banjos and Dulcimers”
  • “Purple Martin Gourds”
  • “Dipper Gourds”
  • “Florence and Martin Brooks”
  • “Ginseng”
  • “Summer and Fall Wild Plant Foods”
  • “Woodrow Shrope builds a Smokehouse”
  • “Building a Lumber Kiln”
  • “Butter Churns”
  • “Beulah Perry”
  • “Apple Butter”
  • “Sorghum”
  • “Brooms and Brushes”
  • “Cornshuck Mops, Dolls, and Hats”
  • “Aunt Nora Garland”
  • Index of People
  • Cumulative Index for The Foxfire Book, Foxfire 2, Foxfire 3.

Wigginton, Eliot, ed. Foxfire 4. New York: Anchor Press, 1977.

  • “Etta and Charlie Ross Hartley”
  • “Knife Making”
  • “Wood Carving”
  • “Fiddle Making”
  • “Thomas Campbell, Plow-Stock Maker”
  • “Wooden Sleds”
  • “Gardening”
  • “Bird Traps, Deadfalls and Rabbit Boxes”
  • “Annie Perry”
  • “Horse Trading”
  • “Making Tar”
  • “Logging”
  • “Aunt Lola Cannon”
  • “Water Systems”
  • “Berry Buckets”
  • “Cheese Makings”
  • “Rev. A. Rufus Morgan”
  • Index of People
  • A selected listing of Periodicals and Resource Material about the Appalachian Region

Wigginton, Eliot, ed. Foxfire 5. New York: Anchor Press, 1979.

  • “Will and Magaline Zoellner”
  • “Ironmaking and Blacksmithing”
    Blast furnaces, Bellows, Fireplace Pokers, Forge Shovels, Froes, Cowbells, and Horseshoes
  • “Gunmaking”
    Black Powder, Barrel Making, Siler Locks, Flintlock Rifles, Modern Gunsmiths, Turkey Shoots, and the NMLRA
  • “Bear Hunting”
    Habits and Habitat, Bear Dogs, Hunting and Trapping, “Honest John”, Buck Fever, and Hunting Lore.
  • “Carrie Stewart”
  • Index of People

Wigginton, Eliot, ed. Foxfire 6. New York: Anchor Press, 1980.

  • “Jake Waldroop”
  • “Gourd Banjos and Songbows”
  • “Wooden Locks”
  • “Shoemaking”
  • “Toys and Games”
    Toys: Ball and Cup, Blowgun, Bouncing Pig, Bow and Arrow, Bubble Blower, Bull Grinder, Button on a String, Churning Woman, Climbing Bear, Corn Guns, Cornstalk Animals, Cornstalk Fiddle, Crossbow, Apple-Head Dolls, Cucumber Dolls, Other Dolls, Dumb Bell, Dumb Bull/Bull Roarer/Buzzer, Fluttermill, Flying Jenny or Merry Go Round, Furniture, Hoops, Jumping Jack, Limberjack or Dancing Doll, Popguns, Puzzles, Rattletrap, Rolling Clown, Sleds, Slingshots, Smoke Grinders, Squirt Guns, Stick Horses, Stilts (Tom Walkers, J-Walkers, or Walking Crutches), Grape Vine Swings, Rope Swings, Tops or Dancers, Wagons, Whimmy Diddles/Jeep Sticks, Hollow Whistles, Split Whistles, Whittled Animals, Windmills.
    Games: Anty-Over/Anthony Over/ Ant’ni-over, Base, Blindfold, Bullpen, Chase the Rock, Checkers, Club Fist, Corncob Jail, Cracking the Whip, Devil in the Promised Land, Dodgeball, Dropping the Handkerchief, Fieldball, Fireball, Fox and Dogs, Fox and Geese, Frog Trouncing, Fruit-Basket Turnover, Green Grass, Green-Man’s Garden, Ghost, Hiding the Needle in the Haystack, Hide-and-Seek/Hoopy-Hide, Hide the Thimble, Hopscotch, Hull-Gull/Jack up a Bush, Jack Rocks, Jack Straws, Jumping Jacks, Jump Rope, Kitty Walks a Corner, Kitty Wants the Corner, Leadbelly, Lost my Handkerchief, Marbles, Marching Around the Level, Mumble Peg, Old Granny Hum Bum, Old Granny Wiggins Is Dead, Playhouses or Playing House, Please and Displease, Poor Old Tom, Ring around the Mulberry Bush, Rooster Fighting, Shakespears, Skin the Cat, Snake in the Grass, Tap Hand, Teacher, Totin’ over the Mark, Townball or Catball, Trip to Alaska, Tug of War, William Trembletoe
  • “Uncle John Was in the Crib Stealing Corn”
  • “I Did the Best I Could with the Brain Nature Gave me”
  • “Memories of the American Chestnut”
  • “The Homeplace”
  • Index of People
  • Cumulative Index for Foxfire 4, Foxfire 5, Foxfire 6.

7 Responses to Contents of the Foxfire Books

  1. Nancy says:

    I found Foxfire 1-7 that my late husband had. They are not in very good condition. Don’t know if I should throw them away or if they are worth anything. I am a senior citizen trying to clean out some stuff I haven’t used in years. My husband passed away 4 years ago and he was sick for 3 years before that. Can you advise me?


    • You might want to hold on to them until things open back up, and then try to find a used bookstore. I sympathize, my late wife died 3 years ago suddenly, and trying to deal with the things she left behind has sometimes been truly horrible.


    • EthanB says:

      Hi Nancy, I’m sorry for your loss. If you’re interested in selling your late husbands collections of Foxfire books, I’d be happy to purchase them.
      I have fond memories of reading those books ages ago but I’ve never owned them. I just purchased an old homestead (circa 1880) in rural Virginia and there’s a lot of good reference material in Foxfire that would help me restore the home and property.


  2. MP Hamill says:

    This is very helpful Do you also have the indices for books 7-12? Thanks.


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