Some Archaeological Leather Group (ALG) publications

Partial Contents of the The Archaeological Leather Group, Newsletter.

Number 1, Summer 1986

How will the group be organised? 1
Shoe Seminar Proceedings 3
John Thornton’s Leather Shrinkage Experiment / June Swann 3
“Work In Progress” Papers given at the Coventry Meeting 4
“Medieval Leather Artifacts from Scotland” / Clare Thomas 4
“Medieval and Early Post Medieval Leather from Three Excavations: Barnard Castle, County Durham; Reading Abby, Berkshire; and Lucy Tower, Lincoln” / Quita Mould 10
Editorial Postscript 15

Number 6, Spring 1990

Concealed shoes / Denise Dixon-Smith

Number 7, Autumn 1991

Editorial 1
Current Research in Leather-Working from Irish Sites / Dáire O’Rourke 1
Northampton Museums Concealed Shoe Index / Andrew Mackay 3
Booke Review: Arnold, Janet. Queen Elizabeth’s Wardrobe Unlock’d / Juen Swann 4

Number 1, 1995

Nailing Roman shoes / C. van Driel-Murray 6-7

Number 7, February 1998

Hidden Shoes and Concealed Beliefs 2
Introduction / Esther Cameron 2
Shoes Concealed in Buildings / June Swann 2
Concealed Footwear in Switzerland / Marquita Volken 3
Builders, Bakers and Madhouses: Some Recent Information from the Concealed Shoe Index / Fiona Pitt 3

Number 8, 1998

Current Treatments in the Conservation of Waterlogged and Desiccated Archaeological Leather, report on a meeting / C. Ward 1-2

Archaeological Leather Group, Bibliography

Prehistoric 1
Roman 2
Early Medieval 5
Medieval 7
Post Medieval 12
General 14
Conservation 15
Structure and Analysis 16
  • Cameron, Esther: Leather and Fur, Aspects of Early Medieval Trade and Technology Archetype Pub. for the Archaeological Leather Group
  • Guidelines for the care of waterlogged archaeological leather  <>
    Also published as a 4 page leaflet in partnership with English Heritage, April 1995.
  • Various Authors.  Recent Research in Archaeological Footwear (Association of Archaeological Illustrators & Surveyors, Technical Paper no.8) The Archaeological Leather Group

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