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Chronology of Lovecraft Stories and Call of Cthulhu Scenarios

1918 No Man’s Land 1920 The Haunting (Rulebook) Late summer – The Spawn (The Great Old Ones) Winter – Still Waters (The Great Old Ones) December – Under the Boardwalk (Farewell my Sanity) 1921 February- March – Tell Me, Have … Continue reading

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John Bagford Manuscripts

As we wander afield it can be interesting, at least to me to examine some of the minutia that can bog down research – especially in obscure fields, like the history of shoemaking. John Bagford (1650/1-1716) was an antiquarian, author, … Continue reading

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Measurement in the Middle Ages

Originally, the Imperial system of Measurement was based on that used in the Roman Empire, and during that time, all were standardized. After the collapse of the Empire, the definitions of the measurements began to wander a bit until by … Continue reading

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Ten Little Zeppelins

There was a fun little song recorded in 1917 recording by Harry Bluff[1] Lyrics: Ten little zeppelins passing out the [stork] ‘What a treat for England’ said the Kaiser with a lark As the crew was singing The Watch Upon … Continue reading

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The original messages this entry is based on were from the old blog in 2005.  I have an interest in many literary characters and themes.  Some of those can be found throughout this and other sites. One of these is … Continue reading

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New Site Location

What with one thing and another, I may have to migrate from my university web page eventually.  So I am trying to see if I can’t get the more relevant things moved over here first.

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