TIME LINE of the Altered Carbon Universe

Includes material from Altered Carbon, Broken Angels and Woken Furies by Richard K. Morgan

-The Chronology-

Kovacs’ Subjective
Kovacs2’s Subjective
Harlan’s World Calendar (1E=.9H?)
2076 “Mars Expo 2076”
2087 The Hotel Hendrix established in Bay City/San Francisco (Altered Carbon)
2098 Bradbury dig on Mars reveals the Martian ruins and the Martian archives. (Broken Angels). Bradbury is in Syrtis Minor, East Quarter (“3rd Expedition?”) (Altered Carbon)
Martian archives contain their astrogation charts meaning that humans know which stars to send their ships to (Interview with Morgan)
?? Corporate wars got nasty and the Hotel Hendrix was outfitted with some heavy firepower (Altered Carbon)
?? Massive Economic crash. The Hendrix Hotel upgrades to AI and buys out its owners. (Altered Carbon)
?? Early colonization failure on Mars (Broken Angels)
?? Early colonization failure on Adoracion (Broken Angels)
?? Settled Worlds colonized under the UN Protectorate (date not specifically noted in any book)
?? Sleeving technology is developed (date not specifically noted in any book)
?? The ship Free Trade Enforcer runs aground in Northern California (Altered Carbon)
c21?? Laurens and Miriam Laurens are over 300 years old. (Altered Carbon)
2203 Larking and Green become Armorers in Bay City (Altered Carbon)
1? Konrad Harlan leads an expedition to colonize Harlan’s World (Broken Angels, Woken Furies)
Quellcrist Faloner leads a rebellion against the Protectorate on Harlan’s World (Altered Carbon, Broken Angels) The “Unsettlement” (Altered Carbon)
250 pre AC Laurens Bancroft marries Miriam about this time (Altered Carbon)
c.177 Harlan’s World bans erasure as punishment (Altered Carbon)
0 0 35 May 187 Kovacs born in Newpest on Harlan’s World (Altered Carbon, Broken Angels)
8 8/9E 195 The last time Kovacs saw his father (Broken Angels)
15 15/16.8E 202 Kovacs is first arrested for minor organic damage on a Newpest police officer (Altered Carbon)
16/18 16/18E 203 Kovacs kills his first man as a member of gang (Shonagon’s Eleven). (Broken Angels)
17/19.? 17/19E 11 Sept 204 Kovacs joins the UN Protectorate forces. (Altered Carbon, Broken Angels)
18/21.6 18/21.6E 31 June 211 Selected for Envoy enhancement. Kovacs is taught by Virginia Vidaura (Altered Carbon, Broken Angels) Kovacs’ first resleeving (Broken Angels)
22 22/24.7E 215 Kovacs learns to shop (Altered Carbon)
50 217-Sharya? Envoy actions at Sharya. (Altered Carbon)
Envoy Kovacs stack is copied (Woken Furies)
Envoy actions at Adoracion, Loyko. (Altered Carbon, Broken Angels, Woken Furies)
120 Leila Begin is a prostitute working for Bancroft (Altered Carbon)
The disaster at the Innenin beachhead due to a Rawlings Virus strike (Altered Carbon, Broken Angels, Woken Furies)
A year after Innenin, the commander of the Envoy troops, General MacIntyre is found gutted and decapitated (Altered Carbon)
After Innenin, Kovacs leaves the Envoys (Altered Carbon, Broken Angels)
28/31E Kovacs meets Virgina Vidaura in the New Kanagawa Justice facility going down for 80-100 for Organic Damage and Robbery (Altered Carbon)
162 34/38E Kovacs works for Reileen Kawahara on New Beijing (Altered Carbon)
24?? 170/141 41/46E Altered Carbon. Kovacs is needlecast to Earth to work for Laurens Bancroft and locate his murderer (resleeved 2 October)
Kovacs has 117 years, 4 months from the end of his sentence.
[Objective age is based on age given in Broken Angels In Altered Carbon, he says he’s had over a century in the tank, plus his subjective age of 41 to be 141]
198/169 46/51.7E Kovacs is hired by Quellists to convert Kemps faction on Sanction IV, and he is needlecast there. (Broken Angels)
200 (+)/171 48/54E Broken Angels. Kovacs is involved in a war on Sanction IV. he is involved in discovering a Martian Starship (Broken Angels)
211(+)/181 49/55E Kovacs and his team reach Latimer (Broken Angels)
Hun Home? (Woken Furies)
222E? 417? Kovacs2 is woken on Harlan’s world (Woken Furies)
  • Adoracion
  • Earth
  • Harlan’s World (186 LY from Earth)
  • Hun Home
  • Latimer
  • Loyko
  • Mars
  • New Beijing
  • Sanction IV (110 LY from Earth, 150 LY from Harlan’s World)
  • Sharya
  • Starfall

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