TIME LINE of the Galactica Universe

TIME LINE of the Galactica Universe
(Revision 27 February 2006)
Compiled by I. Marc Carlson

Since all of this information came from other sources, I really don’t feel like I can copyright it. Feel free to use it as you wish. If you like the occasional hypothesis herein all I ask is that you remember where you got it.

Note on sources:

The sources used for this were the episodes and miniseries…

The Chronology

The Cylons were created by man. They were created to make life easier on the twelve colonies. And then the day came when the Cylons decided to kill their masters. After a long and blood struggle, an armistice was declared. The Cylons left for another world to call their own. A remote space station was built… Where Cylon and Human could meet and maintain diplomatic relations. Every Year, the Colonials send an officer. The Cylons send no one. No one has seen or heard from the Cylons in over Forty Years.

About -3600 years

  • Pythia, one of the oracles in the sacred scrolls, wrote about the exile and rebirth of the human race (“The Hand of God”) “Pythia wrote about the exile and the rebirth of a human race. And the lords anointed a leader to guide the caravan of the heavens to their new homeland and unto the leader they gave a vision of serpents, numbering two and ten, as a sign of things to come…She also wrote that the leader suffered a wasting disease and would not live to enter the new land.”
  • The scrolls of Pythia describe a “lower demon” who helps the quest (“Home”).
  • The scrolls of Pythia say that Zeus tells the humans that a return to Kobal would exact a cost in blood (“The Raid”).

About -2000 years

  • The Exodus of the 13 tribes, some sort of crisis devastates the homeworld of humanity (“Kobal’s last Gleaming”).  Before this time humans and Gods co-exist in Paradise on Kobal.  Cycle of Time.
  • It’s possible that humans on Kobal weren’t as good as they are remembered; human sacrifice, there was barbarism, there was brutality. Humans may have been driven out of  for the things they did (“Valley of Darkness”)

-52 years

  • The Cylon revolt and war starts (Miniseries).  Articles of Colonization signed (“Colonial Day”,  RDM, April 11, 2005). [“Colonial Day” suggests this is -56 years]

About -50 years

  • 12 Battlestars were built in the early days of the war.  They have a low tech approach.  Galactica‘s first commander is Peter Dash (Miniseries).

About -40 years

  • During the War, Tigh served on the Brinnock, which was boarded by Cylons. The Cylons tried to decompress the ship and kill the crew so that they could turn the guns of the Brinnock against the other ships in their escort fleet.  Adama went through something similar on the Galactica, the first ship he was assigned to as a pilot (“Valley of Darkness” backstory).
  • The last time Cylons had been seen (Miniseries prologue).  This may be when the Armistice was declared (Cimtar Peace Accord?) and Armistice Station was developed. “Husker” Adama is a Viper pilot at this point (Miniseries).


  • After the War, Adama and Tigh are both out of the fleet, and are stuck on a freighter (“Scattered”).

-22 years

  • The last real jump made by Galactica (Miniseries).

-20 years

  • Mark II Vipers are phased out (Miniseries).
  • Tom Zarek leads the Sagittarius Uprising against oppression (“Bastille Day”).

-2 years

  • Zak Adama is killed in training (Miniseries).
  • Gaius Baltar begins his relationship with “Number 6” (Miniseries).
  • Sharon Valerii “Boomer” is assigned to Galactica (“The Farm”).

(Season One)

Day 0    Miniseries

  • Armistice station is destroyed.  Galactica, the last of the  50 year old Battlestars is being decommissioned and turned into a museum when the Cylons attack (the battlestar Atlantia under Admiral Nigala as well as the other 120 battlestars are different, later models). [Population is estimated at 50,000 survivors]  Laura Roslin is sworn in as president of the 12 colonies.
  • Mercury-class (?) Battlestar Pegasus is at the Scorpion fleet shipyard preparing for a three month overhaul when the Cylon Fleet attacks with 3-4 Nukes, destroying 5 ships, 2 of them battlestars.  Cain orders a blind jump to escape them (“Pegasus”).

Days 6     33

  • Cylons have been pursuing the fleet for every jump at intervals of 33 minutes. [Population is estimated at 47,972 survivors early on, and later updated to 47,973]
  • On Caprica, Helo (“Agathon. Karl C. Junior grade Colonial PK 789934”) is captured by Cylons but rescued by another Boomer (Sharon Valerii).

Day 10    Water [47,958]

  • Sabotage aboard Galactica destroys much of the Fleet’s water supply.  The Fleet must look for new water sources.  Boomer starts to suspect that she might be a Cylon.  It’s clear that people in the Fleet are starting to learn that some Cylons are human looking. 
  • On Caprica, Helo and Sharon find that her Raptor has been found by the Cylons and they must escape.  However, they get a Colonial fleet signal.

Day 12    Bastille Day

  • Manual laborers are needed to mine the ice to replenish the Fleet’s water supplies.  They decide to use the criminals from the Astral Queen.  One of the prisoners is Sagitaran freedom fighter Tom Zarek.
  • On Caprica, Helo and Sharon find a body being eaten by rats in Caprica City.

Day 14    Act of Contrition

  • An accident (?) Galactica kills 13 pilots and injures seven more.  Adama has Starbuck begin training new pilots.  Later, she winds up crashing on a moon after a battle with a Cylon raider.
  • On Caprica, Helo and Sharon track down a signal coming from a bunker under a restaurant in Caprica City.

Day 15    You Can’t Go Home Again [47,958]

  • Starbuck crashes on her moon, and finding the damaged Cylon Raider.  Adama risks the Fleet looking for her.
  • On Caprica, there is a firefight with Cylons in the Caprica City restaurant where Helo and Sharon have been hiding.  After the fight, Sharon is missing.

Day 17    Litmus

  • A Cylon suicide bomber on Galactica reveals that there are human looking Cylons.  Tyroll is put on trial for allowing the Cylon on board.
  • On Caprica, Helo “rescues” Sharon from the Cylons.

Day 21

  • Ellen Tigh is found with amnesia aboard the Rising Star (“Tigh me up, Tigh me down”).

Day 24    Six Degrees of Separation

  • “Shelly Godfrey” arrives on Galactica to accuse Baltar of being a traitor.  He gives in and prays to the Cylon’s God.
  • On Caprica, Helo confesses how he feels to Sharon and they have sex.

Day 25.  Flesh and Bone [47,954]

  • The Fleet captures a human model Cylon and Starbuck questions him.
  • On Caprica, Sharon takes Helo and escapes from the plans of the Human model Cylons.

Day 28. Tigh me up, Tigh me down. [47,905]

  • The President is concerned that Adama is a Cylon.  Tigh’s wife, Ellen is brought aboard Galactica. [Current Fleet population is 47,905]
  • On Caprica, Helo and Sharon are fleeing though sewers.

Day 37    The Hand of God

  • The Fleet needs to take a fuel asteroid away from the Cylons.  The President is definitely having visions.
  • On Caprica, Helo and Sharon are hiding out in a large barn, and Sharon is getting sick.

Day 47   Colonial Day [47,898]

  • The Quorum of Twelve is reestablished.  Gaius Baltar is named Vice President.
  • On Caprica, Helo discovers that Sharon is a Cylon.

Day 50    Kobol’s Last Gleaming, pt. 1 [47,897]

  • Galactica discovers Kobal.  President Roslin decides to seek the Tomb of Athena.  Starbuck heads back to Caprica to look for the Arrow of Apollo.
  • On Kobal, Raptor One crashes in the ruins of an old city.
  • On Caprica, Helo shoots Sharon.

Day *51    Kobol’s Last Gleaming, pt. 2 [47,887]

  • Adama arrests President Roslin.  Boomer destroys the Cylon Base ship, and shoots Adama.
  • On Kobal, Baltar hallucinates the Opera House in the City of the Gods.
  • On Caprica, Starbuck finds the Arrow of Apollo, and Helo, and finds out that Sharon is pregnant.

(Season Two)

Day *51    Scattered [47,875]

  • Adama is wounded, and has surgery.
  • Tigh assumes command and loses the fleet.  Returning to Kobalspace to track the fleet.  A Cylon Raider crashes into Galactica. carrying Cylon troops.  Galactica rejoins the fleet locate the fleet.
  • On Kobal, Number Six shows Baltar their child.  The crash survivors hide from the Cylons in the woods.
  • On Caprica, Sharon steals Starbuck’s raider.

Day  *52    Valley of Darkness [47,874]

  • [Two weeks after KLG, pt. 1?]
  • Cylon troops have boarded Galactica. Apollo leads a team to stop them.
  • On Caprica, Helo and Starbuck try to avoid the Cylons.  They visit Starbuck’s apartment.

Day  *53   Fragged [47,862]

  • Baltar and the crash survivors are rescued from Kobal.
  • Tigh declares Martial Law.

Day *55ish    Resistance [47,861]

  • Tigh throws CPO Tyroll into a cell as a Cylon.  Other ships in the fleet refuse to resupply Galactica while the military is in charge. “The Gideon Massacre.”  Apollo escapes with President Roslin.  Adama wakes up.  Cally shoots Boomer.
  • On Caprica, Helo and Starbuck encounter human resistance to the Cylons.  The Caprica Buckaneers and 53 other survivors.

Day *60ish?    The Farm [47,857]

  • Adama is back on his feet. He orders a search of the fleet for President Roslin and Apollo.  Roslin flees the fleet back to Kobal and takes a third of the fleet with her. [Tigh was in command of the fleet for a little over a week (“Final Cut”)]
  • On Caprica, Starbuck is shot while preparing an attack on the Cylons.  She is taken to an aid hospital, meets a doctor named Simon.  Sharon joins up with the Resistance.  Simon takes one of Starbuck’s ovaries. Starbuck escapes from the Cylons with the help of Sharon.  The Resistance sends Starbuck back with the Arrow of Apollo, and prepares to take on the rest of the breeding farms.

Day *65ish?    Home [47,858]

  • Starbuck, Helo and Sharon meet up with Roslin at Kobal.  They are attacked by Cylons on Kobal. Sharon helps to kill the Cylons.  They start looking for the Tomb of Athena.
  • Adama decides to rejoin the fleet.

Day *77ish?   The Raid/Home, Part 2 [47,855]

  • Adama returns to Kobal, and meets up with Roslin and co. on their quest to find the Tomb. They find the map to Earth. And reunite the Fleet.
  • Number Six tells Baltar he’s crazy.

Day *80sh?   Final Cut [47,853]

  • Reporter D’Anna Biers is given access to do a story on Galactica.

Day *86ish?   Flight of the Phoenix [47,853]

  • With the crew suffering from stress, Chief Tyroll builds a stealth fighter.
  • Galactica is hit with a Cylon virus as a prelude to a massive Cylon attack.  The attack is defeated by Sharon.
  • Cally is out of the brig

Day 125 or so (or else Day 200 or so)

  • Boomer/Galactica-Sharon is unboxed (“Downloaded”) [The question with the date has to do with what is meant by the caption “10 weeks ago”.  If Sharon is unboxed 10 weeks before the episode, it’s day 200, assuming Hera is born nine months after the destruction of Caprica.  However, if Sharon is unboxed 10 weeks after “Kobal’s Last Gleaming”, i.e. the flashback is what is dated then it’s Day 125, and she was unboxed before Caprica-6.]

Day [160ish]

  • The Greenleaf is attacked by the Cylons (“Sacrifice”).

Day [175ish?]   Pegasus [49,605]

  • Galactica receives a colonial transponder signal.  The battlestar Pegasus, under Admiral Nalena Cain joins the fleet.  Cain assumes military command of the fleet, and transfers several crewmembers.  On the Pegasus, Baltar encounters a badly tortured and abused Number Six.  Tyrol and Helo protect Sharon from being raped by Pegasus‘ intelligence officer, and accidentally kill him.  They are court-martialed by Cain.  Adam orders an attack to free them.
  • Pegasus has been tracking a Cylon fleet, and is intending on a large attack.
  • Cain may have executed her XO for refusing to attack a Cylon fleet of 15 squadrons.

Day [180ish?]   Resurrection Ship [49,604]

  • Based on a comment by Cain, this should be around day 180.

Day [182ish?]   Resurrection Ship, pt. 2 [49,604]

  • The Cylon resurrection ship is destroyed. Lee Adama is nearly killed.
  • Admiral Cain is killed by Gina/Number 6.

Day [189ish?]   Epiphanies [49,598]

  • Cylon peace movement begins on Cloud Nine.
  • Roslin’s cancer is cured.

Day 192  [Possible date of elections, based on “Bastille Day”]

Day [195ish?]   Black Market [49,597]

  • Commander Fisk of the Pegasus is murdered.  Lee Adama investigates his death.

Day [200ish?]

  • The fleet begins to protect a mining operation (“Scar”).

Day [230ish?]   Scar [49,593]

  • [After 29 days in the asteroid field]
  • Kara and Kat destroy the

Day [240ish?]   Sacrifice [49,590]

  • A small group lead by Sesha Abinell take a number of people hostage in Cloud Nine, including Lee Adama.  Starbuck accidentally shoots Lee.

Day [260ish?]   The Captain’s Hand [49,584/49,579]

  • Major Lee Adama is assigned to Pegasus.  After Comander Garner leads the ship into battle against three Cylon Base Ships and is killed saving his ship, Lee is promoted to Commander and given the Pegasus.
  • People begin to think about elections.  Roslin bans abortions.

Day [270ish]   Downloaded [49,579]

  • Caprica-6 is unboxed.  [See note on Day 120 for explanation.]
  • Hera is prematurely born to Caprica-Sharon.  The child is given to Maya.

Day [?ish?]   Lay Down Your Burdens, part 1

Day [?ish?]   Lay Down Your Burdens, part 2

Some notes on Galactica