TIME LINE of the Harry Dresden Universe

(Revision 8 January 2009)
Compiled by I. Marc Carlson

Just to be clear, there are other timelines for Dresden.  This is not based on any of those.

Since all of this information came from other sources, I really don’t feel like I can copyright it. Feel free to use it as you wish. If you like the occasional hypothesis herein all I ask is that you remember where you got it.

Note on sources:

The sources used for this were the books and stories by Jim Butcher.  The creative stuff belongs to him.

Spoiler Warning:

There are a LOT of spoilers here.  If you don’t like spoilers, don’t read this page.

There are a number of internal inconsistencies regarding time, so this is a best guess effort. The dates in [brackets] are estimates.

The Chronology


  • Guardian Spells keeping the Old Ones out  (“Grave Peril”).

16th century

  • Last major Loup-Garou rampage, around Gevaudan, France.  More than 200 people are killed in a year before the werewolf is burned at the stake (“Fool Moon”).

200x-“three of four hundred years”

  • Bob the air spirit is three or four hundred years old (“Fool Moon”).
  • Bob has some sort of misunderstanding with the Winter Queen (“Grave Peril”).

1760s or so

  • Kemmler begins to lay the ground work for what will become World War I (“Dead Beat”).
  • During his life Kemmler writes several books: The Blood of Kemmler, The Mind of Kemmler, The Heart of Kemmler (“Dead Beat”).

200x – “several hundred years”

  • Bob the air spirit’s skull is prepared for him (“Storm Front”).


  • Ebenezar McCoy is responsible for the New Madrid earthquake (“Blood Rites”).


  • The Denarian Ursiel takes over Rasmussen (“Death Masks”).


  • Ebenezar McCoy is responsible for the Krakatoa explosion (“Blood Rites”).


  • Stoker publishes Dracula at the White Council’s behest, leaking how to kill Black Court vampires (“Grave Peril”, “Blood Rites”).

Around 1900

  • Ebenezar McCoy and Kincaid cross paths in Istanbul (“Blood Rites”).  Kincaid was the Hellhound of Vlad Drakul for centuries.


  • Ebenezar McCoy is responsible for the Tunguska explosion (“Blood Rites”).


  • Kemmler is responsible for World War I (“Dead Beat”).


  • Kemmler disappears (“Dead Beat”).


  • Kemmler animates mass graves during WWII, and rampages across eastern Europe (“Dead Beat”).


  • The entire White Council bands together to wipe out Kemmler.  Justin DuMorne is a Warden and pulls Bob the skull out of the ruins of Kemmler’s Lab (“Dead Beat”).
  • A number of his apprentices escape the purge (“Dead Beat”): Gravaine, Cawl, and Corpsetaker.

???? [*1963]

  • Margaret LeFay, former apprentice to Ebenezar McCoy, has some dealings with the White Court.  She gives birth to Thomas Raith (“Blood Rites”).

???? [*1968]

  • When Thomas is about five, Margaret LeFay escapes from the White King (“Blood Rites”).

???? [*1969]

  • When Thomas is about six, Margaret LeFay meets Malcolm Dresden (“Blood Rites”).
  • Senior Detective Collin Murphy starts dealing with “black cat” investigations for the 13th precinct (“Blood Rites”).

???? [*1970]

  • Harry has a snapshot of his father and pregnant woman standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial (“Death Masks”).
  • 31 October
    Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden is born.  Harry’s father, Malcolm Dresden is a stage magician (“Storm Front”, “Dead Beat”).  He is not present when Harry is born, but shows up a day later (“Storm Front”).  Harry’s mother, Margaret Gwendolyn LeFay Dresden dies when he is born (“Storm Front”, “Fool Moon”, “Blood Rites”).  Her death-curse cripples the White King (“Blood Rites”).
     [Harry’s age is never explicitly mentioned.  If we assume that he is about 30 in the first book, and that it takes place in 2000, Harry’s birth date would have been in 1970 and the dates regarding his growing up are based on that.  If better information becomes available, I’ll change those.]
  • Harry’s mother makes Lea/Leanandsidhe Harry’s Godmother (“Grave Peril”).

???? [*1976]

  • Harry’s father dies of an aneurism in his sleep (“Storm Front”, “Fool Moon”).  Harry is six (“Grave Peril”).  An orphan, he winds up in the care of the State (“Proven Guilty”).

???? [*1980]

  • Harry and Elaine are both adopted by Justin DuMorne.  Harry and Elaine are both 10 (“Summer Knight”, “Blood Rites”).  Justin had been an apprentice to Simon Pietrovitch (“Summer Knight”).
  • Harry’s power first manifests at a track meet shortly before he is taken in by Justin (“Proven Guilty”).

200x-19 Years [*1981]

  • Michael Carpenter, Fist of God, slays a number of Mavra’s Black Court vampires (“Grave Peril”).
  • Collin Murphy kills himself (“Blood Rites”).


  • At some point after this, Michael kills a dragon, Siriothrax, and saves Charity, who was part of a dark coven (“Grave Peril”, “Proven Guilty”). [When this happened is not clear]

???? [*1985]

  • Harry sprains his shoulder trying out for football his freshman year (age 15ish)  (“Summer Knight”).

???? [*1986]

  • Harry fails his driving test five times in a row (“Summer Knight”).
  • Harry’s mentor, Justin tried to covert him to black magic, and human sacrifice. Harry makes a deal with Lea for enough power to defeat Justin.  Justin attacks him, and has Elaine bind him, and Harry kills him in a massive fire.  Harry believes he’s killed Elaine as well (“Storm Front”, “Fool Moon”, “Grave Peril”, “Summer Knight”).  Elaine eventually escapes to the Summer Court, and would claim that Justin had enthralled her (“Summer Knight”).
  • Harry steals Bob the Skull from Justin (“Death Masks”).
  • Harry, 16 years old, is taken in by Ebenezar McCoy (“Summer Knight”).

???? [*1987]

  • Karrin Murphy, 17, marries Gregory Taggert  (“Summer Knight”).

200x-12 Years [*1988]

  • Molly Carpenter is born (“Proven Guilty”).

200x-10 Years [*1990]

  • Victor Sells stops talking to his family according to Monica (“Storm Front”).

200x-5 or 7 Years [*1993-1995]

  • The Unseelie Accords are established (“Dead Beat”, “Proven Guilty”) [The Accords are mentioned throughout the series, but are first explicitly named in “Dead Beat” and a general date given in “Proven Guilty”].


  • The Unseelie Incursion causes the whole city of Milwaukee to vanish for two hours (“Storm Front”). [One wonders if this doesn’t have something to do with the Accords being signed]

???? [*1995]

  • When Harry comes to Chicago, he has a number of jobs before he gets hired by Nick Christian at Ragged Angel Investigations (“Death Masks”).
  • Harry appears on the Larry Fowler show shortly after he comes to Chicago.  It doesn’t help his credibility  (“Summer Knight”, “Grave Masks”).


200x-4 years [*1996]

  • The last time Harry spoke with Charity Carpenter (“Grave Peril”).

200x-3 Years [*1997]

  • Harry finds Mister the kitten in the garbage, his tail torn off (“Storm Front”).
  • The Beckitt’s child is killed accidentally by one of Marcone’s men (“Storm Front”).

200x-1 [*1999]

  • Thomas starts seeing Justine about this time (“Blood Rites”).


200x [*2000]

  • March 10    Harry’s rent for February is paid (“Storm Front”).
  • (March) Day -7  Harry travels down to Branson, MI to investigate a country singer’s possibly hunted house (“previous week).  He is followed there by Susan Rodriguez, a reporter for the Chicago Arcane (“Storm Front”).
  • (March) Wednesday
    Linda Randall gets Donny Wise to take photographs at the lake house.  Jennifer Stanton, one of Bianca’s girls from the Velvet Room, and Johnny Marcone’s bodyguard, Tommy Tomm have their hearts blow out of their chests (“Storm Front”).
  • (March) Thursday  Storm Front
    Harry is hired by Monica to find her husband, and Murphy calls him in to investigate a double murder.  The drug ThreeEye is on the streets.  (Moon is waxing toward full).  Harry encounters Morgan the Warden of the White Council.
  • (March) Friday
    Harry goes to visit Bianca the vampire.  He meets with Linda Randall and the Beckitts.  He visits the lake house.  Coming home, he gets beaned with a baseball bat.
  • (March) Saturday
    Harry goes down to the station to talk to Murphy, she takes him home.  He misses his dinner with Susan, but she comes over anyway.  They are attacked by a toad demon.  Harry gets called to visit Linda Randall’s death scene.  Harry betrays Murphy.  One of Johnny Marcone’s men steals a lock of Harry’s hair.  Harry tracks him down and blasts his way into Marcone’s Varsity.
  • (March) Sunday
    Harry wakes up in Linda Randall’s apartment.  He encounters the photographer Donny Wise.  He confronts Monica Sells.  Murphy and the giant Scorpion at Harry’s office, Murphy gets poisoned.  Harry assaults Morgan then drives out to the lake house.  Harry fights Victor Sells and the Beckitts.  The lake house burns to the ground destroying the ThreeEye potion.  Morgan saves Harry’s life.  Harry goes to the hospital.
  • (March) Monday
    Morning – Warden Morgan schedules a meeting of the White Council to judge Harry.  They lift the Doom of Damocles. [Warden Morgan’s first name is Donald (“Dead Beat”)]
  • Tuesday
  • (March) Wednesday
    Murphy gets out of critical condition.
  • (September)
    Murphy stops talking to Harry.  Internal Affairs starts breathing down her neck because of rumors about Harry and Marcone (“Fool Moon”).
  • (September)  Full Moon, Day -1
    The Lobo Killer kills a “couple of gangbangers” by Rainbow Beach (“Fool Moon”).
  • (September)  Full Moon, Day 1
    The Lobo Killer kills a little old lady by Washington Park (“Fool Moon”).
  • (September)  Full Moon, Day 2
    The Lobo Killer kills “three bums” in Burnham Park (“Fool Moon”).
  • (September)  Full Moon, Day 3
    The Lobo Killer kills an old man outside a liquor store (“Fool Moon”).
  • (September)  Full Moon, Day +1
    The Lobo Killer kills James Harding III and his driver in a parking garage (“Fool Moon”).
  • (October)  Full Moon, Day -1  Fool Moon
    Harry meets with an old apprentice, Kim Delaney.  Murphy drags him off to see a victim of a werewolf/the “Lobo Killer”.
  • (October)  Full Moon, Day 1
    Harry visits the station house to give Murphy information on the werewolves.  Harry goes down to talk to the Streetwolves, a gang of lycanthropes.  Harry meets with Marcone in his office.  Harry summons a demon for information.  Kim Delaney is killed by the Loup Garou Harley MacFinn.  Murphy arrests Harry, but Harry escapes with the help of MacFinn’s fiance, Tera West.  Harry gets shot.
  • (October)  Full Moon, Day 2
    Harry wakes up in the late afternoon and meets MacFinn.  MacFinn is captured by the police and taken to Murphy’s station.  He transforms with the full moon and tears apart the station before Harry can stop him.  Harry escapes again.  He takes on the Streetwolves, but is taken out by two FBI agents, and turned over to the Streetwolves. They take him back to their lair.
  • (October)  Full Moon, Day 3
    Harry wakes up a prisoner of the Streetwolves.  Marcone keeps them from killing him.  Harry temporarily loses his magic, so he manipulates Marcone and Parker the head of the Streetwolves, and runs into Hexenwolf FBI agents.  Battle ensues between the Streetwolves and the FBI.  Harry throws in with Tera’s gang of werewolves, the Alphas.  At moonrise there is a major battle at Marcone’s house.  Susan’s film of Murphy shooting a crazed FBI agent and then “killing a werewolf” gets her out of a lot of hot water.

200?+1 [*2001]

  • ??? Harry has Father Forthill bless five gallons of holy water to fight some ghouls (“Grave Peril”). [When this happened is not clear]
  • ??? Harry tries to enchant a broomstick to fly (“Grave Peril”). [When this happened is not clear]
  • ???  Harry, Michael and SI take on the sorcerer Leonid Kravos – Demon summoning, human sacrifice, etc (“Grave Peril”).
  • (October?)  Day One Grave Peril
    Harry’s hired by Lydia.  He sends her to Father Forthill at St. Mary of the Angels.  Later, Harry and Michael Carpenter (“The Fist of God”) take on Agatha Hagglethorn’s ghost in the Hospital.  Harry detours into the Nevernever and encounters Lea, his fairy godmother.  They have to get bailed out of jail.  Harry is invited to Bianca’s elevation to a Margravine of the Vampire Court.
  • (October?)  Day Two
    Michael takes Harry to Father Forthill at St. Mary of the Angels.  Harry visits Mort Lindquist. [Drakul is in Eastern Europe]  Harry frees Mickey Malone from the spectral barbed wire.  Harry finds Lydia’s body and is attacked by vampires, and is drugged.  He is attacked by the Ghost Demon who steals some of his power and takes his shape.  The Ghost Demon attacks Murphy.  The Ghost Demon tries to attach Charity, and Harry makes a deal with his fairy godmother.  He loses Michael’s sword, Amoracchius to his FG.  Charity goes into labor.
  • (October?)  Day Three
    Harry gets Kravos spell book from the Police. [Internal Affairs is after SI again]  Michael and Charity’s baby is ill and may not survive.  Harry tries to summon Kravos’ demon, and winds up binding the power behind the demon.  Harry takes Michael to Bianca’s  Harry meets Thomas Raith of the White Court (Harry is dressed as a cheesy vampire).  The Vampires drug him with vampire venom.  They meet “Mr. Ferro” (Ferrovax, a dragon dressed as a Roman Centurion – he claims to be the eldest Dragon).  Susan sneaks in with a fake invitation.  Susan sacrifices her memories of her relationship with Harry to save him.  They meet Mavra, of the Black Court.  Bianca’s elevation to a Margravine of the (Red) Vampire Court.  Bianca gives a gift of an Athame to Lea, in exchange for Amoracchius. Harry is given a and a tombstone and grave plot.   Harry destroys many of the guests trying to escape.  Thomas retrieves Amoracchius.
  • (October?)  Day Five
    Harry wakes up and leads a rescue into Bianca’s house.  He renegotiates his debt to Lea.  He destroys the ghost of Leonid Kravos, frees Justine and the transformed Susan.  He summons the ghosts of all those killed by the Vampires and kills Bianca.
  • Sometime during this period the Winter and Summer Ladies take up residence in Chicago (“Summer Knight”).
  • Harry wakes up in the hospital with Charity Carpenter.  The baby, Harry Carpenter, pulls through. Susan disappears.
  • War begins between The Red Court and the White Council.  Chaos breaks out in Paris and Berlin.

200?+2 [*2002]

  • January
    Harry and the Alphas take in a football game (“Summer Knight”).
  • *16 June
    The Archangel massacre, Simon Pietrovitch is killed, apparently by the Red Court (“Summer Knight”).
  • Ronald Reuel, artist and Knight of the Summer Court, is murdered outside his apartment, and his power stolen (“Summer Knight”).
  • 18 June Summer Knight
    Harry has a remarkably bad day.  It rains toads in Chicago.  Harry survives another hit attempt by agents of the Red Court.  He is approached by Mab, Queen of Air and Darkness, Monarch of the Winter Court of the Sidhe to investigate a murder.  Mab has acquired his dept to Lea.  Harry becomes the emissary of the Winter Court.  The White Council convenes in Chicago.  Harry takes on a Trial for the Council. Harry makes a late night visit to Murphy, who’s mourning the death of her first husband, Gregory Taggert (age 43).  Elaine visits Harry in his apartment.  Morgan shows up and fails to provoke Harry into battle.
  • 19 June
    Harry cleans up, somewhat.  He checks out Reuel’s apartment and encounters an Ogre.  Then he attends Reuel’s funeral, and meets three of the four changelings.  Harry and Billy the Werewolf head into Undertown to meet with Maeve the Winter Lady and Lloyd Slate, the Winter Knight.  Afterward they again encounter the changelings and they ask him to look for Ivy, their missing friend.  He finds Elaine, wounded, and takes her to Aurora, the Summer Lady.  He meets with Murphy and reveals all.  There is a fight in a Wal-Mart.  Harry takes the wounded Murphy to the Alphas, as a major supernatural hot and cold front manifests over Chicago.  Harry pumps Lea for information.
  • 20 June
    Harry tries to contact the Council, but Morgan cuts him off.  He meets up with Elaine, and they travel to see the Mothers.  Elaine is separated from Harry, who sees the Mothers on his own.  The Winter Mother gives him an Unmaking.  He is attacked by Elaine, Aurora, the Winter Knight and the Summer Marshall, who try to kill him.  He escape.  He meets the Gatekeeper.  Harry rounds up the Alphas and the changelings and takes them to the battlefield between the Sidhe Courts.  Harry intervenes in the plan, and the Summer Lady is killed, the Summer Marshall is killed, and the Winter Knight is taken into Winter’s custody.
  • 21 June
    Ivy has become the new Summer Lady, and Fix, the changeling becomes the new Summer Knight.  Ivy sends Brownies to clean up Harry’s apartment. Elaine disappears again.

200?+3 [*2003]

  • ??? SI has taken on several half assed dark spell slingers (“Death Masks”).
  • ??? SI has taken on half a dozen vampires (“Death Masks”).
  • ??? SI has taken on seven or eight ravening trolls (“Death Masks”).
  • ??? SI has taken on and a compost demon in Chinatown (“Death Masks”).
  • (February)  Day -3  The Shroud of Turin is stolen by a group calling itself the “Churchmice” (“Death Masks”).
  • (February)  Day One Death Masks
    Harry again appears on the Larry Fowler show with Mortimer Lindquist, and meets Father Vincent.  Don Paolo Ortega offers Harry a duel. Fr. Vincent hires Harry to find the Shroud.  Susan shows up.
  • (February)  Day Two
    Murphy takes Harry to the Morgue.  Harry is attacked by the Fallen, Ursiel, and saved by all three Knights of the Cross.  Harry summons Ulsharavas, and is visited by The Archive, and her babysitter Kincaid (the Archive’s paid up until April).  Harry names her Ivy.
  • (February)  Day Three
    Harry visits the Etranger at the Harbor and is captured by the remaining Churchmice.  They are all attacked by another Denarian, Harry loses his duster, and makes it home in time to meet Susan.  Harry gets Shiro as his second.  They meet with Ortega after eight at Mac’s.  Susan and Harry go to Johnny Marcone’s.  He meets Ms. Gard of the Monoc Corporation.  Harry is captured by Nicodemus and the Denarians.  They cart him to Undertown.
  • (February)  Day Four
    Harry is sprung by Shiro and Susan. Shiro trades himself for Harry.  Harry talks to Father Forthill.  He and the Knights take out Saluriel.  Harry and Ortega duel.  Ortega escapes.  Harry and the Knights head off Nicodemus at the airport, and find Shiro’s body.  Then with Marcone’s help they fight Nicodemus on a train.  Marcone gets the Shroud.  Harry has a bullet removed by Butter in the Morgue.
  • (February)  Day Six
    Michael and Sanyo fill Harry in on where the Shroud went.  Susan leaves again to return to South America.  Harry finds out Larry Fowler is suing him.
  • (February)  Day Seven
    Ebenezar calls Harry to tell him that Ortega’s Compound  at Casaverde has been destroyed, hit by an old Soviet satellite.
  • (February)  Day Eight
    Harry tracks down Marcone, putting the Shroud on his daughter.  Harry gives him three days to return it to Father Forthill.
  • (February)  Day Twelve
    Michael throws a cookout to celebrate the return of the Shroud.  Nicodemus shows up and forces Harry to take Lasciel’s coin.  Harry buries the coin in his basement.
  • (???)
    Harry goes to Oklahoma to deal with a rogue storm sylph/tornado for the Summer Queen (“Blood Rites”).
  • (Summer)
    Harry’s car is attacked by a mold demon sent by some villain or other (“Blood Rites”).
  • (Summer)
    Murphy kills 2 trolls while Harry is out of town (“Blood Rites”).
  • (November?)  Tuesday  Arturo Genosa’s driver Stacey Willis is stung to death by 20,000 bees (“Blood Rites”).
  • (November?)  Wednesday  Arturo’s personal assistant, Shiela Banks is hit by a car while water-skiing (“Blood Rites”).
  • (November?)  Thursday Blood Rites [The events of “Death Masks” are described as ‘last summer’]Harry saves guardian puppies.  One hides out when he returns them to Brother Wang.  Thomas takes Harry to a party and introduces him to Arturo.  They are attacked by Black Court vampires.
  • (November?)  Friday
    Harry meets with Murphy for martial arts training.  Harry starts to work for Arturo.  Giselle is electrocuted in the shower.  He meets with Kincaid (whose still working for Ivy) and tries to trace information on Arturo.  Harry discusses Murphy’s family with her.  Returning to the set, Harry meets Inari, Trixie Vixen and Lara Romany (nee Raith).  Later in the evening, Harry chases Thomas, and Lara tries to kill both of them.  They are attacked by vampires. Harry and Lara make a 24 hour truce. One of the vampires is killed by a frozen turkey.  After the battle, Lara takes the Inari, Harry and Thomas to the Raith family estate.  Harry meets the White King, Lord Raith.  Thomas drains Justine.
  • (November?) Saturday
    Harry talks to Thomas and discovers that he’s Harry’s half brother.  Harry returns home and sends Bob out to track down Mavra.  Harry has breakfast with Murphy and Kincaid.  Harry tries to set up a spell to protect the movie crew, Trixie ruins the spell and shoots Emma, laying blame on Harry. Returning home, Bob tells Harry where the Vampires are holed up.  Ebenezar shows up.  Harry goes to the Murphy family reunion to collect Murphy, and meets Murphy’s mother, Marion.  Harry, Murphy, Kincaid and Ebenezar assault Mavra’s lair. Harry’s hand is nearly destroyed.  They head back to Harry’s apartment.  After resting, Harry and Murphy go to the Raith estate to rescue Thomas.  They break up the curse ritual and Harry again encounters “He who walks behind”
  • (November?) Sunday
    Thomas moves in with Harry.
  • (November?) Monday
    Murphy comes by to tell Harry that he’s not wanted for shooting Emma.  She takes Harry to a Doctor about his hand.  Harry meets Arturo and Joan, his new wife.  Afterwards, Harry and Thomas visit Lara, the new de facto head of House Raith.
  • (November?) Tuesday
    Harry contacts Kincaid and discovers that Thomas has already paid him off.

200?+4 [*2004]

  • (October)  Day One Dead Beat


  • Something Borrowed

200?+5 [*2005]

  • (Summer)  Day One Proven Guilty


  • White Night


  • It’s My Birthday
  • Heorot


  • Small Favor


  • Harry’s Day Off
  • Backup


  • The Warrior


  • Turncoat

Other notes:

The White Council:

  • The Merlin
    • Alfred ? (“Summer Knight”, “Dead Beat”, “Proven Guilty”).
  • The Senior Council
    • Martha Liberty (“Summer Knight”, “Proven Guilty”).
    • Listens to Wind (“Summer Knight”, “Proven Guilty”).
    • Simon Pietrovitch, killed (“Summer Knight”).  Ebenezar McCoy (“Summer Knight”, “Proven Guilty”).
    • The Ancient Mai (“Summer Knight”, “Proven Guilty”).
    • Aleron LaFortier (“Summer Knight”, “Proven Guilty”).
  • The Gatekeeper
    • Rashid (“Summer Knight”, “Proven Guilty”).
  • The Blackstaff
    • Ebenezar McCoy (“Blood Rites”, “Proven Guilty”)
  • The Wardens
    • Luccia (“Dead Beat”, “Proven Guilty”)
    • Donald Morgan (“Storm Front”, “Fool Moon”, “Summer Knight”, “Dead Beat”, “Proven Guilty”)
    • Carlos Ramirez (“Dead Beat”, “Proven Guilty”)
    • Kawalski (“Dead Beat”)
    • Yoshimo (“Dead Beat”)
    • Harry Dreden (“Dead Beat”, “Proven Guilty”)
  • Other Members:
    • Harry Dresden
    • Klaus Schneider (“Summer Knight”).
    • Peabody (“Summer Knight”).
    • Montjoy (“Summer Knight”).
    • Gomez (“Summer Knight”).
    • Luciozzi (“Summer Knight”).
    • “Bluebeard” (“Summer Knight”).
    • Arthur Langtry (?)


  • Black Court  (“Storm Front”, “Blood Rites”)
  • Red Court (“Storm Front”, “Grave Peril”, “Proven Guilty”)
  • White Court (“Storm Front”, “Blood Rites”, “Proven Guilty”)
  • Jade Court  (“Death Masks”).

Venatori Umbrorum

  • Ancient, Secret Brotherhood on the side of Good(“Storm Front”, “Proven Guilty”, “The Warrior”).

Brotherhood of St. Giles

  • Semi-turned Reds, fighting the vampires (“Proven Guilty”).

Swords of the Knights of the Cross

  • Amoracchius, Michael Carpenter (“Death Masks”, “Proven Guilty”); possibly once offered to Merlin (“Proven Guilty”). In possession of Harry (“The Warrior”).
  • Fidelacchius, Shiro Yoshimo, killed. In possession of Harry  (“Death Masks”, “Proven Guilty”).
  • Esperacchius, Sanya (“Death Masks”).

Ordo Malleus

  • Ancient arm of the Church, dedicated to fighting demons and other beings.  Affiliated with the Knights of the Cross (“The Warrior”).


  • Ulsharavas (“Death Masks”).

The Fallen/The Order of the Blackened Denarius (30 pieces of silver)

  1. Anduriel, Lucifer’s captain (Human with freaky shadows, wearing Barabas’ noose), Nicodemus (“Death Masks”).
  2. Ursiel (Bear w/ 6 legs, ram’s horns, and extra pair of eyes glowing orange eyes, over the pair of glowing green eyes, twin rows of slime covered teeth, and green glowing glyphs on forehead), .Rasmussen, killed, and coin in custody (“Death Masks”).
  3. ? (Female humanoid. Metallic green scales four fingered hands, 15′ long prehensile metal “hair”, and extra pair of eyes glowing orange eyes, over the pair of glowing green eyes, and green glowing glyphs on forehead), Dierdre, Nicodemus’ daughter (“Death Masks”).
  4. Saluriel (Snake head, and snake from waist down, dark gray scales with flecks of rust red, and extra pair of eyes glowing golden serpentine eyes, to either side of a pair of glowing blue-green eyes, and green glowing glyphs on forehead), Quintus Cassius.  Coin surrendered voluntarily, and taken into custody (“Death Masks”).
  5. ?  coin accounted for (“Death Masks”).
  6. ?  coin accounted for (“Death Masks”).
  7. ?  coin accounted for (“Death Masks”).
  8. ?  coin accounted for (“Death Masks”).
  9. ?  coin accounted for (“Death Masks”).
  10. ?  coin accounted for (“Death Masks”).
  11. ?  coin accounted for (“Death Masks”).
  12. ?  coin accounted for (“Death Masks”).
  13. ?  coin accounted for (“Death Masks”).
  14. Lasciel the Seducer.  Coin buried in Harry’s basement (“Death Masks”, “Proven Guilty”).

LaChaise clans of Ghouls, work with the Reds (“Summer Knight”).

Dumont’s Guide to Divinationators (“Death Masks”).