TIME LINE of the Longmire Book Universe

Since all of this information has come from other sources, I don’t feel as though I can copyright it. Feel free to use it as you wish, within the bounds of other copyrights on this material. If you like the occasional hypothesis that I have left strewn about within, please recall where you found it. Walt Longmire is the creation of Craig Johnson and belongs to him.

Notes on sources:

The sources used for this were the Walt Longmire Mystery novels and short stories published by Craig Johnson. This is only a timeline of the books, not the TV series. They are separate continuities.

These are:

CD = The Cold Dish (2004)

DWC = Death Without Company (2006)

KGU = Kindness Goes Unpunished  (2007)

AMM = Another Man’s Moccasins (2009)

TDH = The Dark Horse (2010)

JD = Junkyard Dogs (2010)

HIE = Hell is Empty (2011)

ACF = As the Crow Flies (2013)

ST = A Serpent’s Tooth (2013)

SOS = Spirit of Steamboat (2013)

AON = Any Other Name (2014)

Wait for Signs: Twelve Longmire Stories (2014)

  • OIT = ‘Old Indian Trick’
  • MA = Ministerial Aid
  • STD = Slick Tongued Devil
  • FB = Fire Bird
  • UnB = Unbalanced
  • SS = Several Stations
  • HH = High Holidays
  • TFT = Toys For Tots
  • DH = ‘Divorce Horse’ (eBook 2012)
  • Thk = Thankstaking
  • Me = ‘Messenger’” (eBook 2013)

DB = Dry Bones (2015)

TH = The Highwayman (2016)

AOF = An Obvious Fact (2016)

11/29 = ‘Eleven/Twenty Nine’ (2016 Christmas)

TWS = The Western Star (2017)

DOW = The Depth of Winter (2018)

AIAM – ‘Away, In A Manger’ (2018 Christmas)

WYD – ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’ (2019 Christmas)

There is a critical difficulty in that it appears that the stories are intended to be taking place within a set time period, but that timeline is also extending along as the books are released.

The first book, The Cold Dish, came out in December 2004, and it seems as if that’s about when the story takes place (based on the structure of how long Walt’s been Sheriff, elected about 1980-1).   And for a while this holds up pretty well, back dating things.  By A Serpents Tooth things start getting a little wonky in the details. And by Spirit of Steamboat, it looks like Walt was elected as late as 1988.  This is just an example.  There are other inconsistencies that will be noted.

I should point out that this is not intended as a criticism because, All things considered, it holds together pretty well, particularly since I doubt Mr. Johnson thought there might be annoying continuity pedants who try to track these things. So, when irreconcilable conflicts occur, the dates will be given with an asterisk.  I should also point out that I only do detailed timelines on things I actually care about.  SO that being said, let’s begin.

Previous Sheriffs of Absaroka County (dates unknown)

  • Sheriff Conrad. He vanished. (DWC)
  • Sheriff Charley. He vanished. (DWC)
  • Sheriff Otto was crushed under a team of horses. (DWC)
  • Sheriff Del was knifed by a drunk 14 year old cowboy (DWC)


  • Young White Buffalo steals the first horse for the Cheyenne. (AMM)


  • Orrin Porter Rockwell born. (ST) The real life dates are confused.


  • Joseph Smith’s proclamation. (ST)


  • Walt’s Grandfather is born. (DB)


  • Colonel Dodge gives Devils Tower its government name. (AOF)


  • June 25. Little Big Horn, as well as a baseball game as well between Chicago and the Philadelphia Athletics. (CD)
  • August 2 Wild Bill Hickok is killed in Deadwood SD. (AON)
  • Dull Knife and his village are defeated by  by Mackenzie and the 4th Cavalry. (AMM)


  • Johnson County became a County [Real Life]
  • Major Verling Durant laid claim to the eventual townsite of Durant (FB)
  • Orrin Porter Rockwell dies. (ST)


  • March 25. Little Wolf’s band surrendered. The Retriever of the Dead is not among them. (CD)


  • Absaroka County became a county. CD has 1881.  b. Johnson County, upon which Absaroka County is based, was established in 1881.  (SOS) has 1894.  (As a trivia point, he TV show patches say 1896.)


  • S. Stanton claims to have been the first man to climb Clouds Peak. He finds medicine bundles and campsites. (HIE)


  • May 11. Wham Paymaster robbery, for which Isaiah Mays won the CHM. [Real life]


  • June 18. Date on Isaiah May’s rifle (TDH)


  • Wyoming becomes a state (AON)


  • Reading Terminal Market opened in Philadelphia. (KGU)
  • The events of the Buffalo Soldiers and the Suggs saloon. (TDH) Walt Longmire’s grandfather helps a fleeing soldier.

Late 1890s

  • Douglas Moomey build the old Big House the Stewarts would eventually occupy. (JD)


  • December 31. Maxfield Holinshed murderd an unidentified woman and his father Horace in Bailey.  (AMM)


  • Douglas Moomey sells the house and land to a local rancher. (JD)


  • There is a mining accident in Bailey. (AMM)
  • Laughing Sam Carey may have been lynched after this date. (ST) Based on the fact that in the real world he vanished from history after this.


  • September 17. The Harley Davidson Motorcycle company is incorporated. (AOF)


  • Howard Hughes Sr. patents his drill bit. (ST)


  • The Caduceus is changed from two snakes to one. (ACF)


  • October 14 The bronco Steamboat is put down. (SOS)


  • June 1 Work begins on the Wind River Canyon Highway. (TH)


  • Based on the age when he left home, Lucian Connally was born about this period. Unfortunately this means that if he’s 92 in (FB) that takes place in 2016.


  • The Coolidge’s are in the Black Hills for the Summer. (AON)


  • Walt’s Grandmother kills an intruder with a 1847 Colt Walker .44. (DOW)


  • Mari Baroja born. (DWC)


  • Jules Beldon born. (HIE)


  • Geo Stewart born. (JD)
  • Indian Reorganization Act of 1934. (DB)
  • John Dillinger goes to Juarez, and at some point robs a bank in Torero. Mexico. (DOW)


  • Steamboat is put on the Wyoming license plate. (SOS)


  • First Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. (DB has the 75th the preceding year, which would put it in 2014)

1939 (CD-65, DWC-65)

  • Approximate birth date of Dorothy Caldwell. (CD)
  • Approximate birth date of Ruby (DWC)
  • Lucian A. Connolly left home to join the AVG (“Flying Tigers”). (CD) He was 15 at the time (SOS)
  • The modern Marine Corps flag is established. (TH)


  • August 6 Lucian Connolly left China. (CD)


  • April 17 Lucien talks to Doolittle on the Hornet. (SOS)  Yes, I know the book says September.
  • April 18 Lucian A. Connally was on the Doolittle Raid, and captured by the Japanese. (CD, AMM)
  • October 15. One of the Raiders is executed. (AMM)


  • A B-17 crashes on Bomber Mountain. (HIE)
  • Walt Longmire born about this time. (Estimate)


  • June VB-25J “Steamboat” was Eisenhower’s personal transport. (SOS)


  • April 3 Nordhausen camp is bombed by the allies. (CD)
  • April 11 Nordhausen is liberated by the 104th Infantry Division. (CD)Lucian Connally came back from war. (CD)  He begins working as a deputy for Red Angus. (N.b. Red Angus was the name of the real Sheriff William Galispe “Red” Angus, 1849-1920, of Johnson County and was sheriff during the Johnson County War of 1889-1893. Presumably the Absaroka Red Angus is a different fellow based on Lucian’s dates).


  • Lucian married Mari Baroja. The marriage is annulled a few hours later. (DWC)
  • Mari marries Charlie Nurburn (DWC)


  • David Baroja is born (DWC)
  • The Hollister Riot (AOF)

Late 40s

  • “Dirty Shirley” Vandermier buys the old Big House the Stewarts would eventually occupy and sets up a brothel. (JD)


  • Lonnie Little Bird born. (CD-53)
  • The Hyphen-Harpies are born. (DWC)
  • Tran Van Tuyen born. (AMM)
  • Hershel Vanskike killed a man in the Jimtown Bar protecting Henry’s Uncle Art. (TDH)


  • Lucien pulls over Frank Red Shield (CD)
  • Lucien flies VB-25J “Steamboat” in Operation Haylift. (SOS)


  • Charlie Nurburn registers a 1950 Kaiser (DWC)
  • December 8 Ellen Walks-Over-Ice has a son, Garnet Runs-Horse/Joseph Walks-Over-Ice, with Charlie Nurburn in Acme, Wyoming.  She puts the child into an orphanage, and tells people he died of cholera. (DWC)


  • Mari kills Charlie. (DWC)
  • Isaac and Lucian hide the Kaiser in an irrigation pond (DWC)
  • Ernie Brown took over Durant Courier. (CD)


  • The Kaiser is pulled from the irrigation pond and used as part of an embankment (DWC)
  • Mai Kim is born. (AMM)


  • Henry breaks Walt’s nose at the water fountain sometime about here, (JD)


  • Lucian lost half his leg to Basque Bootlegger Beltran Extepare. (CD, SOS)


  • Lucian elected Sherriff. (AMM)
  • Sheriff Red Angus retired to a ranch in the south of the county and then shot himself. (DWC)
  • Dale Tisdale’s military ID. (ST)
  • Walt helps out with calving season. (DB)

1958 or so.

  • Henry has an encounter with Artie Small Song. (ACF)


  • Henry’s father bought Lola. (CD)

Sometime about this time

  • Henry Standing Bear boxes Buster the Bear at a Rosebud County Fair in Forsyth, Montana. (TDH)

1960s and 70s

  • Albert Black Horse is Tribal Chief of Police. (ACF)

Early 60’s

  • The county convinces Geo Stewart’s father to acquire “Dirty Shirley’s” brothel and move his junk yard out to that property. (JD


  • Walt works as a smoke jumper for a while when he was young. (HIE)


  • January 21.  Marilyn Monroe goes to Juarez to obtain a divorce from Arthur Miller. (DOW)
  • Walt spends the summer after H.S. graduation working as a roughneck. (ST)
  • Walt and Henry graduate from High School about this time (Estimate based on his minimum possible military experience)
  • Walt has a Jewish girlfriend in college. (HH)
  • Henry becomes an All American running back at Berkely. (ACF)
  • Walt spends a semester as a freshman as a DJ for KUSC. (ACF)
  • The first Jackpine Gypsies Hill Climb. (DB)

1961/1962 Freshman.

1962/1963 Sophmore.

1963/1964 Junior.

1964/1965 Senior.

After 1962

  • Lucien was in an accident in a gold ’62 Cadillac Eldorado. (AON)


  • Lucian elected High Sheriff?+25 years as sheriff (CD, and date in SOS)
  • Felix Polk has a bench warrant on him for breaking and entering his own truck (JD)
  • Larry Thorne recovered bodies from an Iranian glacier. (ST)
  • *The first time Henry took part in Jackpine Gypsies Hill Climb he hada ’63 bike, and was a high school senior. (DB)


  • Mai Kim has a child. (AMM)


  • Walt starts dating Martha. Her parents don’t like him. (ACF)

Ok, Walt’s minimum timeline as a Marine.


  • Walt graduated from USC. Lost his deferment.  Joined the marines. (CD, DWC)
  • Walt is called up in June after graduation.
  • Boot Camp, MP Training 16 weeks, graduates end of September.
  • Walt does some Golden Gloves boxing in the Marines. (TDH)
  • Spends October to March 1966 as E1. April to December 1966 as E2.
  • January to July 1967 as E3.
  • Arrive in July in Vietnam.
  • July to December, promotion to E-4


  • Ruby starts working for Lucian. (DWC) (DWC-37)
  • July Walt arrives in Vietnam, (AMM)
  • December – Flashback events begin of Another Man’s Moccasins. Walt arrives in Tan Son Nhut Air Base, near Saigon, Vietnam (AMM) He meets Mai Kim.
  • At Khe Son, Walt saves Quincy Morton.


  • January 31. Tet Offensive. Walt is at that. (CD)
  • Virgil White Buffalo graduates High School, and enters the Army. (AMM)
  • August 6. Photo taken that appears in Virgil’s wallet. Sandra, Mara, and Eli White Buffalo. (AMM)
  • Henry’s first time in a helicopter is a hot extraction of an NVA colonel. (CD)
  • Bobby Womack and Sam Little Soldier enter Central Wyoming College at the same time. (TH)


  • Virgil White Buffalo is sent to prison at Leavenworth. (AMM)
  • Walt finds his grandfather on one of his walkabouts (DB)


  • Geo Stewart is nearly decapitated in an accident. (JD)
  • Absaroka Deputy Pat Cook has an encounter with Fred Poulson. (JD)
  • Walt back from Vietnam. (AMM)
  • While on medical leave from the Marines, Walt spends six weeks on Johnston Atoll working security for the Air Force. (AON)


  • Sandra and Mara White Buffalo are killed in a head on with a drunk driver. (AMM)
  • Doolittle Raiders reunion in San Antonio. [Real Life] Probably not the one referred to in (JD), unfortunately the next one there was 2007.


  • Walt is in Anchorage, when Martha comes up to visit. (TWS)
  • Got married in Miles City. (ACF)
  • Martha got pregnant. (TWS)
  • Walt returns to Durant. (TWS)
  • Started with sheriff’s department. (DWC)
  • Two weeks after being hired, the flashback events of The Western Star.
  • Walt visits PTSD councilor, Quincy Morton. (AMM)
  • Walt starts being able to sleep again. (ACF)
  • Bobby Womack, The Highwayman, starts with the Wyoming Highway Patrol. (TH)


  • Albert Black Horse marries. (ACF)
  • Henry wins the Jackpine Gypsies Hill Climb. (DB)
  • Henry dates Lola Wojciechowski at some point. (Me, DB)


  • Michael Moretti born. (DB)
  • *Bodaway Torres is born. (AOF) Ok, three ages are given for him in the book, 22, 28, and 32.


  • Sarah Tisdale born about this time. (ST) 1977
  • Jimmie Tomko opened his gun shop. (KGU)


  • Cady born (SOS).
  • The last time Father Jolie Baroja spoke with Mari Baroja. (DWC)
  • Bobby Womack stops two rogue WYDOT employees who stole a bag of 1888 “Hot Lips” Morgan silver dollars. 2 months later, he is killed trying to stop an out of control 18-wheeler. (TH)  *Note, there is also a specific reference to “35 years after his death” in (TH), i.e. 2014.
  • People start scouring Rt 20 with metal detectors. (TH)


  • Walt elected Sheriff (CD)


  • Tran Van Tuyen becomes an American citizen. (AMM)


  • Virgil White Buffalo is released from Leavenworth and soon finds himself back in prison. (AMM)


  • Cady turned nine. (SOS)
  • November Walt was just elected Sheriff in November 1988 (SOS)
  • Lucien enters the Durant Home for Assisted Living. (SOS) – contradicting the date in (CD)
  • December 24-25. The bulk of the events of Spirit of Steamboat.
  • Eddie Bailor becomes Tribal Chief of Police, replacing Albert Black Horse. (ACF)


  • Sarah Tisdale goes missing (ST)


  • Owen White Buffalo is born to Eli White Buffalo. (HIE)


  • Cord Tisdale Lynear born about this time. (ST)
  • Bobby Womack’s ghost is seen. (TH)


  • Hershel Vanskike might have burned down a rental house in Clearmont. Frymire was the investigator. (TDH)

1994 (CD-10)

  • Henry inherits his uncle’s horses. (CD)
  • August – Henry and Walt went to Sturgis as hired security. (CD)
  • Walt’s parents die. (JD)

1996 (CD -8)

  • Lucien enters the Durant Home for Assisted Living. (CD) – contradicting the date in (SOS)
  • Virgil White Buffalo is released from prison.(AMM)
  • June 12. Geo’s daughter-in-law left. (JD)


  • Late Autumn. Owen White Buffalo is kidnapped and killed.  (HIE)  Virgil White Buffalo moves into his culvert sometime after that.
  • Danny Lone Elk’s wife died. (DB)


  • Lena Moretti has an affair (KGU)
  • A Camaro with 3 kids overturned on the way back from the Powder Junction rodeo, killing them. (AMM)


  • November  Martha died (MA)


  • January 1 – Events of ‘Ministerial Aid.’

2001 (CD -3.)

  • Sept 16, Yom Kippur (CD) Little bird trial. Yom Kippur was on Sept 16 in 2002 and 1964.
  • Deputies Lennie Rowell and Jim Ferguson. (CD)

2002 (CD -2)

  • Vic shows up and is hired after the suspended sentences are handed down. (CD)
  • Walt talked to Lucian about a dispatcher job. (CD)
  • Saizarbitoria starts working in the high risk section of the state prison at Kemerer. (DWC)
  • Carol Baroja last visited her mother. (DWC)
  • Lena Moretti loses her driver’s license and her cab. (KGU)
  • Hershel Vanskike started working for the Barsads. (TDH)

2003 (CD -1)

  • Walt sees Melissa Little Bird at a dance at the LBH re-enactment . (CD)
  • Artie sold his rifle to museum at Cody. (CD)
  • Ozzie Dobbs Sr. died. (JD)
  • Dale Tisdale is reported to be killed in a plane crash in Mexico. (ST)


  • Martha’s death four years earlier (CD); “It was twenty three years in the coming…” (DWC)
  • Spring – Cady buys an old Tannery in Philadelphia and makes it her home. (KGU)
  • Ian inherits Paddy O’Neil’s. (KGU)
  • A shih tzu bit Walt at the Busy Bee on Rodeo Weekend. (JD)
  • October Vic sleeps at the office. (CD)
  • Jessie Miller deep-sixes a Datsun pickup in an irrigation ditch. (TDH)
  • November 2-11 Events of The Cold Dish.  Friday through the next Saturday, then skip to Thanksgiving.  Note that at no time have the Broncos played the Chiefs on November 4th, and halfway through the book the day of the week goes from Wednesday to Tuesday, but it doesn’t affect the plot.
  • Vic divorced at some point at the end of November.
  • December 11-31 Events of Death Without Company. Thanksgiving, then skip to a month after Vonnie’s Death, so December 11th To New Years.  Walt Hires Saizarbitoria and Double-Tough.


  • May Events of Kindness Goes Unpunished.  3 months after DWC, except that would be March.  Walt hires Frymyre. (KGU; AMM)
  • July Events of Another Man’s Moccasins.
  • September 5. Labor Day. Cady returned to Philadelphia. (TDH)
  • Events of ‘Old Indian Trick.’
  • Events of ‘High Holidays.’ Antonio Saizerbatoria is almost a year old.
  • October 18. Mary Barsad is put in Walt’s jail. (TDH)
  • October 27-November 7. Events of The Dark Horse.
  • Michael Moretti asks Cady to marry him. (TDH)
  • Walt re-elected, 24 years in office. (TDH)
  • Events of ‘Thankstaking.’
  • Nearing Christmas. The following cannot have been any earlier than this.Events of ‘Unbalanced.’
  • Events of ‘Toys for Tots.’
  • Events of ‘Slick Tongued Devil.’
  • Events of ‘Several Stations.’
  • New Years. Events of ‘Fire Bird’?  Hints are limited.  Lucian is 92.


  • Events of Junkyard Dogs.
  • Candy and Michael are expected to marry at end of July. ValentinesAdrian is born. (ACF)
  • Virgil White Buffalo stops picking up his supplies. (HIE)
  • Cady gets pregnant sometime around April
  • Early May. Events of Hell is Empty.
  • End of May. Memorial Day weekend.  Events of ‘Divorce Horse.’
  • June Epilogue of Hell is Empty.
  • Lonnie Little Bird is made a Chief of the Cheyenne. (ACF). His predecessor is indicted.
  • End of July. Events of As The Crow Flies. Cady and Michael’s wedding.
  • Late August/Early September. Vic gets pregnant. (ST)
  • Early October. Events of ‘Messenger.’
  • Events of A Serpents Tooth.[Note that this is the first clear indication of telescoping time as the failed destruction of Earth by the planet Nabiru is mentioned in the past tense with the date stated as December 21, 2012.]
  • Frymire dies. (ST)
  • The Apostolic Church of the Lamb of God is broken up. (ST)
  • December 13 Gerald Holman dies.
  • Tuesday, December 24 Spirit of Steamboat. Vic in Belize with her mother.
  • Christmas Eve Eddie Byers is arrested. (11/29)
  • December, after Christmas Events of Any Other Name. Walt has a Contract out on him.


  • January 1 Lola Longmire Moretti born. First grandchild in January.
  • January Rosie Wayman joins Troop G, Wyoming Highway Patrol, replacing Mike Harlow on the Windy River patrol. (TH)
  • February Mike Harlow retires from the WHP. (TH)
  • Early Spring Events of ‘Petunia, Bandit Queen of the Big Horns.’
  • April The Events of The Highwayman.
  • Easter Eddie Byers starts reading Count of Monte Cristo. (11/29)
  • May The events of Dry Bones.
  • Michael Moretty is killed. (DB)
  • Events of An Obvious Fact.  Sturgis in in August.
  • October 30-November 3.  Events of Depth of Winter.  The epilogue is a number of days later.
  • November Events of The Western Star.
  • The boots Walt ordered should be ready. (ACF)
  • Christmas Eve Events of ‘Eleven/Twenty-Nine.’ – Dating this one is tricky since Eddie Byers isn’t mentioned in any other stories as an occupant of the cells.


  • Christmas Eve Events of ‘Away, In A Manger.’?


  • Cady will turn 30, and her trust fund will mature. (SOS, JD)
  • Christmas Eve Events of ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’?