TIME LINE of the Star Trek Universe, pt.1

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Compiled by I. Marc Carlson

Since all of this information came from other sources, I really don’t feel like I can copyright it. Feel free to use it as you wish. If you like the occasional hypothesis herein all I ask is that you remember where you got it.

Note on sources:

The sources used for this were the episodes and movies, the Next Generation Technical Manual, the Star Trek Chronology, The Writers Guides and on screen visual references found in the Concordances to the old and new series. The old series Technical Manual was used as a comparison in one instance only.

The codes in parentheses indicate the source. Episode and movie codes are explained under the titles, where they occur in the chronology. The follow the coding system is based on those used by Bjo Trimble and Larry Nemecek.

STTOS, TOS=Star Trek, the Original Series
STTNG, TNG=Star Trek, the Next Generation
STDS9, DS9=Star Trek, Deep Space Nine
STV, STV=Star Trek, Voyager
ENT=Enterprise (aka Star Trek, Enterprise)
DIS=Star Trek Discovery
STTOS:TM=Star Trek Technical Manual
STTNG:TM=Star Trek the Next Generation Technical Manual
STDS9:TM  = Star Trek Deep Space Nine Technical Manual
STC=The Star Trek Chronology, a History of the Future
STC2=The Star Trek Chronology, a History of the Future (2d ed)
STE=The Star Trek Encyclopedia
STE2 =The Star Trek Encyclopedia (2d ed)
STE3=The Star Trek Encyclopedia (3d ed)
STM (date)=Star Trek Magazine (issue date)
WG#=The Writer’s Guides, as referenced by Larry Nemecek in his Concordances, where the number indicates the season.

Following Nemecek’s precedent, items marked with a /v containing information based on visual clues or Okudagram information; items marked with a /s contains information based on a script or other early version of an episode.

And finally, those items marked with an (*) are conjectural, based on the information on hand, and may be further explained by a description in brackets. An item marked by an asterisk within the brackets with the text indicates something constructed with the information on hand, as well as guesswork.

Items highlighted in Yellow take place in the Delta Quadrant.

Items highlighted in Blue take place in the Gamma Quadrant.

Part 1 (Creation-1999)
Part 2 (2000-2200)
Part 3 (2200-2363)
Part 4 (2364-????)

The Chronology-
Part 1
(Only one out of 43,000 planets supports intelligent life” – Strange New World)

c15 Billion BCE

  • Creation of the universe.  [According to modern theories] Voyager is there.  At least two members of the Q Continuum have hidden out there in the past (Death Wish).
    [For the parallel versus alternate timeline thing to work the way it’s been demonstrated to in the various series, with a single changeable timeline, as well as quantum parallels, those parallels, including this one and the ‘Mirror Universe’ diverged at this point (changeable timeline: too many episodes to note; quantum parallels: the Mirror episodes, and (sc)).  I will make notes where the timeline has altered because of time travel.   Events that were broadcast after these points WILL be different from the previous timeline]
  • [Voyager‘s presence at the beginning of the universe may have changed the entire multiverse.]
  • It is theorized that the Big Bang was the result of a destabilizing Omega molecule (Omega Directive).

c10 Billion BCE

  • Galaxies form. [According to modern theories]

c6 Billion BCE*

  • The “Guardian of Forever” is built by an unknown species (CEF, STC). “From before the time that your sun burned in the sky, I have waited …. a Question”

c5 Billion BCE

  • Female “Q”s approximate age (The Q and the Gray) [Although “Q” claims the Continuum has always existed]
  • The Solar System may have coalesced about this time.

c5-4.5 Billion BCE

  • Earth and Solar System form from dust from ancient Supernovae [According to modern theories]

c4 Billion BCE

  • The first “Humanoid” race in the galaxy evolves (The Chase).
  • “Q” claims this is how long he’s been associated with the female “Q” (The Q and the Gray).
  • Planet Pollux IV in the Beta Geminorum system forms (WM)

c3.5 Billion BCE

  • The “Chemical Building Blocks of Life” are formed as amino acids in primordial France (All Good Things…). These are helped by the first Humanoid species, who are spreading the potential for humanoid evolution throughout the stars, as well as “programming” the genetic codes of a number of worlds, including Earth, Vulcan, Q’on’os, Cardassia, Ruah II, Indri VIII, Vilmor II (The Chase). [This race MAY somehow be related to the Arretians, since all these dates are fairly conjectural.]

c2,000,000,000 BCE

  • An advanced civilization flourishes on Tagus III (qp).

c400 Million BCE

  • Beginning of the Devonian period on Earth (The Jem’Hedar).

c360 Million BCE

  • End of the Devonian Period on Earth (The Jem’Hedar).  Beginning of the Permian.

c.300 Million BCE

  • The Eyrops is the last common ancestor between warm blooded and cold blooded animals on Earth (Distant Origin) [The episode has this as 400 Million BCE).

c87 Million BCE

  • “Musaka’s City” (A cultural archive) leaves the D’Arsay System (mk).

c64 Million BCE

  • Hadrosaurs evolve into the ancestors of the Voth.  They develop a sophisticated civilization that allows them to flee the Earth when the extinction of their species is threatened (Distant Origin).

20 Million BCE

  • The Voth recorded history in the Delta Quadrant begins (Distant Origin).

c5 Million BCE

  • Beginning of the Pliocene period on Earth (Basics)
  • Evolution of Australopithicus on Earth (ge).

c2 Million BCE

  • Austrolpithicus becomes extinct (ge).

1,741,647 BCE

  • Last “Maker” of Mudd’s World dies. The “Makers” are humanoids from the Andromeda galaxy whose home star has gone nova, leaving only a few exploratory outposts in existence (IM).

? Million BCE*

  • The “New Era” of the “Q” Continuum begins (Death Wish).
  • The Organians undergo a transformation into a form of energy being (EM).  “Over a million years ago“.

1 Million BCE

  • Age of the ruins found around the Guardian of Forever (CEF)


  • Age of Fendor? (lo).
  • Age of Ozari? (lo).
  • Age of Bastu? (lo).
  • Age of Cimi? (lo).
  • Age of Xora? (lo).

c600,000 BCE

  • Age of Makto? (lo). The home star of the Tkon Empire goes supernova and the empire collapses. This empire, with a population in the trillions is highly advanced, powerful and capable of moving stars. The empire leaves behind a few outpost worlds (lo).

c.600,000 BCE*

  • Sargon’s people [known to fans as the “Arretians”] explore the galaxy, planting colonies and seeding humanoid worlds (RT, STC).  It is possible that this explains “some aspects of Vulcan pre-history“.

c500,000 BCE*

  • The Talosian civilization ends in a terrible war. The surviving Talosians move underground where the eventually become creatures of telepathy and illusion (Me, STC).
  • The star Exo begins to dim, driving the inhabitants of the third planet underground. They become increasingly more mechanized, as their androids become increasingly more human-like (LG, STC).
  • The planet of Sargon’s people. [known to fans as the “Arret”] loses its atmosphere in a great war. Claiming to be the ancestors of all humanoid life in the galaxy, these people are nearly all killed in this conflict. Some survive, though, such as Henoch, Sargon, and Thalassa, by encasing their minds in spherical receptacles (RT).
  • The Bajoran civilization is advanced “When humans were not yet standing erect” (er, STC).


  • An unknown civilization builds the Amusement Park planet (SL).
  • The ancient Orion civilization flourishes (LG).
  • The advanced civilization on Camus II flourishes (TI).
  • A Dyson Sphere is built by an unknown civilization (rl).
  • A civilization of salt consuming shapeshifters exists on M113 (MT).
  • A civilization (of Pirates?) flourishes on Triacus/Epsilon Indi (CL).
  • Gomtuu’s race of living spaceships, piloted by humanoid crews, becomes nearly extinct (ti).
  • The Pagh-wraiths are imprisoned in the fire caves on Bajor (The Assignment).
  • The mythological Kotar, the First Klingon, destroys the Gods who created him as being “more trouble than they were worth” (Homefront, Barge of the Dead).

c200,000 BCE

  • Iconian Empire reaches its peak before being destroyed. They are described as legendary “Demons of Light and Darkness,” and they conquer a number of planets with their doorway “gates”.  They leave behind ruins on Iconia, Denius III, and the languages of Dinasian, Dewan, and Iccobar (cg). They also leave behind ruins on at least one world in the Gamma Quadrant (To the Death). The major cities of the planet Iconia are destroyed by a large scale orbital bombardment. Evidence suggests that the Iconians could have evacuated a portion of the population using their highly advanced transporter-like technology. Iconia, long believed to be a myth, was discovered by the USS Yamato in 2365.

c100,000 BCE*

  • “Old Ones” of Exo III are killed off by an android revolt (LG).
  • Gravity generator is built to absorb the oceans of an unknown world in the Delta Quadrant. It takes them 200 years (Thirty Days).
  • A communications relay system is constructed from the Delta Quadrant, through the Beta Quadrant and into the Alpha Quadrant (Hunters) [This system may or may not have been built by the Hirogen, who claim it in the 24th Century. I’m inclined to think not.]

c48,000 BCE*

  • The Horta begin their latest cycle of rebirth (DD).
  • The planet Cheron engages in wars on other planets.  The rebel Loki escapes and he is pursued by Bele, the Chief Officer of the Commission of Political Traitors of Cheron (LB).
  • The “Doomsday Machine”/Planet Killer may have entered intergalactic space about this time (DM)

c42,600 BCE*

  • The beings known as the “Sky Spirits” visit with the Ancestors of Chakotay’s people (Tattoo).  These people eventually join with others on the trek to the Americas.

c28,000 BCE*

  • The Verathan civilization reaches its height in the Gamma Quadrant, spanning 25 systems interconnected by a highly developed trade and communications network (Q-Less).
  • The earliest known inhabitants in the region of what would eventually be B’Hala settle (The Reckoning).  A Pah-wraith, possibly Kosst Amojan, (“The Evil One”) is sealed in a stone beneath what will eventually become B’Hala (The Reckoning).  [According to the Koss’moran “the Banished”(?), other Pah-wraiths are imprisoned in the Fire Caves/Caverns (The Assignment), and one aspect of Kosst Amojan is imprisoned in a small idol (Tears of the Prophets)]

c23,000 BCE

  • The Trill begin to live as a joined species (ho).
  • The settlement before B’Hala is abandoned, and eventually B’Hala will be built over the older settlement (The Reckoning).

c19,600 BCE

  • The first archeological expedition (of nearly 947) to Tagus III is conducted (qp).

c18,000 BCE

  • The original inhabitants of what will become B’Hala flourish on Bajor (The Reckoning).  They apparently practice an early form of the Peldor, or Gratitude Festival (Rapture, STM (March 2000))  “The City of B’Hala” icon is painted (Rapture).  The location of B’Hala is lost sometime after that.

c10,000 BCE

  • A 5th Dynasty Kurlan artisan creates Naiksos, small ceramic figurines representing that within each person is a community of individuals – each with its own desires, views and voices (The Chase)

c8000 BCE

  • The Machine-God Vaal is built on Gamma Trianguli VI (AP).
  • Fabrini star goes nova, destroying the ancient civilization. To try an save some aspect of their culture, they build the world ship Yonada (FW).
  • Bajoran Archeologists begin to search for B’Hala (Rapture)
  • The beginning of the Bajoran calendar (c7001 BCE) (Ascension)
  • The Ferengi develop a form of currency (Little Green Men).
  • Gint, the first Grand Nagus, writes the first Rules of Acquisition (Bar Association,” “Body Parts)
  • The Organians begin to use Intelligence to determine first contact (Observer Effect).
  • The Founders establish the Dominion (Dogs of War). [This contradicts the date given in (To the Death) of “two thousand years ago”.]

c7625 BCE

  • Bajorans encounter the first of ten “Tears of the Prophets” sent out from the wormholes (Emissary) about this time [assuming they appear fairly on a regular schedule].  These will eventually include: The Orb of Wisdom, The Orb of Prophecy and Change (a.k.a. the Orb of Prophesy and the Orb of  Change), The Orb of Contemplation, The Orb of Time, The Orb of the Emissary (which will be found in 2375 “Image in the Sand).  The Ninth Orb may be related to Memory.  At least one Orb was eventually damaged badly enough for it to be fragmented (The Story Teller, STM (March 2000)).

c6510 BCE

  • The Second Bajoran Orb is probably found about this time

[assuming they appear fairly on a regular schedule]

c6000 BCE

  • The Zakdorn development a reputation as tacticians (pp).

c5400 BCE

  • The Third Bajoran Orb is probably found about this time

[assuming they appear fairly on a regular schedule]

.  This would be the Orb of Prophecy and Change.

c4290 BCE

  • The Fourth Bajoran Orb is probably found about this time

[assuming they appear fairly on a regular schedule]

c4000 BCE*

  • The Aldean civilization develops. Aldea will eventually be hidden behind vast cloaking screens, and be thought of as legendary (wb)(STC).
  • Ice Ages begin on Sigma Dragonis VI causing a divergence in the dominant culture along gender lines, as the women move underground (SB). [*Planets III and IV may have been colonized at this time as well.]
  • Unidentified aliens abduct a number of humans from Earth, and begin to raise human agents (AE).

3834 BCE

  • Akharin is born in Sumer (RM)

c3700 BCE

  • Landru, a scientist from the war-torn and devastated C-111/Beta III, builds a computer to establish a stable, peaceful civilization (RA)

c3180 BCE

  • The Fifth Bajoran Orb is probably found about this time

[assuming they appear fairly on a regular schedule]

c3000 BCE*

  • The planetoid-building Kalandan civilization is destroyed by a virus (TWS, STC).
  • The Vulcans may begin practicing mental suppression of emotions as early as this (Random Thoughts) [“propaganda from 5,000 years ago” (Fusion).  It is possible that this occurs much later, if Vulcan years are significantly shorter than Earth’s.]

c2700 BCE

  • Last Ice Age on Sarpeidon, Beta Niobe I (AY).
  • A race of “Gods” travel from Pollux IV to Earth, and seek worshippers (WMA)

c2600 BCE

  • Humans develop a form of currency (Little Green Men).

c2575 BCE

  • 3 Archaeologists from 2769 watch the building of the Great Pyramid (Cold Front)

c2070 BCE

  • The Sixth Bajoran Orb is probably found about this time

[assuming they appear fairly on a regular schedule]

c2000 BCE

  • The Xindi Avians build the concealed fortress later used by the Xindi Council (The Council).

c???? BCE

  • Akharin is Methuselah (RM).
  • 1st Hebetian Civilization of Cardassia (c1).
  • The Aldeans cloak their planet (between 1,000 and 2,000 BCE) (When the Bough Breaks)

c1200 BCE

  • Akharin knows Moses (RM).

c1000 BCE

  • Before 1000 BCE, the Vulcans reach space.  They colonize several worlds, including the twin worlds of Romulus & Remus (aka Remii) (BT,uf,g1), and possibly the Debrune, although these are considered a “Romulan offshoot”. This may also explain the relationship between the Vulcans and Rigellians.  This is likely the Vulcan Separation described in (uf).  Note that knowledge of the existence of the Romulan’s Vulcan origins is apparently lost between this time and 2264. — see also the note for 2152 “Minefield”.
  • About this time the Debrune use the planet Barradas III, as an outpost.  The Debrune who have a fairly resplendent civilization occupying several worlds (including Calder II, Yadalla Prime, Dessica II, and Draken IV), which eventually dies out.    The Debrune are responsible for hiding some of the Vulcan psionic weaponry. (g1,g2)

c1000-700 BCE

  • Powerful aliens visit Earth where they are regarded as the “Gods of Olympus” by the Bronze Age Hellenes. These “Gods” eventually leave Earth for Pollux IV (WM). [(STC) as well as the episode place this c3000 BCE, but I refuse to compromise the archeological/historical record.]

c975 BCE

  • Akharin was Solomon (RM).

959 BCE

  • The Vulcan Kolinahr monastery Monastery of P’Jem is established some time after this. Master Haadok is one of the founders  (The Andorian Incident)
  • The Seventh Bajoran Orb is probably found about this time

[assuming they appear fairly on a regular schedule]

630 BCE

  • Bajoran prophet Trakor encounters the Orb of Change for the first time [This may be the Orb of Prophecy and Change]  He writes his Third Prophecy: “When the river wakes, stirred once more to Janir’s side, three vipers will return to their nest in the sky. When the vipers try to peer through the temple gates, a sword of stars will appear in the heavens. The temple will burn, and its gates shall be cast open.” (Destiny).  Trakor’s Fourth Prophecy says that the Emissary will face a fiery trial and be forced to choose between some things not clearly revealed (Destiny).

543 BCE*

  • Parman born on Sandara (PS).

532 BCE*

  • Philana born on Sandara (PS). [(STC) suggests that Philana lied about her age, and Parman’s.]

415 BCE*

  • Parman and Philana marry (PS).

c400 BCE

  • Sandara’s star goes nova. A group of Sandarans visit Earth where they are influenced by the works of Plato (427?-347? BCE).

c400 BCE

  • Akharin knew Socrates (470?-399 BCE) (RM).

c330 BCE

  • Akharin knew Alexander the Great (356-323) (RM).

c200 BCE

  • The Sandarans eventually move to the world they call Platonius (PS).

c20 BCE

  • It is suggested that the Romulan colony ships may have left Vulcan around this time for a voyage of 90-180 years (STM (February 2003)).


  • Akharin is “Lazarus” (RM).


  • On the planet 892-IV, a Roman Empire develops, paralleling the Roman Empire on Earth (bc).
  • The Borg have existed for “Hundreds of Centuries” (qw). [It may be assumed that the assimilation of their original species took considerable time, and the development of their technology gradually developed, or was assimilated, since Species 262 was assimilated around 2145. n.b. Species 259 is the species that gave the ability to regenerate their technology.]


  • The Eighth Bajoran Orb is probably found about this time

[assuming they appear fairly on a regular schedule]


  • Spock’s ancestors occupy the ceremonial grounds they will maintain “for over two thousand years” (AT). [Date is a guess]
  • At some time between this and 2072, there is a century of warfare between the Vulcans and Romulans begun by the Q “Quinn” (Death Wish).  [Based on the comment that Surak died before the last battle with “those who march beneath the raptor’s wings”, this war may have started around 250 and resulted in the collapse of the Vulcan civilization (The Forge”, g1, g2)]


  • Kaellonian “Resolution” ritual evolves (hl).


  • The Debrune ruins date from about this time [*possibly destroyed in the last great war with between the Romulans and the proto-Vulcans (Death Wish, The Forge, g1, g2).  The term “proto-Vulcans is from (Riddles)]
  • Surak of Vulcan teaches his people the ways of peace and logic.  He makes a great trek across Vulcan’s Forge (TS, The Forge).  Vulcans begin practicing mental suppression of emotions (Random Thoughts) [“propaganda from 5,000 years ago” (Fusion)]
  • There are terrible and destructive wars on Vulcan, leading to a final great Civil War.  This last Civil War on Vulcan at the time of the “Great Awakening” or the “Time of Awakening“.   Surak dies (probably from radiation poisoning) on Mt. Seleya before the last battle with “those who march beneath the raptor’s wings“.  The T’Karath Sanctuary was a stronghold for one of the factions, and contains a fragment of the disassembled Stone of Gol, the last of the “mythical” psionic weapons (g2), as well as the Katric Ark containing Surak’s Katra and the Kir’Shara (The Forge, Awakening).  Proto-Vulcan civilization collapses in a nuclear winter and the Vulcan civilization gradually rebuilds (BT,AT,AY,SC,g2).  [Note: the dates for the Great Awakening, the Romulans, P’Jem, etc. are very cluttered and not really consistant.]
  • The “Founders” establish the Dominion in the Gamma Quadrant (To the Death).
  • The Jem’Hadar are created sometime about this time (What You Leave Behind).
  • The Vidiian Sodality falls victim to the phage (The Phage).


  • The inhabitants of Golona build a time portal and vanish (Time’s Orphan).


  • *Akharin is “Merlin” (RM). [Date is assumed based on standard given dates for Arthur]


  • Civil war breaks out on Solais IV (lw).
  • The Tholing Monastery is founded in Ngari, Tibet, by Yeshi-O (The Andorian Incident” and historical accounts).


  • Kahless teaches the Way of the Klingon on Qo’noS (rh). He fights with his brother Morath, and slays the tyrant Molor, conquers the Vikiri, and establishes the First Empire.

[it is likely the calendar of Kahless mentioned (Soldiers of the Empire) – “year
of Kahless 999
” begins around this point, although this means that the
Klingon year is longer than Earth’s]

“A Thousand Years Ago, the Dawn of the Empire.  500 warriors stormed the Great Hall at Qam-Chee.  The city garrison fled before them.  Only the Emperor Kahless and the Lady Lukara stood their ground.  It was here that they began the greatest romance in Klingon History.” (Looking for Par’Mach in all the wrong places”) [I assume that’s Klingon years.]


  • Kahless dies after promising to return someday from Sto-Vo-Kor (rh/s).


  • Approximate age of the Sword of Kahless, according to Dax’s examination of the Shroud of the Sword of Kahless (Sword of Kahless).


  • The Spheres are built, creating the Delphic Expanse (Chosen Realm).


  • All corporeal life on Zetar is destroyed. The last hundred Zetars combine into a creature of energy. They begin to seek out a new life form through which to live out their lives (LZ).
  • The large sphere in the Delphic Expanse is built about this time (Anomaly).


  • The Ninth Bajoran Orb is probably found about this time

[assuming they appear fairly on a regular schedule]

.  This orb appears to be related to memory [Emissary].


  • Promellian/Menthar War ends in the battle of Orelious IX (bt).
  • After a prolonged period of increased solar emission, Kataan dies as its star goes nova (il).
  • The Mintakan civilization stops believing in gods such as the Overseer (ww).
  • About this time, in the Ramatis system, the ruling family lose the the gene required for the sense of hearing prompting the development of a system whereby they may hear and speak through a “chorus” of interpreters (Loud as a Whisper).
  • About this time, on Ardana the floating city of Stratos is built (cm).
  • About this time, the Extragalactic “Caretakers” accidentally damage the Ocampa atmosphere (Caretaker).


  • Bubonic plague spread across Europe (RM). [Actually, the first major Plague outbreak began in China in 1334, finally reaching Europe in the 1347-8.]


  • The senior Organian has been observing alien species since about this time (Observer Effect).


  • Alleged date for the mythological “Contract of Ardra” having been made on Ventax 2. Ardra guarantees 1000 years of peace in exchange for the soul of every life form on the planet when the contract expires (dv).


  • An alien race called “Hur’q”, or Outsider, by the Klingons, invade Q’onos and loot it, stealing, among other treasures, the Sword of Kahless (The Sword of Kahless)  [It is possible that the Klingons get space travel from the Hur’q].
  • A possible date for the end of the 2nd Klingon Dynasty (See 1625).
  • People are trapped on Meridian in the Gamma Quadrant (Meridian).
  • The Hirogen introduce their current interstellar hunting culture (The Killing Game).
  • The last time the pagan Rumarie festival is performed on Vulcan (Meld) [It is likely that Surak’s philosophies are global at this point].


  • Akharin is “Leonardo da Vinci” (1452-1519) (RM).


  • The Vaadwaur home world is attacked by a combined fleet led by the Turei (Dragon’s Teeth) [The Vaaudwaur explored and conquered far across the Delta Quadrant using subspace corridors.  They know of both the Talax-ilzay (Talaxians) and the Borg, who have, at this point, only assimilated a “handful” of species].


  • Leonardo da Vinci paints the Mona Lisa, which ultimately winds up in the possession of Kivas Fajo (mo).


  • Leonardo da Vinci “dies” (mo) [One assumes Akharin becomes someone else].


  • Bajorans use solar sail craft to explore their star system, and inadvertently make the first voyage to Cardassia (Explorers) [Since the Bajorans believed it to have taken place long before evidence exists for it, one might assume there were survivors of the crashed vessel “found” on Cardassia, or else one of the sail ships made it home].
  • The Skrreeans are captured and enslaved by the T-Rogerans (Sanctuary).


  • 29 December    Astronomer Tycho Brahe’s nose is shot off in a duel, when he gets into an argument over a mathematical equation (The Andorian Incident and historical accounts).


  • *The 1st century in the Marlonian calendar (ra).


  • Akharin knows Galileo (1564-1642) (RM).


  • Galileo Galilei builds the first astronomical telescope. His observations about the moon, planets in the solar system, the sun, and individual stars in the Milky Way confirms Copernican theories. The sky is no longer the sole domain of mystics. (http://www.startrek.com/launch/keyevents.asp)


  • *Sometime about this time, the 2d Klingon Imperial Dynasty ended when General K’trelan assassinated Emperor Reclaw.  For the next ten years the empire was ruled by a council elected by the people called “The Dark Times”

[based on Sirella’s statement that Shenara, daughter of the Emperor Reclaw is
her 23rd maternal grandmother, and an assumed generation of about 30 years.
If the generations are 50 years long this could be as early as 1375]

.  After ten years, the 3rd Dynasty is established and another group of people were given the names of the original members of the family who were slaughtered at the end of the 2nd dynasty; Shenara may have actually been Karana, a concubine living outside the Imperial Stables (You are Cordially Invited…).   [Note, during the 2d Empire, which may or may not have been the 2nd Imperial Dynasty, the Chancellor Mow’ga sent a fleet of ships into Breen space and they were never heard from again (‘Til Death Do Us Part).]


  • The ghostly (anaphasic) entity called Ronin is “born”, and becomes attached to a young Miss Howard in Glasgow (sr).


  • Pierre Fermat dies, leaving behind his “Last Theorum” (ro).


  • A member of the “Q” Continuum causes the apple to fall on Isaac Newton’s head (Death Wish).
  • Sir Isaac Newton postulates laws of universal gravitation – linking celestial and earthly mechanics – and his three laws of motion, and develops calculus to discover and describe his theories. (http://www.startrek.com/launch/keyevents.asp)


  • Guinan the El-Aurian’s father is born (ra).
  • Marlonian cookware fragments are found from this period (2nd century Marlonian calendar) in an archeological dig by Captain Picard while on shore leave in 2369 (ra).


  • Pueblo Revolt in New Mexico (je).


  • Javier Maribona Picard is one of the soldiers who put down the Pueblo revolt (je).


  • *Thasians relinquish their corporeal bodies (CX).
  • *About this time, the “Preservers” capture a number of American Indian Bands from at least the Delaware, Navajo, and Mohican tribes and place them on another planet for safekeeping (PS).
  • The T’Lani and Kellerun go to war (Armageddon Game).


  • Sir Isaac Newton dies in London.  In an alternate timeline, where he never met a Q, he would die in a Liverpool debtors prison, a suspect in a number of prostitute murders (Death Wish).


  • War breaks out between Vendikar (Eminiar III) and Eminiar VII (TA).


  • Sandrines is built in Marseilles (The Cloud).
  • Hundreds of disembodied criminals are imprisoned on a moon of the planet Mab-Bu VI (Power Play)



  • *Wu born on Omega IV (OG).


  • An ancestor of Capt. Picard takes part in the Battle of Trafalgar (ST:G).


  • Writer John Keats dies in Rome on Earth. Much of his work has been inspired by a noncorporeal entity called Onaya (The Muse)


  • Akarin is Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) (RM).
  • At some point, Cardassian Central Command structure and the Obsidian Order reach a “Balance” of power and authority (The Defiant).
  • The Suliban home world becomes uninhabitable. The species becomes mostly nomadic, though some assimilate into other cultures (Detained).
  • A couple from Vega Reticuli weds (Two Days and Two Nights).
  • The war between the Denoblians and the Antarans ends (The Breach).
  • After 1500 years, Vulcans manage to reach space again and develop warp drive (The Forge).    It takes the Vulcans over a century to go from warp 1 to warp 2. (First Flight, The Forge) [The High Command probably dates from about this time, as an organization to govern space travel.]
  • Eventually the Vulcans return to P’Jem, and a number of Katric Arks are found and researched (Awakening).


  • A species called the Skagarans capture and enslave a wagon train of settlers from the American West, and take them to a planet in the Delphic Expanse (North Star).


  • A member of the “Q” Continuum saves Thaddeus Riker of the 102 NY (Serving with Sheridan), carrying him to safety after Riker is wounded in battle (Death Wish).


  • An unidentified alien race from the Uxmal Star System imprisons the consciousness of several hundred prisoners from their world on the moon of Mab-Bu VI (pw).
  • Cardassian government takes on its present form (Defiant).


  • Giovanni Schiaparelli sees lines on Mars, which he calls canali – Italian for channels or furrows. Canali is translated as canals, suggesting they are not natural phenomena. Humans actively speculate about intelligent life on other worlds. (http://www.startrek.com/launch/keyevents.asp)


  • 26 Oct “Gunfight at the OK Corral” takes place in Tombstone, Arizona (SGn).


  • In the Delphic Expanse, a man named Cooper Smith leads a revolt against the Skagarans (North Star).
  • Dec “A Study in Scarlet” by Arthur Conan Doyle is published in Beecham’s Christmas Annual.


  • Aug-Nov RedJack entity in the Whitechapel district of London and kills at least 5 women (WF). The killer was never identified by Earth law enforcement but was given the name “Jack The Ripper”.


  • Aug Data, et al., in San Francisco (ta).  Guinan is on Earth by this time.[–TIME LINE CHANGE–]


  • Sean Aloysius O’Brien leads a group of anthracite coal miners in Pennsylvania on a strike that would last 11 months. Although the miners’ demands were eventually met, O’Brien was murdered a week before the strike ended (Bar Association).



  • Albert Einstein introduces his special theory of relativity and quantum theory, and introduces the idea of space-time. Einstein also predicts that the speed of light is the absolute velocity in the universe and that mass and energy are equivalent and transposable. (http://www.startrek.com/launch/keyevents.asp)


    In an alternate timeline in the Temporal Cold War started by Vosk, Lenin is assassinated, causing Russia never to become Communist.  Hitler concentrates on the West.


  • Kira and O’Brien transport back to this period searching for Sisko, Dax and Bashir (Past Present).



  • 6 August  Judge Joseph Force Crater disappears after telling friends he would be attending a Broadway play (Terra Nova”, historical accounts)
  • Civil war begins on the Xindi Homeworld between the six species of the Xindi (The Shipment).
  • Using the Guardian of Forever, McCoy accidentally travels back in time to 1930 and alters history.
    In the new timeline, Edith Keeler, a social worker, leads a peace movement that delays the US entry in the Second World War, and Germany wins.  The Federation doesn’t exist in the 23rd Century.
    Kirk and Spock follow and are able to correct the alteration and return with McCoy to their own time. Edith Keeler dies in a hit and run accident (CEF)


  • Redjack entity in Shanghai, China. It knifes 7 women to death (WF).


  • “The Big Goodbye” by Tracy Torme is published in Amazing Detective Stories (bg).


  • “The Parrot’s Claw” by Tracy Torme is published (mh).
  • “The Black Night” by Tracy Torme is published (em/v).


  • 3 October   USS Enterprise (CV-6) launched (CPT Newton H. White Jr.).
  • The novel, The Long Dark Tunnel by Tracy Torme is published (bg).
  • In an alternate timeline, Edith Keeler meets with FDR (CEF).


  • 2 July    Aviator Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan depart Lae, New Guinea in Earhart’s airplane, they vanish somewhere over the Pacific Ocean while circumnavigating the globe. (Terra Nova”, http://www.startrek.com/launch/keyevents.asp)  They   are among 300 people abducted by an alien species called the Briori. They are taken to a world in the Delta Quadrant where they are used as slaves (The 37s).


  • 12 May USS Enterprise (CV6) commissioned.
  • 12 December Cpt. Charles A. Pownall assumes captaincy of Enterprise.


  • Ralph Offenhouse born (nz)


  • 6 September  Churchill’s speech  “To the youth of America, as to the youth of all the Britains, I say, ‘You cannot stop. It must be world anarchy or world order” (heard on Enterprise in “Storm Front, pt.1)


    In the 1916 alternate timeline branch created by an escalation of the Temporal Cold War, Germany has led a successful invasion of the US (After taking Western Europe and Britain), and  by the time of (Storm Front), although the USS Enterprise (CV6) has been sunk the Navy is still fighting in the Pacific, and the US military has withdrawn to battle lines in Virginia and Ohio.  (Nazi tanks rolled down Flatbush Ave, and people streamed out of Manhattan into Brooklyn.  The President vowed to persevere, just before the government evacuated Washington). Aliens led by Vosk. (Storm Front”, pt 1)
    Hitler has visited NYC.  As the US forces attack across the Ohio into eastern Pennsylvania and into Southern Virginia, Selik and Archer lower the energy shield around Vosk’s base.  Selik dies, and Enterprise fights modified Stukas over Manhattan before destroying the base.  The Timeline “resets” and this somehow ends the Temporal Cold War.  Enterprise and Crew return to 2254 (Storm Front”, pt 2)


  • The United Nations is chartered.


  • 17 February  CDR Lewis F. Davis is relieved of command of the Enterprise. The “Big E” is decommissioned and mothballed.
  • 4 July   It is reported that observers in Roswell, New Mexico, find a strange craft, and its crew, crashed in the desert. Quark, Rom and Nog are captured by the US Government after crashing near Roswell, NM (Little Green Men). Officials claim the object was a weather balloon. People begin to believe beings from outer space are visiting Earth. (http://www.startrek.com/launch/keyevents.asp)   [Date is shortly after the 4th based on the traditional July 4 date of the Roswell Crash.  Quark says that at this point the Ferengi, the Vulcans and the Klingons don’t have warp drive, apparently the Vulcans have some sort of FTL travel (Carbon Creek), although it may not exceed warp 2 (First Flight, The Forge)]
  • Test pilot Chuck Yeager travels faster than the speed of sound in a new rocket-powered plane. Yeager’s supersonic flight begins the Jet Age. (http://www.startrek.com/launch/keyevents.asp)


  • Roberta Lincoln born (AE).


  • The “Sky Spirits” visit Chakotay’s ancestors [12 generations ago, assuming a generation is about 35 years]. They learn about the ruining of the Land (Tattoo).


  • 15 October  I Love Lucy premieres on CBS [Historical accounts and “Carbon Creek”]


  • USS Enterprise is re-commissioned and designated (CVS-6) ASW (Anti Submarine Warefare) Carrier.
  • In another universe, Benny Russell writes about Deep Space Nine (Far Beyond the Stars).


  • USS Enterprise is stricken from the active duty list.


  • 4 October Sputnik I orbits the Earth.  Earth’s Space Age, and the so-called space race, begins (http://www.startrek.com/launch/keyevents.asp)
  • 3 November Sputnik II, carrying Laika, orbits the Earth.
  • October-December?   The Vulcans, having been alerted to the orbiting satellite send a survey ship to investigate.   Three weeks into the survey mission, the ship suffers a engine failure, and  crashes near Carbon Creek, PA.  The captain is killed, and three of her crew (T’Mir, Mestral and Stron) are forced to blend into the population of the small mining community for at least three months (into the next spring) until they can be rescued. (Carbon Creek) [Their brief distress signal is picked up by a Tellarite ship].  T’Mir (T’Pol’s great grandmother) “invents” Velcro to help a young man make money for his tuition.   Mestral remains on Earth to study humans. [The dating of this episode is tricky since the weather remains cool but pleasant during the episode, but there are baseball games on the radio and in nearby towns.  However the ship is clearly shown near the Sputnik satellite]


  • 4 January  Sputnik I falls from orbit.
  • 1 July  USS Enterprise is sold for scrap.
  • 1 October  NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, is created in the United States [historical accounts].
  • Shannon O’Donnell is born (11:59).


  • Claire Raymond born (nz).


  • *Probable birth dates of the genetic “Supermen” of the early 90s.


  • May   Last of the Enterprise is disassembled.
  • 24 September  USS Enterprise (CVAN-65) is launched.
  • Earth’s first radio telescopes devoted solely to the search for extraterrestrial life go online. (http://www.startrek.com/launch/keyevents.asp)
  • *A biological experiment to produce a longevity-inducing virus goes awry on “Miri’s Planet,” an Earth replica in appearance and culture, killing all but the prepubescent children (Mi). [The cars and details seem to be earlier than this, but Spock said it looked like about 1960]
  • *Other Earth parallels include: Omega IV, where a biological war over a thousand years ago made people immortal (OG); and 892-IV, which contains a version of the Roman Empire (BC); as opposed to the world seeded with Native Americans by the “Preservers” (PS).


  • 12 April Vostok 1 (Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin) is the first manned spacecraft  Yuri Gagarin is the first human to achieve orbital space flight. His craft, Vostok, circles the Earth once. The craft is ground controlled because there is doubt that the human body can withstand such a journey. (http://www.startrek.com/launch/keyevents.asp)
  • 5 May Freedom 7 (Alan B. Shepard, Jr.) is the first manned US spacecraft.
  • 7 July Liberty Bell 7 (Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom) ends less succesfully than might have been wished.
  • 06 Aug Vostok 2 (Gherman S. Titov)
  • 25 Nov USS Enterprise (CVAN-65) is commissioned. CPT Vincent Paul de Poix.  The first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the U.S.S. Enterprise CVAN-65 is commissioned. (http://www.startrek.com/launch/keyevents.asp)


  • 20 Feb Friendship 7 (John H. Glenn, Jr.)
  • 7 May Aurora 7 (M. Scott Carpenter)
  • 11 Aug Vostok 3 (Andrian G. Nikolayev)
  • 12 Aug Vostok 4 (Pavel R. Popovich)
  • 3 Oct Sigma 7 (Walter M. Schirra, Jr.)


  • 15-16 May Faith 7 (L. Gordon Cooper, Jr.)
  • 14 June Vostok 5 (Valeri F. Bykovsky)
  • 16 June Vostok 6 (Valentina Vl. Tereshkova) First Woman in Space


  • 12 Oct Voskhod 1 “Rubin” (Feoktistov, Komarov, Yegorov) First multi-man spaceflight.


  • 18 March Voskhod 2 “Almaz” (Belyayev, Leonov) First spacewalk.
  • 23 March Gemini 3 “Molly Brown” (Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom and John W. Young)
  • 3-7 June Gemini IV (James A McDivitt and Edward H. White II)
  • 21-9 Aug Gemini V (L. Gordon Cooper. Jr. and Charles “Pete” Conrad, Jr.)
  • 4-18 Dec Gemini VII (Frank Barman and James A. Lovell, Jr.)
  • 15-6 Dec Gemini VI (Walter M. Schirra, Jr. and Thomas P. Stafford)


  • 16 Mar Gemini VIII (Neil A. Armstrong and David R. Scott)
  • 3-6 June Gemini IX (Thomas P. Stafford and Eugene A. Cernan)
  • 18-21 July Gemini X (John W. Young and Michael Collins)
  • 12-5 Sept Gemini XI (Charles “Pete” Conrad, Jr. and Richard F. Gordon, Jr.)
  • 11-5 Nov Gemini XII (James A. Lovell, Jr. and Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin, Jr.)


  • 27 Jan Apollo 1 (204) fire. Astronauts Virgil “Gus” Grissom, Edward White and Roger Chaffee are killed.
  • 23 April Soyuz 1 “Rubin” (Komarov) Launched. On 24 Apr, Soyuz 1 hard impacted.
    The Federation Timeship Aeon crashes in Northern California where it is discovered by Henry Stanton, who eventually uses its technology to establish Chronowerx Industries (Future’s End).


  • Gary Seven and Isis, agents of an alien race are assigned to Earth to guide and protect humanity. A rocket carrying an atomic warhead malfunctions and nearly causes WWIII. This leads to a number of treaties limiting orbital weapons (AE). (The Crew of the Enterprise’s second trip back in time).[–TIME LINE CHANGE–]
  • 11-12 Oct Orbital flight of Apollo 7 (Walter M. Schirra. Jr., Donn F. Eisele, Walter Cunningham)
  • 25 Oct Soyuz 2 Target for Soyuz 3 – unmanned
  • 26 Oct Soyuz 3 “Argon” (Beregovoi)
  • 21-27 Dec Apollo 8 (Frank Borman, James A. Lovell, Jr., William A. Anders) travels to the Moon and comes back.
  • Kira and O’Brien transport back to this period searching for Sisko, Dax and Bashir (Past Present).


  • 14 Jan Soyuz 4 “Amur” (Shatalov/Khrunov, Yeliseyev)
  • 15 Jan Soyuz 5 “Baikal” (Khrunov, Volynov, Yeliseyev) Service module failed to disengage, so entered atmosphere nose first. Volynov survived.
  • 3-13 Mar Orbital flight of Apollo 9 (James A. McDivitt, David R. Scott, Russell L. Schweickart) CM “Gumdrop” LM “Spider“.
  • 18-26 May Lunar flight of Apollo 10 (Thomas P. Stafford, John W. Young, Eugene A. Cernan) CM “Charlie Brown” LM “Snoopy“.
  • c12 Jul A strange UFO is sighted over Nebraska then disappears (TY). [–TIME LINE CHANGE–]
  • 16-24 Jul Flight of Apollo 11 (Neil A. Armstrong, Michael Collins, Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin, Jr.) CM “Columbia” LM “Eagle“Sea of Tranquility. [This is probably the “First Moon Shot” described by the radio announcer since it launches on a Wednesday and lands on a Saturday] (http://www.startrek.com/launch/keyevents.asp)
  • 15 Aug A member of the “Q” Continuum helps soundman Mory Ginsberg reach Woodstock in time to fix the sound system for the opening (Death Wish).
  • 11 Oct Soyuz 6 “Antey” (Kubasov, Shonin)
  • 12 Oct Soyuz 7 “Buran” (Filipchenko, Gorbatko, Volkov) Supposed to have docked with 6 and 8.
  • 13 Oct Soyuz 8 “Granit” (Shatalov, Yeliseyev)
  • 14-24 Nov Flight of Apollo 12 (Charles “Pete” Conrad Jr., Richard F. Gordon, Jr., Alan L. Bean) CM “Yankee Clipper” LM “Intrepid” Ocean of Storms, near Surveyor 3.
  • The first Isograted chips are patented by Henry Stanton (Future’s End).


  • 11-17 Apr Epic flight of Apollo 13 (James A. Lovell, Jr. Fred W. Haise, Jr., John L. Swigert, Jr.) CM “Odyssey” LM “Aquarius
  • 10 Jun Soyuz 9 “Sokol” (Nikolayev, Sevastyanov)
  • *An expedition from the Kelvan Empire in Andromeda embarks on a mission to the Milky Way about this time. The Kelvans task is to determine the suitability of the Milky Way for conquest by their Empire (AON).
  • *Estimated birth year of Chris Bremmer (Past Tense).


  • 31 Jan-9 Feb Flight of Apollo 14 (Alan B. Shepard. Jr., Stuart A. Roosa, Edgar D. Mitchell) CM “Kitty Hawk” LM Antares Fra Mauro
  • 26 Jul-7 Aug Flight of Apollo 15 (David R. Scott, James B. Irwin, Alfred M. Worden) CM “Endeavor” LM “Falcon” Hadley Rille


  • 2 Mar Pioneer 10 is launched from Earth. The Pioneer 10 Jupiter flyby space probe sends 500 images of this enormous planet, and amazing technical data, back to Earth. (http://www.startrek.com/launch/keyevents.asp) [The probe was destroyed by the Klingon Bird of Prey Okrona in 2287 in Klingon territory (FF). How the probe managed to reach Klingon space is a mystery, as it would have taken 80,000 years just to reach Alpha Centauri.]
  • 16-27 Apr Flight of Apollo 16 (John W. Young, Thomas K. Mattingly II, Charles M. Duke, Jr.) CM “Casper” LM “Orion” escarres highland region
  • 7-19 Dec Flight of Apollo 17 (Eugene A. Cretan, Ronald E. Evans, Harrison H. “Jack” Schmitt) CM “America” LM “Challenger” Taurus-Littrow valley


  • 14 May Skylab Orbited.
  • 25 My-22 Jn Flight of Skylab 2 (Charles “Pete” Conrad Jr., Paul J. Weitz, Joseph P. Kewin)
  • 28 Jl-25 Sp Flight of Skylab 3 (Alan L. Bean, Jack R. Lousma, Owen K. Garriott)
  • 16 Nv-8 Fb Flight of Skylab 4 (Gerald P. Carr, William R. Pogue, Edward G. Gibson)


  • RedJack entity kills five women in Kiev (WF).


  • 1 Jul USS Enterprise (CVAN-65) is redesignated (CVN-65).
  • 15-24 Jul Apollo-Soyuz: Apollo 18 (Thomas P. Stafford, Vince D. Brand, Donald K. “Deke” Slayton); Soyuz 19 (Alexei Leonov, Valeri Kubasov).
  • The Varo begin to travel across the Delta Quadrant about this time (Disease).


  • Viking 2 lands on Mars at Utopia Planitia and sends images from the planet’s red surface to Earth. Viking conducts experiments to discover the presence of microorganisms. The test results are debated. (http://www.startrek.com/launch/keyevents.asp)
  • NASA unveils its first reusable orbiting craft, or shuttle, named Enterprise
    (Space Shuttle OV-101). Flight testing begins the following year. (http://www.startrek.com/launch/keyevents.asp)
  • 17 Sep The space shuttle Enterprise (OV 101) is rolled out and unveiled.


  • 20 Aug The Voyager launches begin with Voyager 2.
  • 5 Sep Voyager 1 is launched.
  • The space shuttle Enterprise (OV 101) undergoes flight testing.
  • It is likely that there is a Vulcan Survey mission to study Earth about this time (Carbon Creek)


  • *The Voyager 6 probe is launched from Earth. The probe disappears into a “black hole” and is presumably found by an alien intelligence that modified the probe and sent it back to look for its creator on Earth (TMP).


  • 11 Jul Skylab burns up in Earth’s Atmosphere.


  • The fear of alien abduction causes a great deal of apprehension on Earth (Civilization).


  • 12-14 Apr First flight of Space Shuttle; STS­I Columbia (Young, Crippen)


  • Pioneer 10 passes Pluto’s orbit boundary and becomes the first man-made object to exit Earth’s solar system. The probe carries an engraved plaque with a message of greetings from the people of Earth. (http://www.startrek.com/launch/keyevents.asp)


  • 28 Jan The shuttle Challenger explodes 73 seconds after launch 51­L Challenger (Scobee, Smith, Onizuka, Resnik, McNair. Gregory Jarvis, Christa McAuliffe).
  • NASA’s space shuttle Challenger explodes shortly after lift-off, killing all seven on board including the first civilian in space. The tragedy brings the space program to a temporary halt, pending an investigation. (http://www.startrek.com/launch/keyevents.asp)
  • The renegade Admiral Kirk and crew time travel to Earth to capture a pair of Humpback whales needed to answer the call of an orbiting probe that is threatening to sterilize the planet. 2 Humpback whales, George and Gracie, are captured by “HMS Bounty,” and taken to the future (VH).
  • Dr. Nichols, at Plexicorp, in San Francisco begins the development of transparent aluminum (VH). [Implied]
  • Thomas Raymond, son of Claire and Donald Raymond is born (nz).
  • The first human habitat to permanently orbit Earth, the Mir space station, begins construction. Mir becomes a shared resource and training ground for future space stations. (http://www.startrek.com/launch/keyevents.asp)


  • Eddie Raymond, son of Claire and Donald Raymond is born (nz).


  • *DY-100 Class interplanetary ships developed (SS).
  • *Estimated birth year of Gabriel Bell (Past Tense).


  • The Soviet Union breaks up (Future’s End).


  • Khan Noonian Singh assumes control of over 1/4 of Earth, from South Asia to the Middle East. A total of 40 nations fall under the domination of these eugenically bred “supermen.” (SS).
  • Chicago Mobs of the 1920s published (PA).


  • An organization that places dead loved ones into cryogenic capsules orbiting Earth receives a brief surge of popularity. The hope is that future generations will revive the departed. (nz, http://www.startrek.com/launch/keyevents.asp)


  • *”Eugenics Wars” (SS). Whole populations are bombed out of existence and the Earth is believed to be on the verge on a new “Dark Age.” [Since there was no hint of a war having occurred in “Neutral Zone”, I suspect it took place after these people “died.” It may, however, suggest how the capsule was lost from its orbit. On the other hand, there is no sign of it in “Future’s End”, or “11:59” either..  The novels for this one are worth considering...]
  • Jonathon Archer’s Great Grandfather was in Africa during the Eugenics War (The Hatchery).
  • 30 million deaths in the Eugenics War (Borderland).


  • Tarbolde of Canopius writes “Nightingale Woman” (WNM).
  • The end of the Eugenics Wars. The genetic superior “supermen” were defeated in part by their own selfish ambition and lack of unity. The SS Botany Bay, DY-100 class, carrying Khan Singh and 83 of his followers in cryogenic freeze, is launched from Earth. Khan and his followers are fleeing persecution in the hope of locating another world to colonize and conquer. Khan and his followers are listed as unaccounted for and there were no records of the Botany Bay’s launch (SS, WOK). The launch of the Botony Bay is known as a myth by the 2150s (The Augments).
  • U.S.S. Voyager accidentally arrives in this time, after being threatened by a ship from the 29th century (Future’s End). [–TIME LINE CHANGE–]
    It’s unclear what difference pparently the whole Chronowerks/microcomputer revolution
  • Earth scientists announce the discovery of life on Mars based on a Mars meteorite containing fossilized evidence of primitive bacterial life. Other scientists do not draw the same conclusions from this evidence. (http://www.startrek.com/launch/keyevents.asp)


  • November  Construction begins on the International Space Station (Enterprise opening credits clearly show the ISS).


  • The New York Yankees have a good year (Past Tense).
  • The sixth space probe in the Voyager series is launched and continues studying the planets in Earth’s solar system. (http://www.startrek.com/launch/keyevents.asp)
  • Astronomers witness the first extrasolar planet passing in front of a star, confirming that solar systems may be a common phenomena in other parts of the galaxy and boosting the odds that intelligent life exists elsewhere. (http://www.startrek.com/launch/keyevents.asp)

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