TIME LINE of the Star Trek Universe, pt.2

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Compiled by I. Marc Carlson

Since all of this information came from other sources, I really don’t feel like I can copyright it. Feel free to use it as you wish. If you like the occasional hypothesis herein all I ask is that you remember where you got it.

Note on sources:

The sources used for this were the episodes and movies, the Next Generation Technical Manual, the Star Trek Chronology, The Writers Guides and on screen visual references found in the Concordances to the old and new series. The old series Technical Manual was used as a comparison in one instance only.

The codes in parentheses indicate the source. Episode and movie codes are explained under the titles, where they occur in the chronology. The follow the coding system is based on those used by Bjo Trimble and Larry Nemecek.

STTOS, TOS=Star Trek, the Original Series
STTNG, TNG=Star Trek, the Next Generation
STDS9, DS9=Star Trek, Deep Space Nine
STV, STV=Star Trek, Voyager
ENT=Enterprise (aka Star Trek, Enterprise)
STTOS:TM=Star Trek Technical Manual
STTNG:TM=Star Trek the Next Generation Technical Manual
STDS9:TM  = Star Trek Deep Space Nine Technical Manual
STC=The Star Trek Chronology, a History of the Future
STC2=The Star Trek Chronology, a History of the Future (2d ed)
STE=The Star Trek Encyclopedia
STE2 =The Star Trek Encyclopedia (2d ed)
STE3=The Star Trek Encyclopedia (3d ed)
STM (date)=Star Trek Magazine (issue date)
WG#=The Writer’s Guides, as referenced by Larry Nemecek in his Concordances, where the number indicates the season.

Following Nemecek’s precedent, items marked with a /v containing information based on visual clues or Okudagram information; items marked with a /s contains information based on a script or other early version of an episode.

And finally, those items marked with an (*) are conjectural, based on the information on hand, and may be further explained by a description in brackets. An item marked by an asterisk within the brackets with the text indicates something constructed with the information on hand, as well as guesswork.

Items highlighted in Yellow take place in the Delta Quadrant.

Items highlighted in Blue take place in the Gamma Quadrant.

Part 1 (Creation-1999)
Part 2 (2000-2200)
Part 3 (2200-2363)
Part 4 (2364-????)

-The Chronology-
Part 2


  • The Xindi home world is destroyed about this time (The Xindi)


  • 27 December    Shannon O’Donnell, a down on her luck engineer, winds up in Portage Falls, Indiana, where she meets Henry Janeway, who refuses to sell out to the Millennium Gate project (11:59).


  • 11 September.  The Twin Towers fall (Picture in the background in (Storm Front, Pt. 2))


  • August    The Nomad probe, Earth’s first extra solar space probe is launched.  Designed and built by Jackson Roykirk, Nomad is  is tasked with seeking out alien life forms. It is presumed lost in a meteor storm (Cg; http://www.startrek.com/launch/keyevents.asp)


  • A joint mission with the Europeans is planned for 4 months on the Space Station (11:59).


  • Archer and T’Pol travel back in time to Detroit, Michigan to find a group of Xindi (Carpenter Street)

    A fairly minor change in the timeline.


c2010-2025* “Early 21st Century”

  • Humpback whales are hunted into extinction on Earth (VH).
  • Earth’s ozone layer is severely damaged (wb).
  • “Acts of Cumberland” (mm). [*Based on context and time period, I suspect that these have something to do with the rights and legal status of IA programs.]
  • DY-500 class ships developed (SS)
  • The Sanctuary Districts are established (Past Tense).
  • “Pan-Carribean Government” (Past Tense).
  • Undersea mining operations (Past Tense).
  • “Europe is falling apart” (Past Tense).


  • The Millennium Gate is dedicated (11:59)


  • Harmon “Buck” Bokai’s rookie year with the London Kings (Past Tense).


  • The Dax symbiote is born (You are cordially invited). [Lela (Dax1) gets the Dax symbiote at some time after this (The non-canon anthology The Lives of Dax places this joining some time in the 2050s)].
  • Propulsion technologies, and speeds, continue to improve. “Sleeper ships” become a thing of the past. (http://www.startrek.com/launch/keyevents.asp)   [Cryogenic “sleeper ships” were widely used by most major Earth governments up until this time, when advances in technology made them obsolete. It would not be for approximately another 30 years until cryogenic ships were completely phased out of use by some of the smaller nations on Earth. (Space Seed”}]


  • Student unrest in Europe makes France an undesirable tourist destination for Earth’s elite (Past Tense).
  • 1-2 September    “The Bell Riots” in the Sanctuary District of San Francisco reveal the social problems as hundreds of “Dims” and “Gimmes” die as government troops are sent in to free the Government Hostages. Gabriel Bell dies as a Martyr (Past Tense).


  • Irish Reunification (hg)


  • Joe DiMaggio’s hitting streak is finally broken by Harmon “Buck” Bokai, “a shortstop from the London Kings” (bg, “If wishes were horses).


  • The Xindi homeworld is destroyed about this time (The Xindi, The Shipment).


  • 12 October    John Mark Kelly is orbiting Mars in the Command Module of the Ares 4 when he encounters a “Gravity Ellipse”. Astronauts Rose Kumagowa and Andre Nokavich are trapped on the surface for weeks until they can be rescued (One Small Step”; http://www.startrek.com/launch/keyevents.asp). [According to (One Small Step), it is this year, during the 5th game of the World Series that Joe DiMaggio’s hitting streak is finally broken by Harmon “Buck” Bokai, “a shortstop from the London Kings” (see 2026).   Ares 4 was sent up by ISA, not NASA]
  • 19 October    Kelly’s last telemetry is picked up from the Ellipse (One Small Step).
  • 20 October    Kelly encounters another vessel in the Ellipse, according to logs later found by Voyager (One Small Step).
  • 25 October    Kelly attempts to escape the Ellipse, according to logs later found by Voyager (One Small Step).
  • 28 October    Kelly’s last recorded log entry, according to logs later found by Voyager (One Small Step).
  • Zefram Cochrane born (Mt) [http://www.startrek.com/launch/keyevents.asp lists this as 2030, however his age is explicitly given in (Mt)]


  • A 52nd state is admitted into the U.S (ro).


  • The New United Nations passes a directive declaring “No Earth citizen can be made to answer for the crimes of their race or forbears” (ef).
  • *The Hotel Royale by Todd Matthews is published (ro).



  • 7 February    The Charybdis vanishes with its crew of 15 (ro/v)

c2040-2060 “Mid-21st century”

  • Television fades to black not long after 2040 (nz).
  • Hovercars are developed (The 37s).
  • Argelian “Great Awakening” leads to a new society of peace and love on Argelius II (WF).
  • Last Klingon Emperor dies (rh).


  • Last World Series of the Planetary Baseball League. London Kings versus Yankees. Only 300 people attend (“If Wishes Were Horses”, “One Small Step”).


  • [Mind Control Riots] (TMP–Novel)


  • The Great Hermosa Quake sinks portions of Southern California, including Venice Beach beneath 200 meters of water (Future’s End).


  • In an alternate timeline, one in which the Bell Riots did not result in the martyrdom of Bell, Kira and OBrien encounter a much more violent Earth    In this timeline in the 24th century the only subspace traffic is Romulan, coming from the direction of Alpha Centauri, the Earth is uninhabited (Past Tense).


  • Photo of Shannon O’Donnell Janeway taken (11:59).
  • At some point during the 21st century, the “New World Economy” replaced money, and Fort Knox became a museum (Dark Frontier)
  • Cryogenics in space travel is finally abandoned (nz). [It will be later picked up for interstellar exploration].
  • Tellarites and Andorians have been feuding since around this time  (Babel One).


  • WWIII (First Contact”, STM (March 2000), http://www.startrek.com/launch/keyevents.asp)
    This war is bad enough that people are still recovering in 2123 when Mariposa is launched (ul). 37 Million people are killed, including “all the lawyers” (BC,ef). [Riker says that 600 million people are killed, but this might be the difference between the deaths in the war itself, versus the deaths caused by the longer term effects (First Contact).] This war destroys many major cities, and causes “Nuclear Winters” (ef, ma, “First Contact). “Post Atomic Horror” (ef); “Nuclear Winters” (ef, ma); “4th World Mercenaries” (ef) [*Possibly Lee Kuan, a Hilter-like dictator mentioned in (PF) and (WGD)]

“Late 21st Century”

  • [Akharin is Abramson?]


  • The ceasefire is barely 3 years old after the Third World War, “Col. Green’s genocidal war” begins to euthanize hundreds of thousands of people suffering from radiation sicknesses (SC, Demons).


  • V’Lar’s diplomatic career begins (Fallen Hero)


  • Mizar II is conquered by aliens. This is the first of 6 such conquests over the next 300 years (al).


  • Something having to do with internal combustion engines happens, although we don’t know just what (Carpenter Street).


  • Zephram Cochrain builds his Prototype CDP engine along with his engineer Lily Sloane, converts an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) into the first faster-than-light, or warp, spaceship – the Phoenix (STTNG:TM, http://www.startrek.com/launch/keyevents.asp)
  • 4 April   The Borg attack Cochrane’s camp (First Contact).
    An alternate timeline is created at this point, in which the Borg destroy Cochrane’s ship, and assimilate Earth.  The Enterprise E follows the Borg Sphere back to Earth. and attempts to restore the timeline (In the new timeline, Cochrane’s original crew and a number of his launch team were killed in the Borg attack.  The crew of the Enterprise take their place.  During the evacuation of the Borg infested Enterprise, the escape pods land on Earth at Gravett Island in the South Pacific)..
  • 5 April   The Phoenix is launched. It is noticed by a passing Vulcan exploration vessel, the T’plana’hath (ST:FC, various print sources).  That evening, Zephram Cochrane meets with the occupants of the Vulcan ship in Northern Montana (ST:FC). [At some point after 2063, Cochrane emigrates to Alpha Centauri, because Kirk refers to him as “Zephram Cochrane of Alpha Centauri” (Me).]
  • 5 April.  In the Alternate Universe, Zephram Cochrane meets with the occupants of the Vulcan ship in Northern Montana, and leads his people to take over the Vulcan ship (In a Mirror, Darkly, pt.1).

Before 2064

  • The first territorial peace accords between Vulcan and Andoria are held (Fallen Hero)  [This may have something to do with the “Tau Ceti Accords”]


  • The first deep-space exploration vessel since 2037, the S.S. Valiant, departs Earth and is eventually lost in a magnetic storm. Transmissions from the ship eventually die out. It is eventually swept out of the galaxy, and the captain is forced to self-destruct (WNM, http://www.startrek.com/launch/keyevents.asp). [Valiant is traveling below WF2, since the Warp 2 “Barrier” won’t be broken until 2143 by A.G. Robinson (First Flight)]
  • Sponsored by the Space Agency, “The Great Experiment”, the S.S. Conestoga, under Cpt Mitchell, leaves Earth about this time (Terra Nova)  [By this time, Utopia Planitia, New Berlin, and even a few Asteroid Colonies have been established (Terra Nova)  It is suggested in the episode that it’s 20 LY away, although if the warp 2 barrier isn’t broken until 2143 (First Flight), it’s pretty clear that this vessel isn’t traveling much faster than Warp 1, therefore “9 years there, 9 years back” means that it’s about 9 LY away.  I should mention that the dates in this episode are very difficult to correlate without some sort of FTL communications]
  • The Ancient civilization of Lavinius V destroyed by “flying parasites” (OA).
  • The radiation laden freighter discovered in the Gamelan system in 2267 was launched sometime about now (fm).


  • The Ba’ku colonize the ringed world within the “Briar Patch” (INS).
  • V’Lar begins her diplomatic career (Fallen Hero)


  • John Burke, Chief Astronomer of the Royal Academy, G.B., maps area of space in the region of what will be known as Sherman’s Planet (TT, http://www.startrek.com/launch/keyevents.asp)
  • Because previous deep-space exploration attempts ultimately failed, a new approach, an unmanned probe named Friendship 1, leaves Earth with a message of peace, warp technology instructions, and an invitation to visit Earth. The probe heads towards the Delta Quadrant (Friendship One, http://www.startrek.com/launch/keyevents.asp). [Again., if the warp 2 barrier isn’t broken until 2043, this probe isn’t going very fast]


  • Approximate construction date of the Bajoran light sail ship, later used by Akorem Laan’s disappearance in his lightship into the Celestial Temple (Accession)


  • Zephram Cochrane says “Don’t try to be a great man, just be a man, and let history make its own judgments” (quoted by Riker in ST:FC)


  • The Conestoga settlers colonize Terra Nova.  They radio back to Earth (Terra Nova) [If it took “nine years there, nine years back”, Terra Nova may orbit Sirius.]  Tucker’s grandfather saw the first transmissions as a child.


  • A member of the “Q” Continuum is imprisoned in a comet in the Delta Quadrant (Death Wish). [This same Q is also accused of having started the “Hundred years war between the Klingons and the Romulans”.]
  • Suspiria, one of the Nacene “Caretakers” of the Ocampa, collects a number of the Ocampa and leaves to explore (Cold Fire)
  • In an alternate timeline, Molly O’Brien is accidentally transported back to this period on the planet Golona (Time’s Orphan).
  • Slug-O-Cola’s advertising campaign dates from this time (Profit and Lace).
  • Vanik joins the Vulcan space program (Breaking the Ice)
  • About this time, the nomadic Moneans discover the ocean planet, and move in (Thirty Days)


  • Nadet (Bernadette) born to Vera Fuller (Terra Nova).
  • A monument to the victims of a wartime massacre is built (Memorial)


  • [U.S. ceases to be 52 states](ro).
  • [New United Nations has been abolished by this time] (ef)
  • Earth decides to send more settlers to Terra Nova.  They send word to Terra Nova.(Terra Nova)


  • After a dispute with Earth about sending new settlers led by Novan Mark Logan, relations are cut off between Terra Nova and Earth (Terra Nova)
  • T’Pol’s readings of the impact crater age (Terra Nova).
  • The Terra Nova colony is nearly destroyed when an asteroid hits the planet about 500 kms north of the colony.  The radioactive rain kills off most of the colony, although the younger children (and a few dying adults) hide out underground (Terra Nova)


  • Col. Richey dies, a victim of pulp literature (ro).


  • The beginnings of the Tralesta/Lornack blood feud on Acamar II (vf).


  • T’Pol is born (Zero Hour).


  • The Fortunate has been hauling freight since about this time [The Captain’s family has been running the ship for “three generations”] (Fortunate son)


  • Vulcan annexes the planet of Paan Mokar/Weytahn [“Cease Fire”].


  • Humans apparently still had war, disease, and hunger (Broken Bow).
  • The Royal Navy submarine HMS Clement is sunk by a leftover mine under the icecap around this time (estimated based on it being Reed’s Great Uncle who was engineer) (Minefield).


  • SS Hokule’a, DY-500-C, launched for Ficus Sector on exploration mission (ul/v).


  • The Martian Colony established (The 37s”, http://www.startrek.com/launch/keyevents.asp) [Although clearly there are bases already on Mars, i.e. Utopia Planetia)].  There were Picards there (GEN).   Terraforming Mars eventually begins with the verteron array deflecting comets to impact on the Martian surface (Terra Prime).


  • VK Yuri Gagarin, DY-732, Launched for Ficus sector to colonize (ul/v).
  • RedJack entity knifes 8 women to death on the Martian Colonies (WF).


  • [*Tobin (Dax2) gets the Dax symbiote (Guess based on statements in “Rejoined”. The non-canon anthology The Lives of Dax places this joining some time before the 2150s).]

c2110  [2111]

  • Jonathan Archer is born to Henry and Sally Archer in Upstate New York. (Broken Bow,  In a Mirror, Darkly/v).

c2110-2120 “Early Twenty Second Century”

  • Liam Devlin founds the Neo-Transcendentalist movement as a reaction to the Post War Chaos (ul).
  • At some point, a time traveler from the future is captured by Berlinghof Rasmussen, and inventor, who steals the time machine, marooning the time traveler (ma).
  • *Baseball dies out as a popular sport (ev, STDS9:WGpre1)
  • The Quadros probes launched toward distant quadrants, and map the major stars in the Gamma Quadrant (Emissary)
  • Kai Taluno is stuck in the Denorios Belt in the Bajor system. Before his vessel is repaired Taluno reports seeing a vision of the heavens opening up before him (Emissary” ).
  • Henry Jackson helps Cochrane to develop a WF5 warp drive (ENT backstory)
  • DY500 class freighters are retired (Strange New World)


  • Border incursions between Vulcan and Andoria (Cease Fire).



  • Cpt Mayweather’s been shipping between the stars at least this long (Fight or Flight).
  • Henry Archer gives a book on astronomy, Cosmos A to Z, to his son on his eighth birthday (Fusion) [Date is an estimate]


  • SS Tomobiji, RT-2203, launched for Ficus sector to explore (ul/v).
  • The Warp 5 Complex is established to create technology that will allow humans to safely explore deep space. Zefram Cochrane is present during the groundbreaking ceremony (http://www.startrek.com/launch/keyevents.asp). Cochrane, now age 87 and a resident of the Alpha Centauri system, decides he wants to die in space disappears in a small spacecraft (Mt).


  • SS Seattle, NAR-18834, launched for Ficus sector for “ADR looping” (ul/v).

c2020-2050 “Mid-21st century”

  • Vulcans start the Interspecies Medical Exchange (Broken Bow).
  • Not long after he becomes a physician, Phlox is part of the first medical team to arrive at the explosion of a ship in orbit around his home world. There are 17 dead on the ship (Fight or Flight). Phlox teaches at a medical academy for years, and he finds the experience rewarding (Fight or Flight). Phlox joins the Interspecies Medical Exchange (Broken Bow). Phlox arrives on Earth as part of the Interspecies Medical exchange (Broken Bow).
  • Malcolm Reed earns the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts (Rogue Planet).
  • Mayweather’s family have been traveling on the J class freighter Horizon (Fortunate Son) for 23 years (Fight or Flight). Travis’s father kept the ship at 0.8G (Broken Bow). Travis takes an interest in Terra Nova when he is a kid (Terra Nova). Travis takes fourth through sixth grades to reach Trillius Prime (Broken Bow). Travis visits Draylax, and the two Tenebian moons (Broken Bow). The ship encounters an escape pod which had been drifting for 63 years, and assistant engineer George Webb, a friend of Travis’s uncle, is assigned to open it; a few days later, Webb starts acting crazy, temporarily disables the ship, and enters an escape pod of his own (Strange New World).
  • Archer takes exobiology (Fight or Flight).
  • Hoshi travels aboard two training vessels. Her quarters are on the port side of each (Fight or Flight). Hoshi takes zero-gee training, and though she doesn’t like it, she “bites her lip” and gets through it (Fight or Flight). Hoshi spends three years in Starfleet training, and graduates second in her class (Fight or Flight).  Hoshi takes a leave of absence from Starfleet to teach at Amazon University (Broken Bow). Hoshi travels with two other teachers to a small tributary of the Amazon River on a hydroskimmer, to see wildlife; Hoshi gets the creeps upon seeing snakes and other creatures (Fight or Flight).
  • T’Pol is not the first Vulcan to serve aboard a Human ship, but she is the first to successfully serve, therefore some other Vulcan serves aboard a human vessel before her (The Shadow of P’Jem)
  • Trip Tucker goes camping with his buddies as a child, wondering what the Sun would look like from very far away (Strange New World). Trip Tucker’s grandmother teaches him never to judge a species by their eating habits (Broken Bow) Trip Tucker’s younger sister Lucy used to follow him to the old movie theater (The Expanse) Trip Tucker’s 10th grade biology teacher is Mr. Velik, a Vulcan.(Strange New World). At some time, Trip Tucker visits another inhabited planet. (Broken Bow)  Trip Tucker sees a stellar nursery through the large telescope outside Anchorage (Fight or Flight).  When Trip was 7 his father gave him a book about Emory Erickson, the inventor of the Transporter (Daedalus).


  • Flashback scenes of Jonathon Archer building a model space ship with his father Henry Archer (Broken Bow).  Construction on the Warp 5 project ship hasn’t begun yet.
  • *Ambassador Soval moves to Earth about this time (Broken Bow, Awakening).


  • Henry Archer dies of Clarke’s disease (Broken Bow, Cold Station 12).
  • T’Pau is born (The Forge).


  • The European Hegemony on Earth begins use of a distress signal code that would remain in use until 2190 (ul)
  • There may be an Enterprise, XCV-330 launched at some point (TMP/v; First Flight/v)
  • 23 November    A privately-funded ship, SS Mariposa, DY-500, NAR-7678, with a Yoyodyne pulse fusion propulsion engine, is loaded with supplies for two different colonies (ul/v).(http://www.startrek.com/launch/keyevents.asp)
  • 27 November    SS Mariposa is launched from the European Hegemony toward the Ficus Sector for colonization (ul).


  • Jonny Archer became an eagle scout (before he was 18) (Rogue Planet)


  • Travis Mayweather is born (“Dead Stop”, Startrek.com)


  • 9 July   Hoshi Sato is born Kyoto, Japan  (In a Mirror, Darkly/v).


  • A ship suffers damage in an ion storm and the bulk of its crew dies before it crashes on a nameless planet (Oasis)


  • Starfleet is founded/chartered/established on Earth, presumably as an arm of the Earth Government (http://talk.trekweb.com/articles/2001/07/27, “Broken Bow”,”Horizon”, First Flight) “It’s no secret Starfleet hasn’t been around too long.”
  • Jonathan Archer, in his early 20’s, witnesses the birth of a gazelle in Eastern Africa (Shockwave, Part II)


  • Kai Taluno is stranded in the Denorios belt when he sees a vision in which “the Heavens opened up” (Emissary)


  • Dr. Arik Soong, working at Cold Station 12, steals augmented embryos left over from the Eugenics Wars and takes them into the Borderlands (Borderlands).


  • HMS Newfoundland, DY-732(N), launched for Ficus sector on “Diplomatic mission to Alderaan” (ul/v)
  • T’Pol, working for the Ministry of Security, completes her training in reconnaissance and retrieval (Seventh).  She goes on a mission to retrieve seven rogue agents, and has to undergo the Fullara ritual at P’Jem (Seventh).  Eventually she transfers to the Science Directorate.


  • Vanik assumes command of of the Vulcan starship T’Mur (Breaking the Ice)


  • SS Buckaroo Banzai, BBI-993, launched for Ficus sector on “mission to Planet 10 (Dim 8)” (ul/v).
  • Surak’s Katra is found (The Forge).


  • Charlie “Trip” Tucker III enters Starfleet (Unexpected)  He lives a few blocks from the Vulcan Compound in Sausalito (Broken Bow)
  • Quinn Erikson is killed in a Transporter accident (testing the sub-quantum transporter) (Daedalus).


  • Malcolm Reed goes for a week without eating. (Silent Enemy).
  • Kov, a Vulcan engineer, has an argument with his father because Kov doesn’t accept the standard understanding of Surak’s teachings (Fusion)


  • Zobral and his faction begin their protests against their government (Desert Crossing)
  • Shran takes command of the Komari, first ship of her class (Babel One).


  • Jonathon Archer is a pilot in the NX program, along with Robinson, Duvall and Gardiner; trying to break the warp 2 barrier.   (Henry Archer appears to be dead by this time).  AG Robinson is the first human to reach warp 2.2 when the NX-Alpha is destroyed.  The Vulcans try to shut the program down.  Archer and Robinson take the NX-Beta and prove the engine.  They reach warp 2.5 (First Flight)  Trip  Tucker and Archer meet (Unexpected)
  • The Vulcan ship Vahklas leaves Vulcan to explore (Fusion).
  • The Suliban Cabal starts attacking Tandarite planets and colonies (Detained).


  • After over a year of testing ends and the NX program picks up where it left off (First Flight)
  • 8 months later, Duvall in the NX-Delta reaches warp 3 (First Flight)
  • Dr. Arik Soong is arrested and tried for working with augmented embryos left over from the Eugenics Wars (Borderlands).


  • The Borg assimilate Species 262, a primitive species with a mythology of a powerful substance that could burn the sky (The Omega Directive).
  • Some time around here, T’Pol serves for a year as a science officer aboard the Selaya under Captain Voris (Impulse).


  • SS Urusei Yatsura, DY-430, launched for Ficus sector on Nebula Survey Project (ul/v).


  • Archer saves Tucker’s life (Unexpected) [Presumably, this may have been the Omega training mission on Titan, referred to by Archer in “Strange New World”.    Tucker’s EV pack freezes up and he suffers from nitrogen narcosis, leading him to try to take off his helmet. Archer convinces him to keep his helmet on even though Trip thinks he’s going to die]
  • Starfleet begins research into an E/M barrier (force field) (Vox Sola).


  • Captain Kuulan’s ship crashes on a planet, according to Ezral (Oasis).


  • T’Pol moves into the Vulcan Compound in Sausalito (Broken Bow”, “Fusion). By this time she has visited a total of 36 Minshara-class planets (probably including Earth and including Rigel X) (Strange New World).  Some time after this T’Pol visits a restaurant in San Francisco on Earth, intrigued by the music playing (Fusion), and takes a five-day leave from the Sausalito compound, visiting an old mining town, Carbon Creek, in Pennsylvania on a personal matter. She also visits Yellowstone Park and the Carlsbad Caverns (Carbon Creek).
  • Last time Phlox sees his family (Night in Sickbay).
  • Several Suliban attempt to escape from Tandarian Detention Complex 26 (Detained).
  • Garos leads a survey mission to the planet Akaali  (Civilization).
  • Enterprise‘s keel may have been laid at this point (First Flight).


  • World Government is formed of nation-states and planetary coalitions (at). Australia, the last holdout, joins the United Earth government. (http://www.startrek.com/launch/keyevents.asp)  [The symbol of the United Earth (?) is a picture of the Earth with a single asymmetrical olive branch.  The United Earth Space Probe Agency seems be in charge of Startfleet]
  • At some point during the 21st century, Sven “Buttercup” Hanson is a prizefighter (11:59).
  • The Enterprise, NX-01, is built as the first long range Starfleet vessel (WF5 project) (http://talk.trekweb.com/articles/2001/07/27) [One wonders if the name of this ship in the Original TOS timeline was the Dauntless, NX-01 – based on Voyager’s Dauntless, NX-01A]


  • November    Archer is selected as Captain of Enterprise (First Flight)
  • On Akaali, Riann begins to investigate what she thinks is a plague that her brother has died from (Civilization).
  • The colonists of the colony founded on Moab 4 have to have left Earth before this time since they don’t know about transporters (Masterpiece Society).


  • Transporters are declared safe for biological use.
  • Phase pistols are new.
  • Keyla speaks with someone who knows about the Suliban. It will be the last time she does so for over a year (Two Days and Two Nights).
  • Malcolm Reed calls home to let his parents know he’s been assigned to Enterprise as Armory Officer (Silent Enemy)
  • *6 April    Klaang visits Rigel X, meets with a Suliban woman named Sarin, and begins to travel to Qo’noS (Broken Bow).
  • *9 April    In an altered timeline, Archer appears in his apartment in San Francisco draw there from 10 months in the future by Daniels, who is hiding his meeting with Archer from the other side.  He talks to Archer for 2 hours.   Presumably the timeline is somehow altered back after he sends Archer back.(Shockwave, pt. 1)
  • *10 April    E  Broken Bow, pt. 1  Trying to escape the Suliban, Klaang travels to Earth, and crash-lands near Broken Bow, Oklahoma (Broken Bow). [This is the first contact with the Klingons.  Because of the “disastrous” results of this first meeting with the Klingons, Star Fleet later establishes strict rules regarding first contacts, and the Prime Directive (fc)]
  • *11-12 April     Captain Archer assembles his crew.  Earth Organization Starfleet launches Enterprise several months early 
  • 15 April    Klaang regains consciousness, before he is captured by the Suliban.
  • 16 April    E  Broken Bow, pt.2  Archer and the Enterprise visit the Rigel X.  Enterprise arrives at the Suliban Helix. 
  • *20 April    Enterprise and her crew are the first Humans to visit Q’onos. 
  • Enterprise travels through an ion storm to explore an inhabited nitrogen sulfide planet (Broken Bow)
  • Enterprise visits an uninhabited planet and Hoshi picked up a slug (Broken Bow”, “Fight or Flight) [This may or may not have been the same planet as the inhabited nitrogen sulfide planet, since the slug lived on argon]
  • 6 May    E  Fight or Flight
    Enterprise makes first contact with the Axanar, as well as a large spacecraft that killed an Axanarian crew. [Dr. Phlox knows of Nausicans.   “Two weeks since launch”, episode starts about 26 April]
  • Mid May    E  Strange New World
    Enterprise discovers a “Menshara Class” world. [“Three weeks in deep space””Six Weeks Since Launch”]
  • Late May    E  Unexpected
    Tucker visits a Zerillian (Theran) ship.   He gets pregnant. [Events on Q’onos were “A month ago”  Klingons are using a D-7 style battle cruiser.  They get Zerillian holographic technology]
  • *June    E  Terra Nova
    Enterprise solves the mystery of the Lost Colony.
  • *27 June    E  The Andorian Incident
    Enterprise visits the Vulcan Kolinahr monastery of P’Jem. It’s been occupied by Andorians.  After a firefight in the reliquary, they finds a large sensor array hidden beneath the monastery. [“Nine weeks, 4 days”  since launch]
  • *July    E  Breaking the Ice
  • *27-31 July    E  Civilization
    Archer uncovers signs of Malurian intervention on the pre-industrial Akali Menshala class planet (78 LY to get here)
  • August    E  Fortunate Son
    Enterprise answers a distress call from the L-Class Fortunate, which has been attacked by Nausicaan raiders.  The Fortunate is 18 months out from Jupiter Station. [Enterprise drops a subspace amplifier]
  • Enterprise deploys the first subspace amplifier (Fortunate Son”, “Silent Enemy)
  • Late August- 2 September    E Silent Enemy
    Enterprise drops a second subspace amplifier and encounters a new alien species.  They nearly return home [Malcolm Reed’s birthday is 2 September.  They are 100 LY from Earth (Note – at .56 LY/Day, a hundred LY should take 56 days to travel this distance.]
  • 9-10 September    E Cold Front [“four months, three weeks, and six days“]
  • *September    E Dear Doctor
  • *October    E Sleeping Dogs
  • Late October    E The Shadow of P’Jem
    P’Jem is destroyed by Andorian bombardment.  The Vulcans withdraw from Earth and suspend joint fleet activities, and recall T’Pol.  Enterprise visits Corridan
  • 8-12 November    E Shuttlepod One [Log entry on the 9th]
  • November    E Fusion
    Enterprise encounters a shipload of emotional Vulcans
  • * Late Nov/Early Dec    E Rogue Planet
    Enterprise encounters a rogue planet with hunters.
  • * December    E Acquisition
    Enterprise is boarded and nearly looted by a group of unknown aliens (the first actual contact with the Ferengi)
  • * December    E Oasis


  • T’Pau arrives at the T’Karath Sanctuary and begins to search for the Kir’Shara (Awakening).
  • E Detained
  • E Vox Solis
  • E Fallen Hero
    Enterprise rescues Ambassador V’Lar from the Mazarite home world
  • E Desert Crossing
  • E Two Days and Two Nights
    Enterprise visits Risa, 90 LY from Earth.
  • E Shockwave
    Enterprise visits a Paraagan mining colony.  An accident occurs that destroys the colony and 3600 people.  Daniels tells Archer that this is a change to the timeline, and helps him to find the Suliban responsible.
    In the altered timeline, Earth does not help to found the Federation, and is eventually devastated.  They know of the Romulan Star Empire.  Daniels’ future ceases to exist, as does apparently that of the other faction.
  • E Shockwave, pt.2
  • E Carbon Creek
    T’Pol tells a story
  • E Minefield
    Enterprise makes first contact with the Romulan Star Empire, and is badly damaged in a minefield around an unknown Menshara class planet. [T’Pol explicitly states that the Vulcan High Command knows of the Romulans but has made no contact – this is suspicious with regards to the “Century Long War” mentioned in (Deathwish) that Quinn was supposed to be responsible for – see however the notes for 250 and 350].
  • E Dead Stop
    Enterprise sends out a distress call.  A message from a Tellerite freighter leads them to an automated repair station (4 days after Minefield, repairs last for 36 hours., and a week before Reed can go back on duty.  They are 10 years from Earth at WF2 (130 LY according to Archer)  The station has replicator technology – T’Pol says that she’s seen such tech with the Tarkalians).
  • Vulcan Ambassador V’Lar will testify against a conspiracy of corrupt Mazarite officials (Fallen Hero)
  • Enterprise visits Kessick Prime (A Night in Sickbay)
  • E A Night in Sickbay
  • E Marauders
  • E The Seventh
  • E The Communicator
  • Enterprise encounters a trinary system with a black hole (Singularity)
  • E. Singularity
  • E Vanishing Point
    Hoshi experiences a transporter failure.
  • September  E Precious Cargo
  • E The Catwalk
    Enterprise is hit by a class 5 nucleonic storm.  The crew is forced to take refuge in one of the Nacelles.
  • Enterprise leaves the storm
  • E Dawn
  • E Stigma
  • E Cease Fire
  • E Future Tense
  • E Canamar
  • E The Crossing
  • E Judgement
    Archer is captured by the Klingons and put on trial.  He escapes from Rura Penthe


  • 10 January    E Horizon
  • *January    E The Breach
  • *February    E Cogenitor
  • *February    E Regeneration
    Remnants of the Borg attack on Earth in 2063 are found buried in the Arctic.   Those Borg escape and head off towards Borg space, after sending a communication towards the Delta Quadrant that will take 200 years to arrive..
  • *March    E First Flight
    A G. Robinson dies climbing Mt McKinley.  Enterprise encounters a dark matter nebula.
  • 31 March    E Bounty
    Archer is captured by a Tellerite Bounty Hunter, while T’Pol has a false Ponn Farr
  • 24 April    E The Expanse
    Earth is attacked with over 7 million casualties (including Trip’s home town).  Enterprise is recalled, rearmed and sent out to to the Delphic Expanse find the Xindi.   Enterprise is retrofitted with bigger weapons, including “photonic” anti-matter torpedoes.  The trip takes 7 weeks, after a major refit.  It will be 14 months before the launch of NX-02 (less 7 weeks)
  • Mid June    Enterprise enters the Delphic Expanse

[eight months before (Countdown)]

Late July    E  The Xindi
[Six weeks into the Expanse] E Anomaly E Extinction E Rajiin E Exile September  E The Shipment
[Three months after entering the Expanse] E Twilight
In the first timeline, Archer is infected with a weird subspace parasite, loses his command to T’Pol, the Earth is destroyed by the Xindi and humanity become fugitives. October  E Impulse
[Three months before (Damage).  Episode aired after (Ranjin)] [About this point, Trip and T’Pol’s cells are used to conceive a child by Terra Prime (Demons, Terra Prime) — if the child is six months old in Jan 2155] E North Star
Enterprise finds a colony of 6000 humans in the Delphic Expanse, still at a 19th century level of technology. E Similitude
Trip gets a clone. E Carpenter Street
Daniels shows up to talk to Archer and send him and T’Pol back in time to 2004. E Chosen Realm 6 December  E Proving Ground 12 December  E Strategem 27 December  E Harbinger


  • E Doctor’s Orders
  • 8 January  E Hatchery
  • Mid January  E Azati Prime
  • Mid January  E Damage
  • Late January  E The Forgotten
    [Two days after (Damage).  Nine months since the attack on Earth.]
  • *Late January  E
    In the first timeline, Enterprise is sent back in time 117 years.  In the new timeline, Enterprise meets the descendants of the first timeline’s Enterprise.
  • Early February  E The Council
  • 13 February E Countdown
    The Xindi launch the weapon
  • 14 February  E Zero Hour
    Enterprise destroys the spheres and the barrier around the expanse.  Archer destroys the Xindi weapon.  Enterprise is sent back to Earth
    Enterprise is sent back in time 210 years.
  • E Storm Front, Pt.1
  • E Storm Front, Pt.2
    Enterprise returns from the past.
  • E Home
  • T’Pol returns to Vulcan and gets married.
  • 17 May  E Borderland
    Dr. Arik Soong’s Augments steal a Klingon Bird of Prey.  Enterprise takes Soong in search of them.  Orion interceptors capture 9 crew.
  • E Cold Station-12
  • 27 May  E The Augments
    Dr. Arik Soong tries to take his Augments and stolen embryos into Klach T’Kell Bracht (aka the Briar Patch).  He looses control of the Augments, and redeems himself.
  • E The Forge
    The Earth embassy on Vulcan is bombed before an Earth-Vulcan summit meeting, killing 12 Vulcans and 31 Humans (including Admiral Forrest).  Enterprise travels to Vulcan to investigate the bombing.  Archer and T’Pol follow Surak’s Path into the Forge. They meet Aev (Syrran), who is killed.  Archer is given Surak’s Katra.
  • E Awakening
    Investigator Stell is discovered by the High Command to be a Syrrannite.  Soval loses his position for being a “Melder”.
     the bombing.  Archer confronts T’Pau at the T’Karath Sanctuary on the NE edge of the Forge.  They track down the Kir’Shara as the High Command bombs the Sanctuary (Compound). T’Les dies in the bombardment. [It is possible that this is “the last civil war” referred to in the reference in (Gambit) to T’Karath Sanctuary, or that was the war around 350]
  • E Kir’Shara
    Drawing off the Andorian fleets to Paan Mokar, the Vulcans prepare to invade Andoria.  Soval tells the Andorians.  There is a battle and V’las is removed from office.  Archer and T’Pau reveal Surak’s holographic manuscript.  The High Command is to be dissolved. Koss releases T’Pol from her marriage. [Seleya is east of the capitol city, and there appears to be a Romulan influence in the Vulcan government]
  • [June-July  A daughter belonging to Trip and T’Pol is born around this time (Demons)]
  • July-Aug?    Columbia, NX-02 was supposed to have been launched around this point here. (The Expanse) [Name is given in (E²)]
  • E Daedalus
    Emory Erikson, the inventor of the Transporter, travels on Enterprise to test a sub-quantum transporter.
  • E Observer Effect
    (Enterprise encounters a pair of Organians.  And then forgets all about it)
  • E Babel One
    Andorians and Tellarites are fighting.  Tellarites seem to destroy Shran’s ship
    12 Nov.  Enterprise picks the Tellarite ambassador from Tellar Prime to take him to Babel. They encounter Shran’s survivors.  Enterprise is attacked by Andorians. 
  • E United
    Archer creates a Planetary Alliance between Humans, Tellarites, Vulcans, and Andorians to track down the (Romulan) Marauder.
  • E The Aenar
  • 27 November  E Affliction
    Enterprise returns to Earth.  Trip transfers off Enterprise to Columbia.  Phlox is kidnapped by Klingons.  The Klingons are being infected by a mutagenic virus with human augment DNA. Malcolm Reed has been working for Section 31.  Columbia is launched.
  • E Divergence
    Trip returns to Enterprise from Columbia
  • 27 December E Bound
    Archer is given a gift of 3 Orion Slave Girls.  Trip discovers he is bonded to T’Pol.


  • 13 January  E In a Mirror, Darkly, pt. 1
    In the Alternate universe,First Officer Archer takes over Enterprise from Captain Maxwell Forrest.  Archer has learned that the Tholians have come across a ship from the future.  He and a landing party board the USS Defiant, NCC-1764 (from (TW)).  Forrest and Enterprise are destroyed leaving Archer aboard the Defiant.  [There is some sort of rebellion going on against the Terran Empire, and there has recently been a battle at Tau Ceti that cost the Empire 12 ships.]
  • 18 January E In a Mirror, Darkly, pt. 2
    Archer takes command of Defiant.
    Hoshi murders Archer, and declares herself Empress orbiting Earth in Defiant
  • 19 January  E Demons
    Enterprise is recalled to Earth to witness the first meeting of a conference trying to establish a new coalition of planets, including Tellerites, Andorians, Rigellians, Vulcans, Corridanites, Denobulans, Kreetassans, and ?.  Speech by Minister Nathan Samuels, who wants to come up with a charter in 6 weeks.  A woman, Susan Corey, dying from a phase pistol wound, hands T’Pol a hair from a Vulcan-human hybrid baby, a child of Tucker and T’Pol.  Corey is a member of Terra Prime, an Earth-Isolation movement.  They infiltrate the Orpheus mining facility on the Moon. [The Moon is a “hotbed” of Terra Prime activity].    [John Fredrick Paxton is the leader of Terra Prime]  Terra Prime takes over the verteron array on Mars.  [Note, formal attire for men still uses neckties – really ugly neckties.  Hoshi has improved the Universal Translator]
  • E Terra Prime
    Archer and company barely save Star Fleet Command from destruction by Paxton, and regain control of the Verteron Array. T’Pol and Trip’s baby is dying [Vulcans have consulates in Canberra and Berlin as well as San Francisco]
  • 22 January Enterprise return to Earth. T’Pol and Trip name the dying baby Elizabeth. Her hybrid genetic structure is unstable. Phlox thinks that a human/Vulcan hybrid is still possible.  Archer manages to get the conference back on track.  The delegates attend Elizabeth’s memorial service.
  • T’Pol and Trip’s relationship is over (These are the Voyages).


  • RedJack entity knifes 2 women to death in Heliopolis, Alpha Proxima II (Alpha Eridani II) (WF).


  • The Romulan War (BT). The war is fought with atomic weapons against an unseen enemy who uses slower than light speed vessels. Romulans are defeated at the Battle of Cheron (df) The treaty is arranged by subspace radio (BT) [The whole topic of subspace radio is problematic, since there are several instances later that clearly don’t involve subspace radio, however has some form of it.  The war ended before the founding of the Federation in 2161 (ma). This may also be the treaty that initially establishes the Neutral Zone.]
  • [Some time in her late 30s, Hoshi Sato develops the Linguacode Translation Matrix (In a Mirror, Darkly, pt.2/v).]


  • Shran fakes his own death. (These are the Voyages).


  • VK Velikan, DY-1200, launched for Ficus sector for exploration (ul/v).
  • Archer ends his command of Enterprise and is promoted to Admiral (In a Mirror, Darkly/v).


  • E These are the Voyages
    (Part of this episode takes place during the TNG episode “The Pegasus”)  Enterprise is returning to Earth for decommissioning, and the signing of the Charter. Shran asks for Archer’s help to get his daughter back, they divert to Rigel X.  Tucker kills himself to save Archer and Shran  [Enterprise can travel at Warp 7?]
  • United Federation of Planets founded (oc, Zero Hour, These are the Voyages). Starfleet is chartered. Starfleet Academy founded (fd/v) [The Federation has a Constitution/Charter with a Bill of Rights containing certain “Guarantees.” (dh) Also included in the Charter is the establishment of “Section 31” (Inquisition), and the non-interference directive, or Prime Directive (Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges).  Earth, Vulcan, Tellar, Andor and Alpha Centauri are charter members. (Zero Hour).  Jonathon Archer is on the dais  having had something to do with events that eventually lead to the founding of the Federation (Zero Hour, Shockwave, pt. 2)  Archer is a signer of the Charter (These are the Voyages)]
    In an alternate timeline, the Federation isn’t founded because of Archer’s disappearance (Shockwave, pt. 2)


  • A scout ship contacts the Delos star system. It reports two inhabited planets, Brekka and Onara. Brekka/Delos IV is an agricultural world, while Onara/Delos III is more technologically oriented and has rudimentary space travel (sy).  Sometime after this a plague breaks out on Onara.


  • Sarek of Vulcan, child of Skon and Solkar, born (sa, SFS).
  • General Shran makes Archer an honorary member of the Andorian Guard (In a Mirror, Darkly/v).


  • USS Archon is destroyed by the Landru computer, planet Beta III (RA).
    Phlox’s treatment to cure Archer’s memory loss cures it all the way back through the timeline reverting everything  back to 2153 “Twilight”.


  • Deneva colonized “as an outpost between the Asteroid belt and the Federation worlds” (OA).
  • Straleb and Atlec, the Twin Worlds of Madena, colonized (ok).
  • The burial vaults of the first Hybician civilization are discovered on Cardassia. The jevonite treasures found at the sites are quickly plundered to pay for Cardassian war efforts (c2).
  • *Q and Guinan meet and have an altercation about this time (qw).


  • USS Essex, NCC-173, Daedelus Class, Cpt. Bryce Schuman, lost (pw).   Starbase 12 is under the command of Admiral Uttan Narsu.


  • SS Horizon visits Iotia and leaves behind “The Book,” which forms the basis for a new civilization. The Horizon is eventually lost (PA, STE3). [The distress call is via normal radio, and so takes a hundred years to reach Earth.]


  • Archer retires as Chief of Staff, Starfleet Command, and becomes Ambassador to Andoria (In a Mirror, Darkly/v).


  • Last eruption of the Kavis Alpha neutron star (ev).
  • In an alternate timeline, the last surviving humans on Ceti Alpha V are wiped out by the Xindi (Twilight).


  • “Masterpiece” colony founded on Moab 4 is established. This Earth colony is established as a genetically pure environment, designed so that every member was bred for a specific task (ms). [They don’t know about transporters, which means that they probably left Earth before 2150]
  • “Native Americans” leave Earth (je)
  • First use of a photon torpedo by the Vulcans (If Wishes Were Horses).
  • Akorem Laan. a Bajoran poet disappears into the Wormhole (Accession).
  • [*Emony (Dax3) gets the Dax symbiote (Guess based on statements in “Rejoined” The non-canon anthology The Lives of Dax places this joining some time before the 2220s)(This is the Gymnast)]
  • Autarch Tieran, a war hero and famous military leader, rules Ilari, a planet in the Delta Quadrant. He eventually becomes suspicious of those around him, and begins to treat his subjects as potential traitors. He researches methods of extending his own life, and is able to learn how to transfer his consciousness into other bodies. The Ilari people rebel against Autarch Tieran, and after a year are successful in overthrowing him. Tieran escapes (Warlord).


  • Dax first serves as a field docent (Playing God).


  • The Jem’Hadar infect the planet Teplan with the the Quickening (Quickening)


    In an alternate timeline, the Defiant colonizes a planet in the Gamma Quadrant after being thrown back in time (Children of Time).
  • Lt. Cdr Hoshi Sato retires from Starfleet, age 45, sometime around here (In a Mirror, Darkly/v).


  • Las assumes humanoid form for the first time before this time (Chimera).
  • Annorax first uses the Krenim uses the time weapon against the Rilnar, accidentally damaging his own Empire.  The second time he uses the weapon, he eradicates his wife on Kyanu Prime.  Eventually civilizations like the Malkoth and the Alsurian vanish before his weapon as he beings a campaign of altering the timeline in the Delta Quadrant.   In the FINAL timeline, his wife distracts him so that he never fully develops his time weapon (Year of Hell)
  • Archer becomes a Federation Council member (In a Mirror, Darkly/v).


  • DEV Eagle Valley, DY-950, Launched for Ficus sector for colonization (ul/v)


  • Archer becomes Federation President (In a Mirror, Darkly/v).


  • SS Hatteras, DY-245, Launched for Ficus sector for colonization (ul/v)


  • The European Hegemony stops using the “Mariposan style” beacon. (ul) [*It is reasonable to assume that the European Hegemony soon evolves into the European Alliance mentioned in (pr).]


  • Archer retires from the Federation presidency (In a Mirror, Darkly/v).


  • Last Daedalus class ships decommissioned (pw)

Part 1 (Creation-1999)
Part 2 (2000-2200)
Part 3 (2200-2363)
Part 4 (2364-????)