TIME LINE of the Star Trek Universe, pt. 4

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Compiled by Marc Carlson

Since all of this information came from other sources, I really don’t feel like I can copyright it. Feel free to use it as you wish. If you like the occasional hypothesis herein all I ask is that you remember where you got it.

Note on sources:

The sources used for this were the episodes and movies, the Next Generation Technical Manual, the Star Trek Chronology, The Writers Guides and onscreen visual references found in the Concordances to the old and new series. The old series Technical Manual was used as a comparison in one instance only.

The codes in parentheses indicate the source. Episode and movie codes are explained under the titles, where they occur in the chronology. The follow the coding system is based on those used by Bjo Trimble and Larry Nemecek.

STTOS, TOS = Star Trek, the Original Series
STTNG, TNG = Star Trek, the Next Generation
STDS9, DS9 = Star Trek, Deep Space Nine
STV, STV = Star Trek, Voyager
ENT = Enterprise (aka Star Trek, Enterprise)
STTOS:TM = Star Trek Discovery
STTOS:TM = Star Trek Technical Manual
STTNG:TM = Star Trek the Next Generation Technical Manual
STDS9:TM  = Star Trek Deep Space Nine Technical Manual
STC = The Star Trek Chronology, a History of the Future
STC2   = The Star Trek Chronology, a History of the Future (2d ed)
STE = The Star Trek Encyclopedia
STE2 = The Star Trek Encyclopedia (2d ed)
STE3 = The Star Trek Encyclopedia (3d ed)
STM (date) = Star Trek Magazine (issue date)
WG# = The Writer’s Guides, as referenced by Larry Nemecek in his Concordances, where the number indicates the season.

Following Nemecek’s precedent, items marked with a /v containing information based on visual clues or Okudagram information; items marked with a /s contains information based on a script or other early version of an episode.

And finally, those items marked with an (*) are conjectural, based on the information on hand, and may be further explained by a description in brackets. An item marked by an asterisk within the brackets with the text indicates something constructed with the information on hand, as well as guesswork.

Items highlighted in Yellow take place in the Delta Quadrant.

Items highlighted in Blue take place in the Gamma Quadrant.

Part 1 (Creation-1999)
Part 2 (2000-2200)
Part 3 (2200-2363)
Part 4 (2364-????)

-The Chronology-
Part 4

2364 (41000-42000)

  • Ro Laren graduates from SFA
  • Romulan Senator Pardek participates in trade conference.
  • Morn starts drinking at Quark’s (Who Mourns for Morn).
  • A Ferengi begins to research the early history of space travel in the Federation (11:59).
  • 4 August  A Change in reactor design decreased the Intrepid overall mass   (STM (May 2002)).
  • 41148 Jean Luc Picard is ordered to assume Command of Enterprise (ag1).
  • 41124 Jean Luc Picard assumes command of Enterprise (dr).
  • William Thomas Riker, First Officer of the Hood is offered command of the Drake, but declines it to be 1st Officer of Enterprise (af)
  • 41153 Encounter at Farpoint (ef/FAR)
    The Enterprise encounters a member of the “Q” Continuum.
  • 41154 Encounter at Farpoint, pt 2 (e2)
    Riker, Laforge, and Crusher report to the Enterprise.
  • 41209 Naked Now (nn)
  • 41235 Code of Honor (ch)
  • 41242 Datalore (da)
  • 41249 The Lonely Among Us (la)
  • 41255 Justice (ju)
  • 41263 Where No One Has Gone Before (wn)
  • 41294 Haven (hv)
    The last known surviving Tarelian ship arrives at Haven.
  • 41309 Too Short a Season (ts)
    Admiral Mark Jameson dies on Mordan IV.
  • 41365 11001001 (oo)
  • 41386 Last Outpost (lo)
    Allegedly the first direct Federation/Ferengi contact.
  • 41416 Coming of Age (ca)
  • 41463 Home Soil (hs)
  • 41503 Heart of Glory (hg)
  • 41509 When the Bough Breaks (wb)
  • 41590 Hide and Q (hq)
  • Riker is given the powers of a member of the “Q” Continuum.
  • 41601 Skin of Evil (se)
    Tasha Yar dies.
  • 41636 Angel One (ao)
    Romulan warbirds grouping on their side of the Neutral Zone. [Note: Tasha Yar is actually still alive in this episode]
  • 41697 We’ll Always Have Paris (wa)
  • 41723 The Battle (ba)
  • 41775 Conspiracy (co)
    An alien conspiracy to take over Star Fleet is defeated.
  • 41798 Arsenal of Freedom (af)
    USS Drake, NCC-20381, is destroyed by automated defense system on Minos.
  • 41986 Neutral Zone (nz)
    First actual contact with Romulans since Tomed Incident [*1st Borg incursion?]
  • 41997 Big Goodbye (bg)
  • 41??? Symbiosis (sy)
  • Thrax leaves the job of Chief of Security on Terrak Nor (Things Past)

2365 (42000-43000)

  • Beverly Crusher named as Head of Starfleet Medical.
  • Odo is assigned to Terrak Nor to work with Gul Dukat as a Security officer. Kira murders the chemist Vetrick (Emissary, Necessary Evil).
  • B’Elanna Torres dates Max Burke in the Academy (Equinox)
  • A couple of Ferengi attempt to burgle Fort Knox (Dark Frontier).
  • The Lissepian Mother’s Day Heist.  Morn disappears with a 1000 bricks of gold pressed latinum, and loses his hair (Who Mourns for Morn).
  • 42073 The Child (tc)
    Ian Andrew Troi is born and dies.
  • 42193 Where Silence Has Lease (ws)
  • 42286 Elementary, Dear Data (ed)
  • 42402 The Outrageous Okana (ok)
  • 42437 The Schizoid Man (sm)
    Dr. Ira Graves dies.
  • 42477 Loud as a Whisper (lw)
  • 42494 Unnatural Selection (us)
  • 42506 A Matter of Honor (mt)
  • 42523 Measure of a Man (mm)
    Cpt Phillipa Louvois, SF-JAG, upholds the previous ruling that the android Data is a sentient life form.
  • 42568 The Dauphin (dp)
  • 42609 Contagion (cg)
    USS Yamato, NCC-1305/E (or NCC-71807), destroyed.
  • 42625 The Royale (ro)
  • 42679 Time Squared
  • 42686 The Icarus Factor (if)
  • 42695 Pen Pals (pp)
  • 42761 Q Who (qw)
    Q introduces the Enterprise to the Borg. They alert the Federation to the Borg’s existence. [It should be noted at this point that the Borg already know of the Federation’s existence thanks to the broadcast in 2252, assimilating the Hansens, and the assimilation of the Tombaugh, which means Q really did do the Federation a favor.]
  • 42779 Samaritan Snare (ss)
  • 42823 Up the Long Ladder (ul)
  • 42859 Man Hunt (mh)
  • 42901 The Emissary (em)
    IKV Tong returns to Federation space.
  • 42923 Peak Performance (pk)
  • 42976 Shades of Gray (sg)

2366 (43000-44000)

  • [SF Uniform changed to two piece with the same offset, asymmetrical black wedge and shoulders, although the jumpsuit version with piping is still worn by lower ranks.(ev/v)]
  • Beverly Crusher returns to the Enterprise.
  • The Cardassian freighter/penal ship Ravinok, carrying Bajoran slaves to a labor camp, is downed by the Breen, killing Dukhat’s mistress Tora Naprin, and capturing their daughter Zial (Indiscretion)
  • Three innocent Bajorans: Ishan Chaye, Jillur Gueta and Timor Landi are arrested by Odo and executed for an attempted assassination of Gul Dukhat (Things Past)
  • Tuvok stops teaching at SFA.  He serves with Commander Kathryn Janeway during her time as XO of the USS Billings. (Night)  [During her first year aboard, she sent an away team to survey a volcanic moon. Their shuttle was damaged by a magma eruption, and three crewmembers were severely injured. The next day Janeway returned to the moon alone to complete the survey. She wanted the crew to know that their suffering had not been in vain.]
  • Defiant project begun (STDS9:TM)
  • February  Secondary Hull design instituted for Intrepid design  (STM (May 2002)).
  • 43125 Evolution (ev)
  • 43133 Ensigns of Command (ec)
  • 43152 The Survivors (sv)
    Delta Rana IV colony is destroyed by the Husnock, a “hideous” warrior race. In retaliation, the Douwd, Kevin Uxbridge, exterminates the entire Husnock race.
  • 43173 Who Watches the Watchers (ww)
  • 43198 The Bonding (bo)
  • 43205 Booby Trap (bt)
  • 43349 The Enemy (em)
  • 43385 The Price (pr)
  • 43421 The Vengence Factor (vf)
  • 43462 The Defector (df)
  • 43489 The Hunted (hv)
  • 43510 The High Ground (hi)
  • 43549 Deja Q (dq) Q loses his power.
  • 43610 A Matter of Perspective (mp)
  • 43625 Yesterday’s Enterprise (ye)
  • 43657 The Offspring (of)
  • 43685 Sins of the Fathers (sf)
  • 43714 Allegience (al)
  • 43745 Captain’s Holiday (cp)
  • 43779 Tin Man (ti)
  • 43807 Hollow Pursuits (hp)
  • 43872 The Most Toys (mo)
  • 43917 Sarek (sa/SK)
    Sarek concludes a treaty with the Legarans
  • 43930 Menage a Troi (me)
  • 43957 Transfigurations (tf)
  • 43989 Best of Both Worlds (bb)
    Battle of Wolf 359 vs. the Borg destroys 39 starships and kills 11,000 people (dr) [Among the destroyed ships are the USS Ahwanee, NCC-2048; USS Bonestell, NCC-31600; USS Buran, NCC-57580; USS Chekov, NCC-53702; USS Firebrand, NCC-68723; USS Gage, NCC-11672; USS Kyushu, NCC-65491; USS Melbourne, NCC-62043; USS Princeton, NCC-59804]; USS Roosevelt, NCC-2573; USS Saratoga, NCC-31811 (DSN “Emissary) [Ben Sisko was XO, Jennifer was killed (Unity); USS Tolstoy, NCC-62095)…] Somehow, at least some of the people captured by the Borg are returned to Borg Space (Riley “Unity”, Marika Wilkarah “Survival Instinct”, and “Laura” in “Unimatrix Zero). Other survivors, such as Ben Sisko, make it out in life pods (DSN “Emissary). The Excalibur may have been damaged at this time, although this is not clear (Survival Instinct).

2367 (44000-45000)

  • Tuvok meets Janeway (STM (March 2002))
  • Starfleet holds a briefing on Q (Q-less).
  • Federation-Cardassian Treaty of 2367 (date given in “Dreadnought). Peace treaty with Cardassians (wo); Cpt. Edward Jellico is “instrumental” in the signing of the Armistice with the Cardassians, bringing an end to the “Border Wars.” This is mostly very early in 2367.
  • Ben Sisko at Utopia Planitia. He helps design the Defiant.
  • Curzon Dax dies, Jadzia (Dax8) gets the worm (Dax).
  • *Henry Kim enters SFA.
  • The Romulan scientist Telek Rimor dies (Eye of the Needle)
  • October  The Intrepid configuration is frozen  (STM (May 2002)).
  • 44001 Best of Both Worlds, pt.2 (b2)
    Borg visit Earth, and are destroyed at the last minute by the Enterprise.
  • 44012 Family (fa)
  • 44085 Brothers (br)
    Noonian Soong dies.
  • 44143 Suddenly Human (sh)
  • 44161 Remember Me (rm)
  • 44215 Legacy (le)
  • 44246 Reunion (re)
  • 44286 Future Imperfect (fi)
  • 44307 Final Mission (fm)
  • 44356 The Loss (lo)
  • 44390 Data’s Day (dd)
    (1550th day from the commissioning of the Enterprise.” i.e., 2 Jan, 2368)
  • 44429 The Wounded (wo)
    Cpt Ben Maxwell, USS Phoenix, NCC-65420, begins attacking Cardassian outposts and shipping, believing that the Cardassians are rearming for war.
  • 44474 Devil’s Due (dv)
  • 44502 Clues (cl)
  • 44??? First Contact (fc)
  • 44614 Galaxy’s Child (gc)
  • 44631 Night Terrors (nt)
  • 44664 Identity Crisis (ic)
  • 44704 Nth Degree (nd)
  • 44741 Qpid (qp)
    Q drags Vash off to the far ends of the galaxy.
  • 44769 The Drumhead (dr)
  • 44805 Half a Life (hl)
  • 44820 USS Sutherland, NCC 72105, launched according to Bridge Plaque.
  • 44821 The Host (ho)
  • 44885 The Mind’s Eye (mi)
  • 44932 In Theory (it)
  • 44995 Redemption (rd)

2368 (45000-46000)

  • Dr. Julien Bashir graduates 2d in his class at Starfleet Medical (Emissary”; STM (June 2001) has this in 2367).
  • First Runabout testing at Mars (STDS9:TM).
  • The Work Bee enters service (STDS9:TM).
  • First Runabouts commissioned (Paradise).
  • O’Brien’s mother dies (Whispers)
  • Seven of Nine and three of her collective crash on an abandoned world and are temporarily severed from the Collective. One of these is Bajoran Marika Wilkarah, engineer aboard the Excalibur at Wolf 359 (Survival Instinct).
  • A Borg cube in the Delta Quadrant is damaged by a storm.  Many of the drones make their way to a nearby planet and begin to remove their components.  Among these was Riley, science officer aboard the Roosevelt at Wolf 359 (Unity)
  • 3 March  Chakotay resigns his commission to join the Maquis (In The Flesh).
  • April   Final systems improvements for Intrepid design approved.  (STM (May 2002)).
  • 45020 Redemption, pt. 2 (r2)
    The Klingon Civil War begins.
  • 45047 Darmok (dm)
  • 45076 Ensign Ro (er)
    Solarian IV Colony destroyed by Cardassians
  • 45092 The Next Phase (np)
  • 45122 Silicon Avatar (si)
    Malona IV Colony destroyed by the marauding giant Crystalline Entity. It is destroyed as well.
  • 45156 Disaster (di) Molly O’Brien born
  • 45208 The Game (gm)
  • 45233 Unification (uf/uf2/UNI)
    Sarek of Vulcan dies. Ambassador Spock is on Romulus.
  • 45349 A Matter of Time (ma)
  • 45376 New Ground (ng)
  • 45397 Hero Worship (hw)
  • 45429 Violations (vi)
  • 45470 The Masterpiece Society (ms)
  • 45494 Conundrum (cn)
  • 45571 Power Play (pw)
  • 45587 Ethics (et)
    The transport USS Denver, Yorkshire Class (Crew: 25 – 5000 colonists & supplies), strikes a gravitic mine – presumed abandoned.
  • 45614 The Outcast (oc)
  • 45652 Cause and Effect (ce)
  • 45703 The First Duty (fd)
  • 45733 Cost of Living (cs)
  • 45761 The Perfect Mate (pm)
  • 45832 Imaginary Friend (im)
  • 45854 I, Borg (ib)
  • 45944 The Inner Light (il)
  • 45959 Times Arrow (ta)

2369 (46000-47000)

  • Gul Elem Garak (Mech Inf) orders the deaths of numerous Cardassians and is then Exiled to DS9 (The Wire) [This is probably a Garak-misdirection]
  • O’Brian’s father remarries (in the spring) (Whispers).
  • Kira is living in a labor camp (The Siege).
  • 46001 Time’s Arrow, pt. 2 (t2)
  • 46041 Realm of Fear (rf)
    USS Yosemite is rescued.
  • 46071 Man of the People (mn)
  • 46125 Relics (rl)
    A Dyson Sphere is discovered, and Montgomery Scott is rescued.  [Trapped in 2293].
  • 46154 Schisms (sc)
  • 46192 True Q (was: Q-Me) (tq)
    Amanda Rogers becomes a member of the “Q” Continuum
  • 46235 Rascals (ra)
  • 46271 A Fistful of Datas (fs)
  • 46307 The Quality of Life (ql)
  • 46357 Chain of Command, pt. 1 (c1)
  • 46360 Chain of Command, pt. 2 (c2)
    Cardassian Invasion plan is thwarted.
  • Cardassians leave Bajor, abruptly abandoning a shattered planet unable to even simply care for itself, two weeks before DS:9-The Emissary.
  • 46379 D Emissary, pt. 1
    Sisko assumes command of DS9 [2369] (STDS9:TM)
  • 46386 The Enterprise oversees the Bajoran/StarFleet takeover of Terak Nor/DS9, and helps to rebuild the half wrecked station.
  • [Introduction of the “Overall” uniforms (black body, colored shoulders) (Emissary/v).  These will be worn along side the two piece uniforms as a sort of utility uniform on ships and space stations, while the two piece is more of a formal undress uniform]
  • 46390 The Enterprise leaves Bajor for the Lapola System,
  • 46393 The Enterprise returns to Bajor
  • 46421 D A Man Alone
  • 46??? D Past Prologue
  • 46423 D Babel
  • 46424 Ship in a Bottle (sb)
  • 46??? D Captive Pursuit
  • 46437 Date of creation of a backup virus in the Cardassian superweapon’s computer system (Dreadnought).
  • 46531 D Q Less
    Vash returns from the Gamma Quadrant
  • 46461 Aquiel (aq)
  • 46??? D The Passenger
  • 46519 Face of the Enemy (fe)
  • 46??? D Move Along Home (Sore losers)
  • 46??? Tapestry (tp)
  • 46??? D The Nagus (Friends and foes)
  • 46578 Birthright, pt. 1 (bi1)
  • 46579 Birthright, pt. 2 (bi2)
  • 46??? D Vortex
    Odo takes Crodan back to the Gamma Quadrant.
  • 46682 Starship Mine (st)
  • 46??? D Battle Lines
    Kai Opaka is killed in the Gamma Quadrant.
  • 46693 Lessons (ln)
  • 46729 D The Story Teller
  • 46731 The Chase (ch)
  • 46778 Frame of Mind (fr)
  • 46830 Suspicions (su)
  • 46844 D Progress
  • 46852 Rightful Heir (rh)
    Kahless appears to return from Sto-Vo-Kor, only to have it turn out that he is a clone of original. The clone of Kahless becomes Emperor of the Klingon Empire.
  • 46875  Intrepid Class aeroshuttle spaceframe completed  (STM (May 2002)).
  • 46??? D If Wishes were Horses
  • 46910 D Dax
  • 46915 Second Chances (sd)
    Lt. W. Thomas Riker is rescued from his eight year exile on Nervala IV. He leaves to join the Ghandi.
  • 46922 D Dramatis Personae
  • 46925 D The Forsaken
  • 46944 Timescape
  • 46??? D Duet
  • 46??? D Hands of the Prophets
  • 46982 Descent (de)
  • DS9 becomes an official Starfleet Administered orbital facility (STDS9:TM).

2370 (47000-48000)

  • Kes is born (Twisted).
  • Tuvok’s last Pon Farr (Body and Soul).
  • [At some point, possibly at this point, Reginald Barclay is transferred to the Jupiter Station where he assists Dr. Louis Zimmerman in developing the Emergency Medical Hologram system used on Voyager and the Enterprise E (Projections)]
  • [Prior to c47700 (see 48722 for rationale) Tom Paris served on the Exeter (Non Sequitor)]
  • 47007  USS Equinox, NCC-72831 is launched according to Plaque (Equinox/v).   It is based on the earlier Defiant/Pathfinder design (STTNG-TM)
  • 47025 Descent, pt.2 (de2)
  • 47??? D Homecoming
  • 47??? D The Circle
  • 47??? D The Siege
  • 47??? Liaisons (li)
  • 47???  Sometime about this point, Riker spends an evening at Quark’s on DS9.
  • 47135 Gambit, pt.1 (g1)
  • 47160 Gambit, pt.2 (g2)
  • 47177 D Cardassians
  • 47182 D Invasive Procedures
  • 47215 Interface (in)
    USS Hera disappears. The USS Raman, NCC-29487, is lost on Marijne VII.
  • 47225 Phantasms (ph)
  • 47229 D Melora
  • 47254 Dark Page (dk)
  • 47??? D Rules of Acquisition
  • 47282 D Necessary Evil
  • 47304 Attached (at)
  • 47310 Force of Nature (fn)
    Medical transport USS Fleming is abandoned in the Hekarus Corridor presumed destroyed
  • 47329 D Second Sight
  • 47391/9 Dec Parallels (pa)
    Worf’s birthday.
  • 47391 D Sanctuary
  • 47??? D Rivals
  • 47410 Inheritance (ih)
  • 47??? D The Alternate
  • 47457 Pegasus (pe)
  • 47457 Riker watches a Holoprogram of Archer’s last mission (These are the Voyages).
  • 47??? D Armageddon Game
  • 47423 Homeward (hm)
  • 47??? Sub Rosa (sr)
  • 47566 Lower Decks (ld)
  • 47581 D Whispers
  • 47573 D Paradise
  • 47603 D Shadowplay
  • 46611 Thine Own Self (th)
  • 47??? D Playing God
  • 47618 Masks (mk)
  • 47??? D Profit and Loss
  • 47622 Eye of the Beholder (eb)
  • 47??? D Blood Oath
  • 47653 Genesis (ge)
  • 47751 Journey’s End (je)
    The inhabitants of Dorvan V refuse to be withdrawn when the Cardassians come to claim the world under the terms of the Federation/Cardassian Peace Treaty.
  • 47??? D The Maquis, pt.1
  • 47??? D The Maquis, pt.2
  • 47??? First Born (fb)
  • 47??? D The Wire
  • 47834 Voyager’s warp core is installed  (STM (May 2002)).
  • 47829 Bloodlines (bl)
  • 47869 Emergence (eg)
  • 47941 Preemptive Strike (ps)
    Ro finishes Tactical Training; She defects to the Maquis
  • 47??? D Crossover
    Bashir and Kira accidentally cross over into the Mirror Universe.  There they find the Terran Empire has been overthrown by the Klingon/Cardassian Alliance: Terrak Nor is still an ore processing station over Bajor, manned by Terran slaves and run by Intendant Kira Nerys.  They convince that universe’s Sisko and O’Brian to rebel against the Alliance.
  • 47892? Belanna Torres launches the rebuilt Cardassian superweapon “Dreadnought” towards a Cardassian target (Dreadnought).
  • 47918 Harry Kim graduates from Star Fleet Academy. He requests Voyager (Non Sequitor).
  • 47988 All Good Things, pt.1 (ag1)
    Q brings the voyages of the Enterprise full circle.
  • 47988 All Good Things, pt.2 (ag2)
  • 47??? D The Collaborator The election of Kai Winn
  • 47??? D Tribunal
  • 47??? D The Jem’Hadar (was: The Dominion)
    The USS Odyssey, NCC-71832, is destroyed by Jem’Hadar fighters.[Odyssey]

2371 (48000-49000)

  • [Change to new Starfleet Emblem (The Search, Pt.1/v, GEN)]
  • [Baseball is begin played on Cestus III (Family Matters)]
  • 48035 Voyager launched (According to Bridge plaque; “Future’s End).
  • 48038 14 Jan Voyager launched at McKinley Station (STM (May 2002)).
  • 48183 [48308] USSVoyager, NCC-74656, given to Janeway. Seven of Nine briefly travels through time to visit Voyager while looking for a bomb (Relativity” (STM (May 2002))).. The EMH is activated briefly (Relativity”, “Projections”, “Lifesigns).
  • 48212 D The Search, pt.1
  • 48??? D The Search, pt.2
    The first real contact with the Founders.
  • 4830? V Caretaker, pt.1
    USSVoyager, NCC-74656, begins a “Three Week Cruise” in search of a Maquis crew. [Crew: 141]  During this time, Chakotay, drifting through time, encounters Janeway (Shattered). [Crew: 153]
  • 48307 Last Starfleet Contact with Voyager (According to (Non Sequitor)).
  • 48308 Voyager‘s Emergency Medical Hologram is activated when the ship is dragged into the Delta Quadrant (Projections).
  • 48315 V Caretaker, pt.2
  • 48317 Voyager destroys the Caretaker’s array. [Voyager is stated to be 75,000 ly from home.  In (Voyager Conspiracy) this is the stardate given for Voyager being brought to the Delta Quadrant]
  • 48??? D The House of Quark
  • 48??? D Equilibrium
  • 48??? D Second Skin
    Bashir recently visited a seminar on Kleistron IV (On burns?)
  • 48??? D The Abandoned
  • 48??? D Civil Defense
  • 48423 D Meridian
  • 48439 V Parallax
  • 48467 D Defiant
  • 48??? D Fascination
  • 48481 D Past Tense, pt.1
  • 48??? D Past Tense, pt.2
    The Tal Shiar/Obsidian Order combined fleet is destroyed attacking what they think is the Founder’s Home world.
  • 48498 D Life Support
  • 48498 V Time and again
  • 48521 D Heart of Stone
  • 48532 V Phage
    Voyager encounters the Vidiians

    [At some point after this, “56 days, 17 hours” after they arrived in the Delta Quadrant (before Samantha Wildman discovers she’s pregnant) Kes arrives back in time, and helps the Vidiians to nearly destroy Voyager (Fury)].
  • 48543 D Destiny
  • 48546 V The Cloud
  • 48??? D Prophet Motive
    Grand Nagus Zek returns the Orb of Wisdom
  • 48579 V Eye of the Needle
  • 48??? D Visionary
  • 48??? V Ex Post Facto
  • 48??? D Distant Voices
  • 48623 V Emanations
  • 48??? D Through the Looking Glass
    Sisko is captured by Smiley O’Brien and taken into the Mirror Universe.  The Rebellion’s Sisko was killed recently and they need him to accomplish a mission on Terrak Nor.  Sisko converts Jennifer Sisko to the Rebellion.
  • 48632 Star Trek: Generations (GEN).
    The Enterprise D is destroyed while saving Veridian III. Lursa and B’etor are killed.  Picard buries Kirk’s body on Viridian III.
  • 48??? D Improbable Cause
  • 48642 V Prime Factors
  • 48650 The Enterprise D wreckage is abandoned on the surface of Veridian IV (GEN)
  • 48658 V State of Flux
    Seska is caught selling replicator technology to the Kazon-Nistrum. Seska is revealed to be a Cardassian spy [Stardate given in (Voyager Conspiracy)].
  • 48693 V Heros & Demons
  • 48722 [Date Paris would have been paroled in Kim’s alternate future (Non Sequitor). If he was sentenced to 18 months, and we assume that this would be not less than 1/2 to 2/3 of his sentence (i.e., 9 months to a year) then he was likely tried for treason c47700]
  • 48734 V Cathexis
  • 48??? D The Die is Cast
  • 48784 V Faces
  • 48??? D Explorers
  • *48830 The Olympia returns to Federation space and has an accident. Cpt. Kusak is the only survivor, her distress call is picked up by the Defiant three years in the future (The Sound of Her Voice) [“Three years, two months” before the episode.].
  • 48832 V Jetrel
  • 48??? D Family Business
  • 48846 V Learning Curve
  • 48??? D Shakaar
  • 48892 V Projections
  • 48??? D Facets
  • 48921 V Elogium
    Samantha Wildman reveals she’s pregnant
  • 48959 D The Adversary
  • 48960 Sisko promoted to Captain (The Adversary). The Founders try to instigate a new war between the Federation and the Tzenkethi.
  • 48975 V The ’37s

2372 (49000-50000)

  • The Cardassians seal their borders, as things begin to become unstable at home. The Central Command is overthrown by Civilians who establish the Detapa Council. Gul Dukat changes sides to the civilians.
  • 49005 V Initiations
  • 4900? D Way of the Warrior, pt.1
    The Klingons invade Cardassian space.
  • 49011 D Way of the Warrior, pt.2
    Worf is assigned to DS9. The Klingons withdraw from the Khitomer Accords, and the Treaty with the Federation is in abeyance.[Venture]
  • 49011 V Non-Sequitor
  • 49??? V Twisted
  • 49??? V Parturition (was: The Fog)
  • 49066 D Hippocratic Oath
  • 49066 V Meld
  • 49??? D The Visitor
  • 49??? V Persistence of Vision
  • 49123 The Kazon are attacking Voyager when Seven of Nine and Cpt Janeway each travel back in time to stop a temporal saboteur from destroying the ship (Relativity).
  • 49??? D Indiscretion
  • 49175 The Founders detonate a bomb at a Federation/Romulan diplomatic conference in Antwerp, killing 27 people, including the Tholian Ambassador (Homefront)
  • [49177] D Homefront (pt.1 of 2)
  • 49??? D Paradise Lost
    [Power is lost all over Earth on the “29th”. The President’s speech is planned for the 14th, as is Admiral Leighton’s coup][Lakota]
  • 49??? V Tattoo
  • 49195 D Rejoined (was: Once Joined)
  • 49??? V Cold Fire
    Voyager encounters the other “Caretaker”, and a colony of Opaca. [10 Months after (Caretaker) – c.49143 +/- 35 or so.]
  • 49??? D Little Green Men
    Nog travels to Earth to enter Star Fleet Academy.
  • 49208 V Maneuvers
  • 49??? V Resistance
  • 49263 D Starship Down
  • 49??? V Prototype
  • 49??? D The Sword of Kahless
    Kor, Worf and Dax go on a quest to find the lost Sword of Kahless  [Kor has been Klingon Ambassador to Vulcan].
  • 49301 V Death Wish
    Voyager encounters members of the “Q” Continuum.
  • 49337 V Alliances
  • 49373 V Threshold
    Tom Paris exceeds the Warp 10 Barrier.
  • 49415 Odo is infected with a virus intended to destroy the Founders while at Starfleet Medical (When it Rains) [This date seems a bit late since Sisko and Odo’s visit to Starfleet was a bit earlier than this in the year].
  • 49447 V Dreadnought
    Voyager encounters the Maquis missile “Dreadnought”.
  • Sovereign Class USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E is launched.
  • 49??? D Our Man Bashir
  • 49??? D Crossfire
  • 49??? D Return to Grace
  • 49485 V Investigations
    Paris leaves Voyager, to trap a Kazon spy.
  • 49504 V Lifesigns
    The Doctor heals an injured Vidiian.
  • 49522 Chakotay suggests that Voyager make a trade agreement with the Kolhari (Voyager Conspiracy).
  • 49548 V Deadlock
    Naomi Wildman is born. Voyager duplicates itself while fleeing the Vidiians.   One of the two Voyagers is destroyed, after being attacked by the Vidiians, and sending Harry Kim and Naomi Wildman over to the badly damaged, but surviving Voyager (on which these two had previously died).
  • 49556 D Sons of Mogh
  • 49??? D Bar Association
  • 49??? V The Thaw
  • 49624  Chakotay, drifting through time, encounters the Doctor (Shattered).
  • 49??? D Accession (was: The Other Emissary)
  • 49655 V Tuvix (was: Symbiogenesis)
  • 49665 D Rules of Engagement
  • 49??? V Innocence
  • 49??? D Hard Time
  • 49??? D Shattered Mirror
    Sisko and Jake travel into the Mirror Universe.  The Rebellion has driven the Alliance from Terrak Nor and built a version of the Defiant.  Sisko is needed to help with the new Defiant so that they can fight Klingon Regent Worf.  Jennifer Sisko is killed by Intendant Kira.
  • 49690 V Resolutions
  • 49??? D The Muse
  • c49768 D For the Cause
    Kassidy Yates is arrested, Michael Eddington is revealed as a Maquis agent.
  • 49??? V Remember
  • 49904 D To the Death
    DS9 is attacked by renegade Jem’Hadar.
  • 49??? D The Quickening
  • 49??? D Body Parts
  • 49??? V Basics, pt.1
  • 49??? D Broken Link
    Odo is made human. At this point, the virus he was infected with was transmitted to the Great Link.
  • The Klingon Empire declares war with the Federation.
  • The Klingons raid Arcanus.
  • The Klingon High Command is moved to Ty’Gokor (Apocalypse Rising).
  • The O’Brien baby is transferred to Kira (Apocalypse Rising).

2373 (50000-51000)

  • In an alternate future, the Bajorans sign a mutual defense pact with the Klingons, in the face of increasing Klingon/Federation troubles (The Visitor).
  • 50??? Sisko and Dax take the Rio Grande to Earth to report to Starfleet (Apocalypse Rising).
  • 50??? D Apocalypse Rising
    Sisko and his undercover team reveal the existence of a Changeling in the heart of the Klingon High Council.
  • 50032 V Basics, pt.2
  • 50049 D The Ship
  • Sisko and his crew recover a Jem’Hadar ship.
  • 50063 V Sacred Ground
  • 50??? D Looking for Par’Mach in All the Wrong Places
  • 50074 V False Prophits
  • 50??? D Nor the Battle to the Strong
    Klingons invade Ajilon Prim.  The Farragut is destroyed near the Lembada Cluster.
  • 50126 V Flashback
    [ST:TUC was 80 years earlier, or 2293].
  • 50??? D The Assignment
  • 50165 V The Chute
  • 50??? D Trials and Tribble-ations
    The Cardassians return the Orb of Time.
  • 50203 V Remember
    Voyager collects a group of Onaran telepaths.
  • 50211 Voyager returns their Onaran passengers to Onara.
  • 50252 V The Swarm
  • 50??? D He Who is Without Sin…
    The Essentialists, a group of Federation dissidents, mess up Risa with Worf’s help.
  • 50??? D Things Past
    Odo drags Sisko, Dax and Garak into an hallucination of the Occupation.
  • Voyager is declared officially lost about this point [“14 months” before (Message in a Bottle), probably about SD 50300].
  • 50312 V Future’s End, pt.1
    Voyager encounters the Federation Timeship Aeon
  • 50312 V Future’s End, pt.2
  • 50??? D The Ascent
    Nog returns to DS9 from his 1st year at SFA. The Federation Grand Jury is investigating the Orion Syndicate.
  • 50348 V The Warlord
  • 50384 V The Q and the Grey
    A “civil war” breaks out among the Q, resulting in a number of supernovae in the Delta Quadrant. The birth of a new “Q” re-aligns the Continuum.
  • c50398 Julian Bashir is replaced by a Changeling while attending a conference on burn treatment on Meezan IV (In Purgatory’s Shadow) [Bashir is in an old uniform]
  • 50??? D Rapture
    Bajor’s petition to join the Federation has been approved.  Sisko find B’Hala.  Sisko gets a vision that holds off Bajor’s joining. [Uniform change to black and gray] [False Bashir] Kassidy Yates is released from prison [6+ months after (For the Cause)]
  • 50416 D The Darkness and the Light
    [False Bashir]
  • 50425 V Macrocosm
  • 50??? D The Begotten
    Kirayoshi O’Brien is born [roughly seven months after being transferred to Kira in (Body Parts)] [False Bashir]
  • 50??? V Fair Trade
  • 50460 V Alter Ego
  • 50485 D For The Uniform
    [“Eight months” after Eddington’s betrayal][Malinche][False Bashir]
  • 50488 D In Purgatory’s Shadow
    [False Bashir] Bashir is is located in a Dominion prison (“about a month” after his capture. “5 weeks” and “37 days” (Inquisition)). The Dominion invade the Alpha Quadrant
  • 50518 V Coda
  • 50537 V Blood Fever
    Voyager encounters the first sign of the Borg. [Crew: 73 males]
  • 50564 D By Inferno’s Light
    Cardassia under Dhukat joins the Dominion. The Klingons return the the Khitomer Accords. The Maquis are probably wiped out in the Demilitarized one by the Jem’Hadar and Cardassians. The combined fleets of the Klingons/Federation/Romulans guard DS9 against an expected Dominion attack that fails to materialize.[Volga, Yukon]
  • 50614 V Unity
    Voyager encounters the crew from a damaged Borg Cube.
  • 50??? D Doctor Bashir, I Presume
  • 50??? D Things Past
  • 50639 V The Darkling
  • 50??? D A Simple Investigation
  • 50??? D Business as Usual
  • 50??? V Rise
  • 50712 D Ties of Blood and Water
  • 50732 V Favorite Son
  • 50??? D Ferengi Love Songs (was: Of Love and Profit)
  • 47???-56??? V Before and After
    Kes is destabilized in time by a future Krenim attack, and learns about an alternate future (information which is ignored when the Voyager encounters the Krenim).  The Doctor restabilizes her.
  • 53,K999 D Soldiers of the Empire
  • 50814 D Children of Time
  • 50836 V Real Life
  • 50??? D Blaze of Glory
  • 50893 Star Trek: First Contact (FCON)
    The Borg invade Federation Space.   Admiral Hayes orders the Enterprise to the Romulan Neutral Zone. Starfleet loses a battle near the Typhon Sector.  The Borg cube is destroyed over  Earth, but not before releasing a time traveling Borg Cube. [The Defiant is severely damaged; Barkley is temporarily serving on the Enterprise
  • 50??? V Distant Origin
    The Voth track down Voyager. [Crew: 148]
  • 50??? D Empok Nor
  • 50912 V Displaced
  • 50929 D In the Cards
    [Worf is back on DS9; the Defiant has been repaired.]
  • 50953 V Worst Case Scenario
  • 50975 D Call to Arms
    The Federation withdraws from DS9 [2373](STDS9:TM)
  • 50979 Voyager‘s Doctor has to decide who dies between Harry Kim and Ensign Jetal, and has trouble with that (Latent Image)
  • 50984 V Scorpion, Part 1
    Voyager enters the heart of Borg Space. Janeway allies with the Borg (Voyager Conspiracy).

2374 (51000-52000)

  • In an alternate future, the Federation turns control of DS9 over to the Klingon Empire (The Visitor).
  • *Proconsul Neraal is named Praetor by the Continuing Committee of the Romulan Star Empire (Inter Alia Enim Silent Leges).
  • Barclay moves into an apartment on Earth, with his cat, Neelix. He is on the Pathfinder team, developing MIDAS (Mutara InterDimensional transponder Array S?) (Pathfinder).
  • 51003 V Scorpion, Part 2
    Seven of Nine joins Voyager’s crew.
  • 51008 V The Gift
    Kes leaves Voyager, after pushing the ship 10,000 ly [Stardate given in (Voyager Conspiracy). Distance given in (Message in a Bottle)-STDS9:TM and (Equinox) suggest that at this point, Voyager has taken about 3 years to travel about 3000 ly. Distance given in STE3 and STM (June 2000) is 9,500 LY.]  In an alternate “Year of Hell” future, Kes does not leave the ship, and apparently Seven of Nine doesn’t join it. (Before and After)
  • 51030 Seven of Nine’s major Borg implants are removed, and her separation from the “Hive Mind” [Date given in (Voyager Conspiracy)].
  • 51082 V Nemesis
  • 51??? D A Time to Stand
    Three months of War with the Dominion. [The Seventh Fleet lost 98/122 ships. Centaur patrolling border.]
  • 51096 D Rocks and Shoals
  • 51??? D Sons and Daughters
  • 51145 D Behind the Lines
  • 51186 V Revulsion
    Tuvok is promoted to Lt. Cmdr about this time.  Harry and Seven design the new Astrometrics Lab.
  • 51??? V The Raven
  • 51??? D Favor the Bold
    [Sisko’s fleet contains elements of the Second, Fifth Fleets with an estimated 627 ships after eleven ships fall out (“Twelve hundred and fifty four ships.” “They outnumber us two to one.”). Total include Cortez and Sarek]
  • 51??? D The Sacrifice of Angels
    The Federation retakes DS9 in “Operation Return” [2374] (STDS9:TM) [Magellan, Majestic, Sitak, Venture]
  • 51244 V Scientific Method
  • 51247 D You are Cordially Invited… (was: Once Upon a Wedding)
    Worf and Dax are married [The Ninth Fleet is stationed at DS9].
    [Sutherland, Akagi, Exeter, Potemkin]
  • 51252 V The Year of Hell, pt I
    [Voyagers‘s Astrometrics Lab becomes operational]
  • 51252 Day 1 (The Year of Hell – Alternate Timeline) 1st encounter with the Krenim (very weak).
  • 51252  In an alternate “Year of Hell” future, one in which Kes was on board, but not Seven of Nine, Janeway and Torres are killed in the first Krenim attack (Before and After).
  • 51253 Day 4 (The Year of Hell – Alternate Timeline)  Encounter with the Zahl / Incursion against the Zahl / Major attack by the Krenim (800 worlds, 5000 pc).
  • 51260 Day 32 (The Year of Hell – Alternate Timeline)  Deck 5 (sec 10-53) is destroyed; Janeway loses her lucky teacup.
  • 51263 Day 47 (The Year of Hell – Alternate Timeline) Kim and Torres are trapped in turbolift.  Transverse bulkheads are suggested.  Seven finds an unexploded Krenim torpedo imbedded in a Deck 11 Jeffries tube.  Tuvok loses his sight in the explosion.
  • 51??? D Resurrection
    Bareil and Intendant Kira cross over from the Mirror Universe to steal one of the Orbs.
  • 51268 Day 65 May 20, Janeway’s Birthday (The Year of Hell – Alternate Timeline) Seven manages to erect shields that can block the Krenim weapons.  Voyager becomes able to protect itself / Incursion against the Garenor / Krenim are reduced by new incursion to a pre-warp technology.
  • 51270 Day 70 (The Year of Hell – Alternate Timeline) Astrometrics is repaired.   Voyager is attacked, and seriously damaged, by the Annorax’s Time Ship.  
  • 51272 Day 73 (The Year of Hell – Alternate Timeline) Janeway orders most of the crew to abandon Voyager.
  • 51??? D Statistical Probabilities
  • 51??? D The Magnificent Ferengi
  • 51367 V Random Thoughts
  • 51368+  Voyager is attacked by pirates who steal a lot of technology [10 days before (Concerning Flight)]
  • 51386 V Concerning Flight (was: Da Vinci’s Day Out)
  • 51392 Chakotay violated the Prime Directive allowing a trader to keep Federation technology.
  • 51408 The computer core and the Doctor’s holo-emitter are restored.
  • 51408 D Waltz
    [Honshu, Constellation]
  • 51425 Day 133 (The Year of Hell – Alternate Timeline) Voyager is hiding out in a Class 9 Nebula.
  • 51??? D Who Mourns for Morn?
  • 51??? D Far Beyond the Stars
    [Cortez is destroyed. Capt Quinton Swofford. Crew 400.]
  • 51449 V Mortal Coil
  • 51461 V Message in a Bottle
    Voyager encounters a network of interstellar relays (possibly built by the Hirogen) (Voyager Conspiracy).
  • 51462 Voyager sends the Doctor to the Alpha Quadrant. Starfleet battles the Romulans over possession of the Prometheus. Starfleet learns about the survival of Voyager. [Date given in STDS9:TM and  (Voyager Conspiracy). Voyager distance is said to be 62,000 LY]
  • 51471 V Waking Moments
  • 51474 D One Little Ship
    [Rubicon][The Jem’Hadar are breeding “Alphas” to replace the “Gammas” who are falling to attrition].
  • 51??? D Honor Among Thieves
  • 51501 V Hunters
    Starfleet sends messages to Voyager.
  • 51502 Day 161 (The Year of Hell – Alternate Timeline) Chakotay begins to work with Annorax.
  • 51557 Day 181 (The Year of Hell – Alternate Timeline) Voyager is being pelted with micrometeors – Janeway receives serious burns repairing the deflectors.
  • 51563    Ensign Lindsey Ballard is killed on an away mission by a Hirogen hunting party (Ashes to Ashes).  Her corpse is collected by the Kobali, and her corpse is revivified, as they begin to convert her to one of them.
  • 51597 D Change of Heart
  • 51629 Day 207 (The Year of Hell – Alternate Timeline) Janeway finds Chakotay’s watch / Incursion against the Ram Izad / A 53% restoration of the Krenim.
  • 51652 V Prey
    A Hirogen hunter follows a member of Species 8472 to Voyager. Janeway orders Seven of Nine to work on her social skills [Date given in (Voyager Conspiracy)].
  • 51??? D Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night
  • 51??? D Inquisition
  • 51679 V Retrospect
  • 5168? *The Hirogin take control of Voyager [Date is estimated by counting back 19 days from the Killing Game]
  • 51682 Day 226 (The Year of Hell – Alternate Timeline) Janeway makes an alliance with the Nihydren and the Mawasi.
  • 51??? V The Killing Game, pt. 1
  • 51715 V The Killing Game, pt. 2
  • Betazed falls to the Dominion [Two weeks before 51721] (In the Pale Moonlight).
  • 51721 D In the Pale Moonlight
  • [51723] V Demon
    Voyager visits the “Demon Class Planet”, leaving behind a duplicate crew. This crew soon creates a new Voyager and continues on a separate trek to Earth. [Date is estimated by counting back 10 months, 11 days from “Course: Oblivion”]
  • 51??? V Living Witness
    Janeway tries to avoid becoming involved with a conflict between the Kyrians and the Vasikans [The “Demon Class” planet is in the Vasikan Sector].
  • Kellin spends several weeks aboard Voyager looking for a fugitive (Unforgettable).
  • [51759] Voyager-2 visits a comet in the Pedaris sector [Date is estimated by counting back 9 months, 28 days from “Course: Oblivion”]
  • [51762 is the date given for the ceasefire with the Hirogen, probably in “The Killing Game, pt 2” (Voyager Conspiracy)].
  • 51762 V Vis a Vis
  • 51767 Day 257 (The Year of Hell – Alternate Timeline) Janeway rams the nearly destroyed Voyager into the Krenim Time-Weapon, restoring the timeline.
  • 51781 V Omega Directive
  • 51??? D His Way
  • 51813 V Unforgettable
  • 51??? D The Reckoning
  • 51825 D Valiant
    [Shenandoah, Valiant]
  • 51829-32 V One
    (Duration is one month – 110 light years = a little under WF6) [Crew: 151]
  • 51??? D Profit and Lace
  • [51836] The Kree attempt to conscript Voyager-2 into their battle fleet [Date is estimated by counting back 9 months, 2 days from “Course: Oblivion”]
  • 51861  Voyager makes a non-aggression pact with the Terkellians (Voyager Conspiracy).
  • 51??? D Out of Time
  • [51878] Voyager-2 encounters the Kamada [Date is estimated by counting back 8 months, 12 days from “Course: Oblivion”]
  • 51948 D The Sound of Her Voice
    The Defiant finds the remains of Captain Lisa Kusak and the USS Olympia.
  • 51??? D Tears of the Prophets
    Dukhat is possessed by a Pagh Wraith. Jadzia Dax is killed by Dukhat/the Pagh Wraith a before it collapses the Wormhole. All the Orbs go dark. Sisko leaves DS9 and returns to Earth.
  • Shortly after this, there is a problem transporting the Dax symbiote aboard the USS Destiny. Ensign Ezri Tegin (Dax9) is forced to accept the worm (Image in the Sand)
  • 51978 V Hope and Fear
    Voyager uses the quantum slipstream drive to cut 300 LY from the trip. [Voyager is stated to be 60,000 LY from Earth, although this is more likely rounding from about 60,700 LY]

2375 (52000-53000)

  • Kira is promoted to Colonel (Image in the Sand).
  • Pah-wraith cults spring up all over Bajor (Image in the Sand).

   At some point during this time, Dukhat leads a group of Cultists to Empok Nor (Chrysalis).

  • In an alternate “Year of Hell” future, Tom Paris and Kes marry (Before and After).
  • 52081 V Night
    Voyager encounters the Malon (they’ve been in the dark for 53 days, and expect about 2 more years, or 2000 LY (53 days at a smidgen under WF6 is 85 LY)) [Voyager uses a wormhole to cut 2,000 LY off travel. Distance from Earth is estimated to be 58,700 LY]
  • 52??? V Drone
  • 52??? V Extreme Risk
  • 52??? V Once Upon a Time
  • 52136 V In the Flesh [Crew: 128, including EMH]
  • 52143-64 V Timeless
    Voyager‘s crew attempt to use an experimental “slipstream drive”. [Voyager uses slipstream drive to cut “ten years”, or about 10,000 LY, off voyage. Distance from Earth is an estimated 48,500 LY] [Crew: 153, including EMH]
  • 52??? D Image in the Sand
    The Romulans ask to establish a “hospital” on Durna, Bajor’s 4th moon. Sisko learns of the “Orb of the Emissary”.  Kira figures out that the Romulan hospital isn’t what it seems (A base with 7000 Plasma torpedoes).  There is an assassination attempt on Sisko by a Pah-wraith cultist.  Ezri Dax meets Ben Sisko [Three months after (Tears of the Prophets)].
  • 52??? V Nothing Human
  • 52152 D Shadows and Symbols
    Ezri Dax, Ben Sisko, Joseph and Jake Siski travel to Tyree where the Tenth Bajoran Orb, the “Orb of the Emissary”, is found by Sisko.  This orb reopens the Wormhole.  Worf, Martok, Quark, Bashir and O’Brien go on a mission to destroy the Dominion shipyards at Monac IV in order to earn Jadzia a place in Sto-Vo-Kor.  Kira leads a blockade to push the Romulans off of Durna.
  • 52??? D Afterimage
  • 52179 V Thirty Days (was: Down Deep)
    [Tom is in the brig for 30 days]
  • 52??? D Take Me Out to the Holosuite
  • 52??? D Chrysalis
  • 52??? Weyoun 5 is killed in a transporter accident. Weyoun 6 is activated. (Treachery, Faith, and the Great River).
  • 52??? Weyoun 6 is found to be defective.  Weyoun 7 is activated. (Treachery, Faith, and the Great River).
  • 52??? D Treachery, Faith, and the Great River
    Weyoun 6 tries to defect.  The female Founder starts showing the first signs of the virus.
  • 52??? D Once More Into the Breach
    The aging and mentally failing Kor returns to DS9.  He dies honorably  fighting the Jem’Hadar aboart the Ning’Tao and allowing the Ch’Tang to escape.
  • 52??? D The Siege of AR-558
    Nog loses his leg in a battle with Jem Hadar while protecting a communications relay..
  • 52??? D Covenant
    Kira is kidnapped by Dukhat and taken to Empok Nor.
  • 52??? Star Trek: Insurrection (INS).
    [Worf is again on the Enterprise-E]
  • 52??? D It’s Only A Paper Moon
    Nog returns to DS9, and spends a lot of time in Vic’s
  • 52??? V Counterpoint
    Voyager crosses the Devore Imperium [11 systems across 3 Sectors (Dragons Teeth)]
  • 52306/Apr 22 V 11:59
  • 52???-356 V Infinite Regress (about a week)
  • 52??? V Refugee
  • 524?? D Prodigal Daughter
    [Six months after Ezri got the Dax symbiote. A week before Martok’s birthday.]
  • 52438 V Gravity
    [Crew: 152][Voyager is 50,000 LY from Vulcan]
  • 52??? D The Emperor’s New Cloak
    Ezri Tegan from the Mirror Universe crosses over to get Rom and Quark to get a cloaking device for Regent Worf, to save Zek.
  • 52479 V Latent Image
    [The doctor is out of sorts for about 2 weeks]
  • 52??? D Field of Fire
  • 52??? D Chimera
  • 52??? V The Bride of Chaotica
  • 52??? D Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang
  • 52??? D Inter Alia Enim Silent Leges
  • [52470? Date given in (Voyager Conspiracy) for Janeway’s ordering Seven of Nine to study her parent’s logs (i.e. Dark Frontier)]
  • 52542 V Bliss
  • 52576 D Penumbra
  • 52586 V Course: Oblivion
    On Voyager-2, the duplicate Tom Paris marries B’Elanna Tores. Voyager-2 begins to suffer the effects of its enhanced Warp-Drive.
  • 52597 With the duplicate Harry Kim one of the few left in command, Voyager-2 is destroyed while trying to rendezvous with Voyager, and vanishes unremembered (Course: Oblivion).
  • 52??? V Dark Frontier, pt 1
    Janeway orders Seven of Nine to study her parent’s logs [(Voyager Conspiracy) gives this date as 53840]. Seven is re-captured by the Borg.
  • 52619 V Dark Frontier, pt 2
    [The explosion of the Borg ship may or may not have killed the Borg Queen, and the Magnus Hanson drone.  The Borg Queen appears again at a later date]. [Voyager uses transwarp conduits to cut 20,000 ly off voyage. Distance from Earth is an estimated 28,300 LY At this point, Voyager Should be well within the Beta Quadrant.]
  • 52??? V Disease
  • 52??? V The Fight
  • 52??? V Think Tank
  • 52??? V Juggernaut
  • 52??? D ‘Til Death Do Us Part (Was: Umbra)
    Sisko marries Cassidy Yates against the wishes of the Prophets.  And Kei Winn is seduced by Dukat.
  • 52??? D Strange Bedfellows (Was: Eclipse)
    The Breen join the Dominion.  Worf kills Weyoun 7.
  • 52??? D The Changing Face of Evil (was: Emergence)
    The Breen attack Starfleet Headquarters on Earth. In a battle with the Breen and Dominion, the Defiant is destroyed.
  • 52??? D When It Rains
  • 52??? D Tacking into the Wind
    Worf challenges Gowron, kills him and places Martok in the Chancellor’s chair.
  • 52645 D Extreme Measures
    Bashir locates a cure for the founder’s virus in the mind of the dying Section 31 agent, Sloan.
  • 52647-8 V Someone to Watch over me
  • [*52715]  Three drones separate from the Collective and begin to seek out Seven of Nine about this time [“almost four months” before (Survival Instinct)].
  • 52840  Janeway orders Seven of Nine to study her parent’s journals (Dark Frontier, Date given in Voyager Conspiracy).
  • 52842 Seven of Nine tells Janeway “thank you” (Date given in Voyager Conspiracy).
  • 52861 V Relativity (was: Time Bomb)
    Seven of Nine is recruited by Cpt. Braxton, of the Federation Timeship Relativity to stop a temporal saboteur from destroying Voyager. In an alternate future, Voyager is destroyed by a bomb set in the past by an insane Cpt. Braxton (Relativity)
  • 52861 D Dogs of War
    USS Sao Paolo is assigned to Sisko, who renames it Defiant. The Dominion destroys the military revolt of Cardassians. Damar sparks a civilian revolt.
  • 52??? V Warhead
  • 52??? D What You Leave Behind pt. 1
    The Federation Alliance, including the Klingons and Romulans attack Dominion/Cardassian space. The Dominion, in response to Cardassian resistance, levels Lakarian City. In response the entire civilization rebels, and the Cardassian fleet changes sides. The Dominion fleet falls.
  • 52??? DS9 What You Leave Behind, pt. 2
    Kai Winn and Dukhat free the Pah Wraiths from the Fire caves. They are defeated by Sisko who ascends to the Celestial Temple. Kira becomes the commander of Deep Space Nine. Odo returns to the Gamma Quadrant to heal the Great Link and to teach them to trust the Federation. Worf becomes ambassador to the Klingon Empire. O’Brien heads to Earth to teach at Starfleet Academy.
  • 52??? V Equinox
    Voyager finds the USS Equinox, NCC-72381, also dragged to the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker. [Voyager is stated to be 35,000 LY from home, although they are more likely 27,700 LY.]

2376 (53000-54000)

  • Sometimes during this year, the Ocampa may run out of stored power (Caretaker).
  • 53??? V Equinox, pt.2
    Voyager tracks down the USS Equinox. Several of her crew join the Voyager‘s crew. [The Novelization ends this with 53105]
  • 53049 V Survival Instinct
  • 53??? V Barge of the Dead
  • 53??? V Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy (was: The Secret Life of Neelix)
  • 53??? V Alice
  • 53167 V Dragon’s Teeth (was: 5000 Years)
    Voyager encounters the ruined planet of the Vaadwaur. [Voyager gains another 200 LY.   On a straight line, they would be less than 27,500 LY.]
  • 53263 V Riddles
  • 53292 V One Small Step (was: The Gates of Heaven)
    Voyager encounters Ares 4, and her pilot John Kelly.
  • 53301 Kelly is buried in space with full honors.
  • 53329 V The Voyager Conspiracy
    Voyager uses a “catapult”, possibly built from Caretaker technology to travel over “30 sectors” (600 LY)/”3 years”. [Distance from Earth is an estimated 26,800 LY (STM (June 2000) has this as 42,900+6000=48,900 LY traveled, or 21,200.  This is assumed to “really” be 30,000 due to delays and detours.  The Trek staff assumes that the border to the Beta Quadrant is at 19,600 LY from Earth.]
  • 53??? V Pathfinder
    Barclay, on the Pathfinder team, makes contact with Voyager. The Enterprise is in orbit over Earth.
  • 53317  Janeway is captured by the Kellidians (Endgame).
  • 53??? V Fair Haven (was: Safe Harbor)
  • 53447 V Tsunkatse (was: Arena)
  • 53??? V Blink of an Eye
  • 53556 V Virtuoso
  • 53??? V Memorial
  • 53??? V Spirit Folk (was: Daoine Sidhe)
  • 53??? V Collective
    Voyager takes on 6 Borg children.   Sometime before this time, Voyager may have taken on a space dwelling entity from a class J nebula (The Haunting of Deck Twelve).
  • 53679 V Ashes to Ashes
    The Kobali Ensign Lindsey Ballard returns to Voyager.
  • 53??? V Child’s Play (was: Fairy Tales)
  • 53753 V Good Shepherd
  • 53767    Janeway, aboard the Delta Flyer, encounters a “dark matter” lifeform (Good Shepherd)
  • 53849 V  Live Fast and Prosper
    [Distance from Earth is said to be 30,000 LY. away]
  • 53896 V  Muse
    [Episode takes place 8 days after Stardate].
  • 53??? V  Fury
    In an alternate timeline, Kes returns to Voyager, badly damaging it before traveling back in time.  The second time this happens, in the revised timeline, Janeway keeps Kes from traveling in time. Tuvok’s birthday, “almost reached triple digits“.  In this case, ].
  • 53??? V  Life Line (was: I Never Sang For My Programmer”, “I, Zimmerman)  The Pathfinder project begins monthly contact with Voyager.  The Doctor returns to Earth, then to Jupiter Station to help the ailing Dr. Zimmerman.  Admiral Hayes sends a message to Janeway. The Enterprise is on a mission 7 LY from Earth.
  • 53??? V  The Haunting of Deck Twelve. Voyager powers down and enters a class J nebula.  Neelix tells the borg children a story that may or may not be true The Talaxian freighter, Sylboxia, is finally found (The Haunting of Deck Twelve).
  • 53??? V  Unimatrix Zero
    Seven of Nine rediscovers “Unimatrix Zero”, a virtual cyberspace populated by the unconscious minds of a number of unaware Borg Drones.  The Borg Queen is out to eradicate this sub-net.  Janeway, Tuvok, B’Elonna are assimilated.
    [Distance from Earth is an estimated 26,300 LY (or, based on STM figures 19,700 – just beyond the border to the Beta Quadrant)]

2377 (54000-55000)

  • A few months before (Flesh and Blood) B’Elanna takes part in the Boray Conference on Transwarp Theory.
  • 54014 V  Unimatrix Zero, Pt II
    [Date given in commerical trailer was 54019]  Unimatrix Zero is destroyed.  A large number of rogue Borg individuals are released. Janeway, Tuvok, B’Elonna are returned to Voyager.
  • 54058 V  Drive Tom and B’Elanna marry [Original SD 54096]
  • 54101 V  Repression
    Tuvok triggers a temporary Maquis rebellion [Distance from Earth is said to be 35,000 LY][Original SD 54167 and 54178]
  • 54129 V  Imperfection
    Seven’s neural implant fails [Original SD 54038]
  • 54??? V  Critical Care
  • 54219 V  Inside Man
    Barclay attempts to send a hologram of himself to Voyager.
  • 54238 V  Body and Soul
    Tuvok’s Pon Farr.
  • 54274 V  Nightengale (was: The Command)
  • 54315 V  Flesh and Blood, Pt I
    Voyager encounters the holographic resistance to their Hirogen enslavers.
  • 54??? V  Flesh and Blood, Pt II
  • 54??? V  Shattered
    Voyager encounters a weird temporal anomaly that nearly destroys the ship.
  • 54452 V  Lineage (was: Inner Child)
    B’Elanna is found to be pregnant. [Normal Klingon pregnancies are 30 weeks, this is seven weeks along.)
  • 54474 V  Repentance
  • 54518 V  Prophesy
    Voyager encounters a hundred year old Klingon vessel full of religious exiles.
  • 54553 V The Void (was: Federation)
  • 54584 V  Work Force, pt. 1
    Voyager‘s crew is kidnapped.
  • 54622 V Work Force, pt. 2
  • 54??? V  Human Error
  • 54704 V  Q2
    The juvenile Q is sent to Voyager to learn judgment.
  • 54732 V  Author, Author
    Voyager begins regular daily contact with Starfleet.  The Doctor’s holonovel attacking the crew is published without his consent.  Although they are officially all recalled by court order, some copies remain in circulation, at least among the enslaved EMH Mark-1s.
  • 54775 V  Friendship One
    Voyager is sent to look for the Friendship One probe, her first official mission in 7 years.
  • 54814 V  Natural Law
  • 54868 5 April V  Homestead (was: Destiny)
    Voyager encounters a small colony of Taelaxian refugees in an asteroid.   Nelix remains behind as a Federation Ambassador to the Delta Quadrant. [315th anniversary of “First Contact Day”, technically this is 314th anniversary]
  • 54912 V  Renaissance Man
  • 54??? V  Endgame, pt.1 [Three months after (Human Error)]  B’Elana has false alarm. Chell takes over in the Galley.  Seven and Chakotay are on their third date. Tuvok is encountering mental lapses. Janeway arrives from the future to “bring Voyager Home”.
  • 54973 V  Endgame, pt.2
    The future Janeway gives advanced weapons and defenses to Voyager.   After infecting the Borg central collective with a pathogen, the elder Janeway dies.  Tom and B’lana’s daughter Miral is born.  After destroying a large percentage of the Borg transwarp network, Janeway and Voyager return to Earth (54989?). [At some point after this Janeway is promoted to Admiral (NEM).


  • In an alternate future, Tuvok is killed when many of the crew are damaged by an encounter with an Anomaly (Shattered).


  • 56???   Star Trek: Nemesis
    The Romulan Praetor, Hiren, and Senate are assassinated and the Empire is overthrown by Remans led by Shinzon, a Human clone of Picard.  Supported by the military, Shinzon becomes the new Praetor.  Ryker and Troi marry. 
  • 56844  Enterprise arrives at Romulus.  Picard and Shinzon meet (NEM).
  • Data is destroyed. Shinzon is killed and the Romulan military assumes control over the government.  Janeway is an admiral at Starfleet operations.

[Note, the Romulan Neutral Zone lies between Earth and Betazed.  During the Dominion War, Shinzon fought in 12 major battles, the Remens were used as ground troops and cannon fodder] (NEM).

  • 56942    In an alternate “Year of Hell” future, Linnis Paris Kim, gives birth to Andrew Kim (Before and After).
  • In an alternate “Year of Hell” future, Kes begins the Morologeum, the final phase of the Ocampan life cycle, and an experimental treatment begins to send her back through time (Before and After).


  • *In an alternate future, Deanna Troi may die under undisclosed circumstances; Worf may assume his place at the High Council (ag1).
  • In an alternate future, Seven of Nine dies in the arms of her husband, Chakotay (Endgame).
  • About this time, in an alternate future, Voyager encounters and battles the Fen Domar (Endgame).


  • In an alternate future, Starfleet stops searching for the crashed Voyager (Timeless).
  • Estimated time that the Voyager could have made contact with Starfleet deep space vessels [*deep in the Beta Quadrant?] (Life Lines).


  • In an alternate future, Chakotay and Kim steal the Delta Flyer and a Borg temporal transmitter in order to try and save Voyager (Timeless). [In this timeline, Geordie LaForge is the captain of the USS Challenger, NCC-71099]


  • In an alternate future, the Doctor invents a synaptic transceiver to allow piloting a space craft with a neural interface (Endgame).


  • In an alternate future, Lt. Naomi Wildman and Icheb are working in Astrometrics when they encounter Janeway and Chakotay, both of whom had died years earlier (Shattered)
  • In an alternate future, Voyager reaches Earth with Janeway and Chakotay.  Chakotay dies [date on gravestone]. (Endgame)


  • *In an alternate future, Ambassador Jean Luc Picard may be diagnosed with an irreversible neurological disorder (ag1).
  • Probable change in uniforms, based on (ag1, The Visitor, Endgame).
  • In an alternate future, Jake Sisko publishes “Anslem” (The Visitor)[Date Unknown]
  • In an alternate future, Cpt Harry Kim leaves on a deep space mission aboard a Nova class vessel, Rhode Island (Endgame).  [Harry misses someone’s funeral — implication is that it’s Chakotay’s]


  • In an alternate future, it’s the tenth anniversary of Voyager‘s return.   Cpt. Harry Kim, Dr. “Joe”, Admiral Janeway is teaching at the Academy with Barclay. Tuvok is in an asylum. Janeway steals a Klingon Time rift generator to travel back into the past to save Voyager (Endgame).


  • *In an alternate future, Jake Sisko gives up writing and returns to school to study subspace mechanics (The Visitor).


  • *In an alternate future, Worf may be murdered on the Floor of the Klingon High Council by agents of the Duras Family (fb).


  • Starfleet should receive a message from the Enterprise-D from the far side of M-33 (wn).


  • *In an alternate future, the Defiant tries to recreate the accident that lost Cpt. Sisko in Subspace (The Visitor).


  • *In an alternate future, Jake Sisko dies to save his father (The Visitor).

Late 25th Century

  • Humans are expected to reach the Delta Quadrant (Death Wish).


  • Earth is supposed to destroy the Xindi home world (The Expanse).
  • Some of the components used in the Xindi probe that attacked Earth come from this period (The Expanse).
  • In an alternate Future, the Expanse has grown to destroy the Federation.  Archer finds himself on the Enterprise-J at the Battle of Procyon (Azati Prime).

Late 26th Century

  • A nameless Time Traveler leaves from this century and eventually remains marooned in the 22nd Century by the inventor Berlinghoff Rasmussen (ma).

27th Century

  • Kal Dano invents the Tax Uthat, a weapon capable of dampening the nuclear reactions of a star, and when he is threatened by criminal Vorgons, he flees with his invention into the past (cp).

28th Century

  • The people in Daniel’s temporal cold war are supposed to be from about this time.   They can not travel through time directly (Shockwave, pt 2)


  • 3 Archaeologists from this time watch the building of the Great Pyramid (Cold Front)

29th Century

  • In an alternate future, The Federation Timeship Aeon appears in a terrible explosion that destroys the Solar System. This explosion is witnessed by the Federation Timeship Aeon. Detecting components of the Voyager‘s Hull in the debris, its pilot, Cpt. Braxton, travels into the past to destroy the Voyager before it can cause the explosion (Future’s End).
  • Cpt. Braxton of the Federation Timeship Aeon notes the Voyager in orbit of Earth in 1999 and travels back in time to rectify that (Future’s End). [Temporal Integrity Commission]
  • Later, Cpt. Braxton, aboard the Federation Timeship Relativity, recruits Seven of Nine to protect an explosive set into Voyager (Relativity).
  • The Na’kuhl, a faction in the Temporal Cold War who are opposed to the Temporal Accords move into history to try to eliminate their opponents (Storm Front, pt.2).

Late 31st Century (c3075)

  • Voyager’s backup EMH program is reactivated on the Kyrian world (Living Witness).
  • “Daniels” claims to have been assigned to Enterprise from this period.  Daniels claims the people helping the Suliban are from an earlier period.   [Daniels has a mobile holographic emmiter and an interphasic glove] (Cold Front).  By this period, time travel becomes so common that quantum discriminators are on every desk in Daniel’s school (Storm Front, pt. 2)
  • “Daniels” pulls Archer from Feb 2152 to this time, to a ruined civilization, where they appear to be trapped.  Consulting paper books in a deserted local library, Daniels creates a device to communicate with the past, and Archer contacts T’Pol, giving her instructions to pass on to the crew, who at that time are imprisoned by the Suliban. Archer is contacted by Silik, who is using the device Archer told T’Pol about; the device pulls Archer back in time…
  • A time pod from this era appears in the 22nd Century (Future Tense).

123rd Century

  • By this period, radiation levels in the Andromeda Galaxy should reach the point that the galaxy is uninhabitable (AON).

2 Million

  • Nella Darren’s projected star model may occur as predicted (Lessons).

Part 1 (Creation-1999)
Part 2 (2000-2200)
Part 3 (2200-2363)
Part 4 (2364-????)