Occasionally I am forced to write, put  pen to paper.  Mostly it’s fiction, but occasionally I get to write other things as well.


  • Carlson, I. Marc  (Forthcoming) Medieval Shoemaking, History and Techniques.
  • Stall-Meadows, Celia (2003) Know your Fashion Accessories.  (Illustration)
  • Saguto, D. A. and I. Marc Carlson (forthcoming) Glossary of Historical Shoemaking.
  • Carlson, I. Marc (1996) The Tulsa Race Riot of 1921. Tulsa: First Presbyterian Church.


  • Carlson, Marc. “Inns and Taverns.”  The Dragon .(May 1980) 29.p.24
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Fiction (Intentional)

Ok, like many people I there are times when I intentionally write fiction.  Since I doubt I’ll ever get around to getting it published in paper form, I thought I’d just go ahead and make some of it available here.

 Short Stories

  • “Ozymandius, Take 2” (last updated 13 September 2002)
    This is what happens after a decade long break from writing fiction just to see if the skills are still there.
  • “A Meeting in a Dark Place” (last updated 1 May 2004)
  • “Under The Snow Peaks” (was Wizards, was Stay the Course) (last updated 7 July  2005)
    Still needs some work
  • “The Immortality Blues” (Aug, 2005)
    Published in Strange New Worlds 9.   (I’m told that if it’s for spec it’s not fanfic).  I won’t post the story here, but if you want to see the Annotations.
  • “The New Buryin’ Ground” (Aug, 2006)
    Written for Strange New Worlds 10, it didn’t make it.  I won’t post it here for copyright reasons.
  • “Timeline of the Babylon 5 Universe” (Sep 2008)
    Published in
    Across Time And Space.  This used to be a web page on this site, but a requirement for my selling the page to the publisher was to remove it from the web.
Short Story/FragmentsThese generally have been written for a particular contests requiring a story fragment.  I am trying to not write in my normal style or voice.  These are probably the worst pieces of fiction I’ve ever seen, much less written, which means that they have successfully done what I wanted them to do.

  • “A Haiku for the Dead” warning “contains some graphic material  (December 2003)
    The 2003 Oklahoma Science Fiction Writers Christmas Fragment entry.
  • “Funeral” (2003)
    I don’t remember what the heck this one was written for.  The characters are holdovers from some other things I’ve done.
  • “Arms of Love Afire”(December 2004)
    The 2004 OSFW Christmas Fragment entry.
  • “She’s switched off the lights” (3 June 2005)
    This was for a short short story contest with the theme of “the sort of stories you might hear over a campfire”
  • “Lakpa Alma and the lost Sherpa” (December 2005)
    The 2005 OSFW Christmas Fragment entry.  Strangely, this one didn’t win anything…  The theme was “bad science”.
  • “Captain Starr and the Mountains of Venus” (December 2005)
    This was my first planned fragment for this year’s contest, but I went with the other story.
  • “Memory of Crystal Winter” (December 2007)
    The 2007OSFW Christmas Fragment entry. The theme was “Robots”.  This was an attempt at hinting at Lovecraftian robot porn.
  • Chapter 17 (December 2008)
    The 2008OSFW Christmas Fragment entry. The theme was “Killing the mentor”.

Short Stories by Jennifer L. Carlson

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  • Quatrains
    Nostradamus like ‘prophesies’
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    These people were twisted enough to repeat things I’d said.  What does that say about them?  What does it say about me that I’d make note of it here?
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    Some email messages are worth keeping around.
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